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  1. For those not aware, in Google Earth Pro, if you click on "View" in the toolbar, you'll see an option for "Historical Imagery". When this is enabled, you'll see a slider marked in years appear in the upper left of your map. Sliding back and forth invokes aerial photography (both satellite and plane) with current streets overlayed. Endless hours of nostalgia!
  2. To add to MarthaG's memories, the record store was Talley's Records and I'm pretty sure the toy store was Tiny Tim's Toys. There was a small bookstore nearby for a while and the S.S. Kresge's had a lunch counter with some great chocolate shakes made by a gal named Sandy. Is it possible that the Pagoda A-Go-Go became Frankenstein's and Papa Feelgoods after that? On Judiway between Ella and Oak Forest Park? Does anyone remember Wylie's/Wiley's private swimming pool on Fisher near Golf Drive? If you went to Garden Oaks Elementary, you probably do. Lots of good memories of hanging out there during the summer and listening to the jukebox.
  3. If I recall correctly, Frankenstein's was on Judiway just east of Oak Forest Park. The guy that owned it, (Dick?) had an old hearse he used to drive around in and park in front of the place. Saw a few live bands at The Beer Barn, but darned if I can remember the name of any of 'em.
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