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  1. That's close to the present day intersection of Braeswood and Fannin.
  2. The main thing I heard about Playland Park from older family members is that they could only go to the park on Juneteenth because of segregation. I'm guessing it never integrated since it closed in '59.
  3. That endorsement was weird. It reads more like a non endorsement. If they had issues with both candidates, did they really have to act like they spun a wheel and picked one? Couldn't they have been undecided?
  4. My money is on an electronic bulletin sign. I've been seeing more of them going up lately.
  5. A quick look at historical imagery on Google Street View shows a few green street signs having the S present in 2015 and blanked out by 2017 The ones that still have the S were signs installed by the Five Corners Management District. Interesting!
  6. Did it work? Are we a World Class city now? Also, how long until one of these gets hacked to display pornography?
  7. JLWM8609


    I was able to access some of the photos using the wayback machine. It's a slow process, but it's the only way now.
  8. I was thinking they would've been finished by now! I hadn't been that way in a couple of months and was wondering if it was complete.
  9. The Cypress Park and Ride already operates like this, correct? There's apartments and retail connected to it.
  10. I think proximity to refineries and the prevailing winds may play a part in why that area hasn't been as quick to develop as points north, south, and west of Houston.
  11. JLWM8609


    I hate that. They had quite a few historic photos from the 70s and 80s of Downtown Houston.
  12. It could be worse. They could replace Dilbert with Ben Garrison comics.
  13. I'm not sure where to post this, but 3126 S. MacGregor suffered a small fire during the thunderstorms on 8/10/22. I did see a lightning strike in that direction before the fire. Looks like it was quickly contained and extinguished. I walked down and was able to see firefighters cutting into the roof I presume to gain access to the fire. The structure doesn't look to be in any danger. Hopefully they'll get a check to fix it without deciding to remodel it into something ungainly or decide to demo it.
  14. The house that was there was torn down a few years ago. The house next door is one of the only homes left from the days when that part of Riverside was called Crescent Island because of the oxbow in the bayou.
  15. That site will be home to a restaurant again, but it'll be fast food. The CVS was torn down and a Chick-Fil-A is now under construction.
  16. Even though he supports Republicans when they run locally, he does work with incumbent Democrats when it comes to disaster recovery, so I guess that's something?
  17. A 106 mile long mirror in the desert? How can that go wrong?
  18. I'll have to stop there the next time I'm heading to Corpus or Rockport. I saw one in Dallas about 5 or 6 years ago. I don't know if it's still there.
  19. That was actually located on 610 near Kirby. That building was demolished in the late 90s or early 00s. The Sterling Inn stands there now.
  20. I wonder if the I-45 rebuild could incorporate a direct connection from the Managed Lanes to this transit center? The only big obstacle seems to be a surface parking lot.
  21. That's the centerline for the Houston Ave. bridge. It looks like it's not even being done in coordination with the NHHIP because the new ramps at 45 will tie into the current interchange. It's like they future proofed parts of it but not all of it. From what I can tell, the new elevated HOV bridge within this project will be built wide enough to accommodate the future Inner Katy elevated managed lanes at the west end and the I-10 MaX lanes at the east end once they're tied in. Yet, it looks like it'll tie into the present 1x1 HOV bridge that ends at Franklin and Bagby if the NHHIP hasn't built the MaX lanes by then. But like you said, there's a big lack of coordination because METRO's Option 1 is to tie the BRT into the current HOV bridge between Taylor and Studemont to bring the BRT into downtown, but that ramp is scheduled to be removed during the NHHIP. Option 2 is to run it south of I-10 and terminate it at Franklin and Bagby, and looks like they'd use part of the current HOV bridge near Amtrak for that. If they build this as-is, the managed lanes will tie into the HOV bridge, meaning METRO can't use either Option 1 or Option 2 for the busway, and Option 2 won't be able to be started unless the managed lanes connect to the MaX Lanes. Yeah, this is a clusterf... as-is. Hopefully they all get on the same page soon. METRO Option 1 and 2:
  22. This is definitely the year of white houses with black trim. It's trendy, but timeless. My late Aunt and Uncle's c. 1938 Salisbury & McHale home in Riverside has been painted white with black trim for probably all its life. Fortunately, my cousin hasn't changed the paint scheme.
  23. Maybe that passed for luxury in 2003?
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