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  1. You're both wrong. It was South Virginia.
  2. I didn't know bots could get drunk!
  3. I noticed what look like straddle bents going over the 610 WB feeder just before Almeda. I guess that's for the direct connector from the interchange to Almeda Rd.?
  4. I went by on opening day around 7:30am to grab a thank you card. I didn't really get to look around the whole store because I was pressed for time, but I got to take a picture with Scott McClelland and from what I saw, it's an impressive store. I might try to go by today. It's nice having a full service grocery store nearby. When the Ardmore St. bridge is reconstructed, it'll be an easy 3 min drive from me.
  5. It's brand new. Opened up in the past 1 or 2 years. It just has the old style guardrails like the original bridge.
  6. You missed the part where he said they started calling it Third Ward when black people moved in. Yes, it may have been called Riverside Terrace while the area was predominantly white, but by the 70s and 80s and into the present day, it's been referred to as Third Ward, in addition to being called Riverside Terrace. I've lived here for three decades and my family members have had a presence in this neighborhood for nearly 60 years. They were here when some of the wealthy Jewish residents were still here, and we've all known it as Riverside Terrace AND Third Ward. You know a place can have multiple identities over the years, right?
  7. They're working with the shape of the lot. They really couldn't orient it any other way. Perhaps if it was a two story store, they could've done things a bit differently on a smaller footprint.
  8. Yes. It's a fully functioning ranch right in the shadow of Downtown. https://www.visithoustontexas.com/listings/american-cowboy-museum/19615/
  9. I've lived in the neighborhood for over 30 years and it the new store is in fact being built on top of the former path of Brays Bayou. That's what the little ravine that parallels Mac Gregor is. The site is also partly on a 500 year flood plain and a 100 year flood plain. Residents surrounding the store have valid concerns about the potential for flooding since you're putting a lot of concrete on top of what was previously a few slabs and grass. Hopefully the moat and ponds will do their job.
  10. Hopefully Chartres underneath the ramp has been re-opened so I can get directly to Pease in the mornings without detouring along Gray to one of the northbound streets.
  11. That top photo really looks like one of those architectural renderings with people all about in different, somewhat unrealistic poses. All it took was a comic convention for it to play out in real life. Nice!
  12. They're hoping to have it open in November in time for Thanksgiving. At the rate they're going, I think they'll meet that deadline.
  13. The old DeBakey High School for Health Professions on Shenandoah St. is coming down. I suspect it might have something to do with the new UTHealth Psychiatric Hospital being built across the street from it. Perhaps it'll be the site of parking as the new hospital will displace a parking lot. This is the only photo I could find of the demolition process.
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