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  1. In some small towns, the US highway that the Interstate replaced would deviate from the Interstate and go through town while the Interstate bypassed it. If the US highway was decommissioned, they'd turn it into the Interstate's Business Loop/ Business Route, like Business Loop 45 in towns south of Dallas along routes that were formerly US 75.
  2. How much was rent at the lofts? It never struck me as something that would be considered affordable housing since it was located close to things considered a premium. On a side note, I was watching some of the uncut interviews in the UH archive from "This Is Our Home It Is Not For Sale" and many of the residents living in Riverside Terrace said 288 was a plus to living in the area. 35 years later, some newer residents probably wouldn't agree and would be anti-freeway. Then again, all those suburbs in Pearland didn't exist 35 years ago, and 288 didn't start getting traffic jams until the early 2000s. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  3. I wondered if that resurfacing was related to this project. Remarking fresh-ish pavement twice irks my OCD. Nothing like brand new markings next to barely grinded down old markings!
  4. Would've been great to have when I used to have to drive from the Third Ward area to Huffman. Could've shaved 20 minutes off the drive time.
  5. Anybody know why they're milling the months old asphalt on Washington between Heights and Studemont?
  6. We don't need poop trucks to handle the plumbing in our skyscrapers.
  7. I used to think people were exaggerating, but they were right. There was a brief period in the late 90s and early 00s when it wasn't under construction. Before that, the construction was upgrading the 50s era divided highway between Houston and Galveston to a full freeway from the 60s to the 80s. When that ended, there was widening from Downtown to the Beltway from the 80s to the 90s. Then they started it all over again with the NASA bypass in the mid 00s as the first stage of the ongoing widening from the Beltway to Galveston. When they finish that, the Gulf Freeway will be torn up near Downtown for the NHHIP. They really do get to one end and start tearing up the other end!
  8. "uppity" gives a big clue as to who hurt him since it's only used in association with only a certain group.
  9. When this extension is complete to Griggs, is it going to remain Spur 5 or is it going to be signed SH35?
  10. Well, one way it's affected Houston is that the AN-225 will never visit again. It was a semi-frequent visitor to IAH.
  11. I know I'm 8 months late, but notice how they labeled neighborhoods miles away, but didn't label Third Ward, which is right adjacent to it. 🙃
  12. I passed by yesterday while driving to work and noticed it. I like that they're restoring the window size back to its former glory.
  13. I've seen County Roads in Brazoria County renamed when they link up with other roads to make a long, continuous street, even going as far as to renumber addresses. Ex: The 2600 block of CR 59 is now the 11600 block of Magnolia Pkwy.
  14. I live across the bayou from these apartments located at 3200 N. MacGregor and Sampson and noticed a few nights ago that it was completely dark at night. No lights whatsoever. I thought it was a power outage until I drove by and saw the parking lot was empty except for 2 cars. I guess they've been abandoned. Did they get bought out or are they undergoing renovations or what?
  15. I realize this is conceptual, and I'm not sure if this was covered earlier in the thread, but this video shows a potential multimodal station with elevated lanes called a REAL Station placed on part of the Pierce Elevated ROW. I think this is a good idea, but isn't the whole reason for moving 45 to eliminate an elevated structure? You can look a little further and see what looks like a connection to the connector ramps that will feed into downtown from the relocated I-45. Does this mean that TxDOT is planning to redevelop the old Pierce Elevated ROW into another type of elevated road structure, and thus keep an elevated road barrier between Downtown and Midtown?
  16. A quick check on HAR.com shows 2 properties nearest this site renting 1bd/1ba for $2k-2.9k/mo. I wouldn't call that cheap when the average rent in Houston for 1 bedroom is $1200-1300.
  17. Going by the latest rendering, I guess they're going to build over the remaining RR spur that ran behind Grocer's Supply and replace it with a road? That's too bad. I always thought that would be a good route for a commuter rail line from Pearland, and Levit Green would've been an ideal spot for a Medical Center station with a bus tie-in to the TMC campus. They could've shifted the Columbia Tap trail alignment somewhat to put rail back since the ROW is preserved all the way to the edge of Downtown.
  18. Who's to say 610 wouldn't still be suffering if they'd gone ahead with the project? The project was killed in the early 90s. Had 610 been expanded as planned in the mid 90s, its not unreasonable to think it would be congested again 25 years later in 2021. Just look at the Katy Freeway.
  19. More detours starting this weekend. https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/Houston-288-610-highway-closure-ramp-16629438.php
  20. The site of the ground collapse just south of 610 reopened on Sunday morning.
  21. All I've seen are the schematics posted in this thread a few months ago. Construction seems to be corresponding to them pretty closely.
  22. Read this on chron.com. Guess they didn't get the memo that the cloverleaf plan was scrapped in favor of a conventional setup. https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/fannin-exit-closed-south-loop-610-16586011.php
  23. I hope they do. They reduce the amount of places where graffiti can be placed.
  24. 1 vote for TxTag. Whereas the EzTag costs $15 and requires you to load $40 to start using it and automatically reloads a minimum of $40 when your balance dips below $10, the TxTag is free. You have to load $40 to start using it, but there's no minimum reload amount as long as you enroll in the automatic reload program.
  25. The City of Houston has actually been pretty responsive in fixing damaged signal equipment in a timely manner. When I report most traffic signal related issues to 311, they're fixed within 24 hours, unless it's a bigger issue that requires more work.
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