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  1. Most of the apartments going up in Katy are high-end luxury apts. The demand is high for housing in Katy and not everyone wants to buy a home.
  2. It is no longer being marketed as a mall, but as a mixed-use site... http://verdeparc.com/ http://impactnews.com/houston-metro/katy/new-life-imagined-for-property-at-i-10-and-the-grand-parkway/
  3. This must be the place... http://thegrowlerspot.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheGrowlerSpot/
  4. There is a connector for it on the flyover from 99 south to 1093 east. The Westpark Tollway expansion will add a ramp from 1093 east to 99 north. http://www.fortbendstar.com/2013/01/02/construction-starts-this-year-on-fm-1093westpark-tollway-extension/
  5. Noticed this morning that the southbound overpass at 1093 and 99 was open. The northbound overpass is set to open tomorrow. http://impactnews.com/houston-metro/sugar-land--missouri-city/construction-wraps-on-segment-d-of-the-grand-parkway/
  6. Roche contractors was awarded the contract and expects a finish date of September 2014. Note that this announcement as well as the construction plans locate the store in "Cinco Ranch" - I suppose because it is the most well-known nearby community. http://www.rocheconstructors.com/dyn/news_singleArticle.cfm?id=135
  7. I know that segments F and G were financed with 2.6 billion in bonds last summer, so I assume this 1 billion is for some or all of segments H and/or I.
  8. http://www.lacenterra.com/files/337/download/ Nothing specific noted on the site plans other than retail/office and apts. Looks like there is a Phase 4 which includes office and retail space and and unnamed phase of apts
  9. That is a few years old. I don't think the area developed as quickly as they thought it would. I do know that tract 2 (SW corner of Bellaire and 99) was sold a couple of years ago. According to fbcad, Tract 12 is still owned by Parkway Lakes. I did find this on loopnet... http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/17646462/Peek-Road-Westpark-Tollway-Richmond-TX/#
  10. Nice profile pic! Sams Club confirmation below... http://coveringkaty.com/2013/10/01/sams-club-open-katy-costco/
  11. It is listed for sale http://srsre.com/properties/1025-highway-6-north-houston-tx-77079 apparently, the new Sams at Westheimer and Eldridge is a replacement for this location. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/morning_call/2013/09/new-sams-club-to-open-thursday.html
  12. The sign at Seven Meadows has said for a while now that a medical office building was going up there. I hope you didn't move out here expecting the undeveloped areas to stay that way. Eventually every square in of land along 1093 and 99 will be developed (as long as the residential devlelopment continues along those routes.
  13. We heard about Trader Joe's coming to Katy - another forum had this link... http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Trader-Joe-s-to-open-store-in-Katy-area-next-year-4784939.php Katy residents who want dried chile-spiced mango or a jar of cookie butter will have a shorter shopping trip next year. Specialty grocer Trader Joe's, known for its quirky offerings, will open its fourth Houston-area store in the Cinco Ranch area sometime in 2014. The store will be at 2643 Commercial Center Blvd., company spokeswoman Alison Mochizuki said. "Cinco Ranch is a wonderful community, filled with
  14. The Spec's at 1093 and Spring Green is finally open. Had a small section of food products in addition to the beverages. The aisles are spaced pretty far apart, so it looks like they could expand their product line in the future. I also heard that the owners of DaVinci's are opening up another italian restaurant (different name I think) at Westheimer Lakes North. Speaking of WLN, I saw a site plan showing a Wendy's at the strip mall being built at the corner of Fry and 1463, and I did see a drive through window on the Fry end of the building. I don't know if this Wendy's is in addition to, or
  15. Luby's bought that land about the same time the senior apts were being developed - that was quite a while ago, it seems. Yep, they owned that land as far back as 2008. http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/18440-lubys/?hl=luby
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