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  1. Does anyone know if Uchiko pull out of this project? Drove by this afternoon and see the For Lease signs Affixed to the rounded showcase restaurant apace along Post Oak. Hope this hasn’t fallen through- maybe just a poorly placed leasing sign for the office space. ?????
  2. Apologize in advance for misspelling as I was typing quickly in between conference calls lol. Additionally: I am interested to see the new Zadok Jewelers flagship boutique (2 stories, 20,000 sq. ft.) off Post Oak. They hired Michael Hsu to design a beautiful small luxury mixed used development and their boutique will be designed to feature watch and jewelry boutiques for individual luxury brands- similar to what you might see in Zurich or the Middle East. This will put pressure on the fine jewelry departments at Neiman Marcus (which is seriously struggling financially), Saks, Deuts
  3. The truth is not quite as dramatic as some here have expressed. The Galleria is still the retail behemoth for the area of the State. However, security issues and the nature of a shopper population that might just walk the mall to escape bad weather or to celebrate a Quincenara is not the target market for most of the exclusive brands. Simon, which owns the Galleria still has deep pocket books and has actually "poached" Tom Ford and Akris from not only ROD but also their sister property in Atlanta - Buckhead Atlanta- by opening the check book and building new stores and offering free or discoun
  4. Am I the only frustrated by some of the land deals that adversely affect some of these impressive new developments? 1) Asia Society- Yosio Taniguchi had to change the entire orientation of his first ground-up structure in the US due to the fact that the house adjacent wouldn't sell and then they went ahead and sold after the museum was completed. 2) Rice Village- This old house owned by Allied Home Health wouldn't initially sell in Rice Village which is why Randall Davis couldn't initially build-out the corner in his failed development that eventually became Hanover's..
  5. Does anyone have the name of any high-end retailers and/or restaurants slated to open in this development other than the aforementioned Pinstripes bowling/restaurant concept on the 2nd floor? The spaces have great street visibility however I have heard from several high-end furniture showrooms that contacted the leasing people that they don't return phone calls which is very odd.??????
  6. Two months ago, I met two chefs from India while eating with my son at Shake Shack and they told me they were in town to take in the local dining scene in preparation for opening a fine dining Indian restaurant called The Spice Market (no relation to the Jean Georges Vongerichten restaurant in Meat Packing District tin NYC) that was opening near Nobu and Fig & Olive. I was surprised that Galleria marketing has not announced. If the deal wasn't signed- why would they fly the chefs over to tour Houston food scene??? They had been to the new Kiran etc... They said the company has other restau
  7. I spoke with someone very close to the project and they gave me the following details on the sale of 6 acres to Apache: All areas to the left of Blvd. Place Ln. (which runs through the center of the property) with the exception of Building #6 (which is where RDG, Philippe & Hermes are now located) have been sold to Apache. This means that Buildings #4, #5 and the South Garage as illustrated in the renderings on the Blvd. Place website are no longer a part of Ed Wulfe's project. What this means? Hermes which had signed a lease for a 2 story flagship location in the Northeast Corner of Build
  8. Ricco- On one point, I will agree with you. Let's keep the political posturing off the HAIF site. In response to your comment that you would rarely question one's intelligence based upon a political opinion, let's look at the facts. The Niche said: Vote for John McCain. You don't have to like him, respect him, or really have any expectation that he's going to be a good president (I certainly don't). The important thing is that he isn't a classist scumbag. He is not Barack Obama. And that is sufficient. Anyone who would admittedly cast a vote for President of the United States for someone th
  9. I have always enjoyed reading The Niche's posts as they usually contain fairly accurate information and informed analysis related to Houston's real estate development community. Therefore, I was quite surprised to see the addition of his Vote for McCain/Palin banner and additional text added to the footer of his recent posts. Sir, you are entitled to your own political views (although I believe they have no legitimate reason for being posted on the HAIF website unless one is discussing a candidate's specific plans for Houston Architecture and Development- which I don't think we've heard from
  10. Sunday's Houston Chronicle has a story focused on the success of Discovery Green. They mention that the development of the 22 -story Embassy Suites is on hold as the developers look for new financing due to the credit crunch. Development X
  11. Does anyone have access to renderings of the Whole Foods/Finger Cos. development announced by Nancy Sarnoff this afternoon? www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headline/biz/5776413.html I'm very interested to know if it is mixed use in its site planning or only in its tenant mix?
  12. More on the rumors of Whole Foods abandoning Ed Wulfe's BLVD Place. Evidently, retailers across the street are telling people that Whole Foods has pulled out of the deal. If true, then this is a major blow for Ed Wulfe. Without Whole Foods, he has no new retail anchors on which to pull in all the high-end retailers needed to lease out the square footage. If all of these rumors are true, then this might explain why the Ritz Carlton deal has still not been publically announced- 4-5 months after Wulfe suggested it would be disclosed. The schematics of Whole Foods are no longer on Wulfe's website.
  13. DEVELOPMENT X heard a rumor earlier today that Whole Foods is exiting the BLVD. Place project. I, for one, hope this isn't true. As a strong advocate for this project, I think Ed Wulfe needs to announce the Ritz Carlton project ASAP as well as a new timetable for the Hanover apartment tower. Ed- please tell us that Whole Foods is not leaving- in fact, I keep hoping to hear that they will increase the size of the flagship from 78,000 sq. ft. to 89,000 sq. ft. Also, aggressively sign a mix of exclusive, destination, high-traffic retailers like: H&M, Tootsies, Ralph Lauren Flagship (I've hear
  14. Tootsie's is about to announce that they are vacating Highland Village and opening a new, amazing expanded 2 level store in BLVD. Place.
  15. I agree with KinkaidAlum- I think the homeowners should think long and hard before launching a billboard campaign against the developer. I personally have fought against billboards for years and coupled with the ruling this week about Houston's sign ordinance- I think they run the risk of clouding their intent and drawing others into the squabble. That being said, I storngly oppose the location of this new tower.
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