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  1. What manufacturer dealership did that old building used to be? White/GMC? International Harvester?
  2. No wonder I was confused! That must be the jail.
  3. That rendering is really throwing me off. The area around UHD looks like it's reversed like it's mirrored, but then Minute Maid Park is in the right place. My head hurts! 😄
  4. I noticed this last week. Unless that braided ramp on 610 is going to have a steep drop off, that sign assembly looks too short. The braided ramp project is separate from the 288 project so maybe the 288 project didn't take that into consideration.
  5. The Southmore bridge opening looks imminent. Traffic lights have been installed but not powered up. Tonight as I was driving past, I could see all the street lamps on the bridge and at the intersections were all illuminated. As far as walking across, I saw some of those orange, water filled jersey type moveable barriers to create temporary sidewalks on the road bridge while the pedestrian bridges are under construction.
  6. That curve to join/become Reed Rd. is interesting. It looks like there's ROW saved from Reed southward next to the HLSR lot for Kirby to link up with the disjointed sections inside the Beltway and eventually link up to the section in Pearland.
  7. Yes. At the end of the day, this is a freeway relocation. We know TxDOT and drivers wouldn't get with actual removal of the freeway, but this looks like a removal to the layman, so they're ok with it.
  8. Nah. If the area is the poor side, they get the double decker elevated freeway with some colorful bridge columns thrown in.
  9. Or rebuild the Pierce Elevated where it is. I imagine in an alternate universe where the fortunes of Midtown and the East End are reversed, TxDOT is planning a double decked and cantilevered Pierce Elevated to carry 59/69 around downtown and along I-10 to reconnect the East End to Downtown.
  10. TD 14 has formed into Marco, so a thread name change is in order. TD 13 formed into Laura before TD 14 could strengthen.
  11. It'sstillpartofgreater3rdwardyouyuppiescum has a nice ring to it!
  12. I-10 expansion to 6 lanes all the way to San Antonio is coming. They're already working on it from I-410 with an eventual new stack interchange to replace the 60s era cloverleaf, to Loop 1604 in San Antonio, and of course they're working on it from Brookshire to just past Sealy on our end. It's coming together slowly. One big thing is they're going to reroute I-10 at Columbus and construct a new crossing over the Colorado River south of the current crossing. See my posts in this thread:
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