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  1. JLWM8609

    Redundant nonfunctional stoplights

    The City of Houston hasn't installed a new, permanent span wire traffic light installation in over 10 years. They've been phasing them out in favor of mast arm installations. You may think the entire span wire installation is new because the signal heads are new, but many of those new signal heads are just replacements. The City started phasing out the old 8" signal heads about 20 years ago and started replacing them with 12" signal heads. A few years after that, they started replacing incandescent and neon signal bulbs with LEDs. The replacement of 8" signal heads and incandescent lights got further accelerated after Ike damaged lots of lights. While the signal heads may be new/new-ish on a span wire installation, the wires and poles may be close to 60 years old.
  2. JLWM8609

    Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    So the last cloverleaf interchange in Houston will be replaced with the first SPUI in Houston. Interesting!
  3. JLWM8609

    Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    I passed by the other day and it looks like they've started powerwashing the exterior.
  4. Looks like the San Jacinto St. extension will happen with the relocation of I-45/I-10. It'll be a tunnel underneath the freeway and the railroad with connections to the feeder road. You can see it in the presentation. http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/nhhip/north/Public Meeting_North Side_Final Rev.pdf
  5. JLWM8609

    I-10 West of the Brazos River

    Schematics have been released for the expansion of I-10 in Colorado County. As expected, it'll be 3 lanes minimum in each direction to just west of Highway 71. The biggest surprise in the plans is a realignment of I-10 between Alleyton Rd. and Columbus to eliminate curves. The new I-10 bridge over the Colorado River will be 8 lanes wide. Schematics: http://ftp.dot.state.tx.us/pub/txdot/get-involved/ykm/i-10-sh71-fm2761/092518-schematic.pdf Project Website: https://www.txdot.gov/inside-txdot/get-involved/about/hearings-meetings/yoakum/092518.html
  6. JLWM8609

    Hardy toll road extension

    Plans state construction of the tollway extension won't be complete until March 2023. The goal is to have the I-45 reroute around Downtown complete by 2026. There are stubouts in the current interchange to accommodate the Hardy extension, but I don't know if they'll briefly use them to access the Hardy extension until the new interchange is complete.
  7. JLWM8609

    Old Houston Amusement Places

    According to an old topographic map from the early 20s, Old Main was the original route before the current route was built. Main St. ended at current day Holcombe. Main Street Road intersected with Main St. near its terminus. That part of Main Street Road still exists in the Medical Center as a small stub called Old Main St. between Main and Fannin. Main Street Road then followed current day Fannin and Knight Rd before jogging to the SW and crossing the tracks to join the route parallel to the tracks (currently US90A). The maps don't say what the road parallel to the tracks was called back then, but it was probably known as Holmes Rd.
  8. JLWM8609

    Brick Streets

    I miss Guy's. They had the best burgers. I went there during their final days of operation and bought a few of their final burgers, BBQ plates, and smoked turkey legs. My parents used their BBQ for my high school graduation party. They moved around over the years from what I've seen in old newspaper ads. Their final location was on OST between Yellowstone and Telge.
  9. JLWM8609

    spam until page 7 - yikes!

    And they're at it again. Just started in the Community Announcements forum.
  10. JLWM8609

    Electric Scooters Sharing

    I saw some in Austin over the weekend.
  11. JLWM8609

    spam until page 7 - yikes!

    Editor and HAIF are the admins. Editor hasn't been online since June 18 and HAIF hasn't been online since August 2017.
  12. JLWM8609

    spam until page 7 - yikes!

    The Crater Houston Alliance forum is the latest to suffer a spam attack. It's pretty sad that HAIF has been reduced to this.
  13. To accommodate the relocated mainlanes and add connections to and from the new toll lanes. They're also throwing in a direct connector to Almeda Rd.
  14. You can see the 610 ship channel bridge from the ramp from 610 EB to 288 NB. You couldn't see it before on the older ramp. These new ramps are pretty high, but since the interchange is a four level stack, the ramp is not as high as some of the ramps on the Beltway's five level stacks. I also like the geometrics of the new ramp.
  15. JLWM8609

    Latest Astroworld Plot redevelopment news

    Meyerland Plaza pretty much serves that purpose.