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  1. Here's a couple of Class Photos from 1964 and 1966, respectively. Rummel Creek Elementary School. Our Culture was pervasive. We were all so the same! Miss Brigg's Class.pdf Mrs. Killough's Class.pdf
  2. Reggae'd away many Thursdays at the Caribana in the early eighties!
  3. My first car was also a 1959 TR-3, as a Junior at Westchester High. I named her Luseal and had personalized plates with that name. if you owned a TR, you know they leaked like crazy. Luseal was handed down from my sister after she got a new Triumph GT-6+. I truly loved that car, and since then there's been no other to compare to the fun of driving a TR-3. She spoiled me. Along the way, a fried wiring harness garaged Luseal at my Dad's house, College, work, marriage, kids, no room in my garage, etc. she slipped thru my fingers and we had to let her go. A guy in Pecan Grove took her in, did
  4. I'd love to have one of these. Name a price. I'll come pick it up. Gregorypropps@sbcglobal.net Thanks.
  5. Danjo "The Panjo" managed the Town & Country Store through the last half of the Seventies, before he moved over to San Felipe. He was a great Manager, but he should'a been a Stand-Up Comic...Funniest guy I ever met. I worked a few weekends with him at San Felipe during the early eighties, but have no idea what happened to him after Panjo's closed for good. He would nearing 60 now. If you happen to know of him, tell him "Shorty" sez "HEY!"
  6. I remember seeing it, but never went in. I wasn't a "Disco Duck". Seems like it was near Hillcroft maybe? Near The Sports Page? Dante's? Shoot, I can't remember.
  7. Those Ice Cream Bars you crave were "Sidewalk Sundaes". I must of ate a jillion of 'em. They had a gold wrapper with a little coupon on the back, which could be combined with four of five more coupons and a couple of quarters, and when you sent it off to a P.O. Box in Englewood, NJ; then about the time you'd forget about sending it off in the first place, you'd get your Silver Photo ID Bracelet with the Twisto-Flex Memory Band, (or some such thing) back in the Mail. It would be waiting for you right there on the Kitchen Table when you got home from school. The initial excitement would soon g
  8. PITTSBURGH!: Go look in your personal messages.
  9. Funny; this thread is what brought me to HAIF as well...it popped up while I was searching for something completely different. I've been to the "Blue Light Cemetery" when I was in High School...probably 1972 ... I remember it as being surrounded by a locked wrought iron fence, a couple of really big pine trees at the edges, and some marble headstones inside the fence. It wasn't too far north of Patterson Road. And west of the Bridge. I never knew about the markings until this thread. Eldridge used to wind back and forth between I-10 and Clay. When it was straightened out, the old roadbed
  10. Around 1972-1974 Mountain Park really was a MotoCross track. Typically, the races were Friday Nights under the Lights. I remember going there to watch some friends of mine race.
  11. Panjo's Town & Country: Saturday, February 24, 1974. It was my Eighteenth Birthday and I was in charge of the Pizza ovens: Cooking that Legendary Pizza for a packed house of West-Houston Suburbanites and their kids. The kitchen crew was all High School kids, and most of us were half-drunk or better. Like every Saturday, we had temporairaly rerouted the Beer lines in the Walk-in cooler from the back of the wall taps to an empty cheese canister, and siphoned off a couple of gallons of Schlitz Draught. You could just dip a cup into the barrell when you went to get more Pepperoni. Chug-a-Lug,
  12. Mr. Barnes, you are absolutley correct. What was I thinking? Thanks for the correction.
  13. I think you are right. Texaco would make more sense, with the Pegasus Mascot and all.
  14. I think that Gulf slogan gave way to another involving a mule and the line "The Gas with Kick". They gave away gold plated tie-tacks fashioned like two horse-shoes...there-in the "Kick". I'm not positive about the slogan, but I am about the tie-tacks, because I still have one. This slogan came about in the early to mid sixties, probably to compete with Humble Oil's "Put a Tiger in your Tank", and the accompanying tiger tails they gave at Humble gas stations, so you could hang them out of your gas door, like you had shoved a real tiger head-first down the gas pipe. Where was PETA back then?
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