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  1. Is the Brookhollow Hilton Inn now the Sheraton Brookhollow?
  2. I remembered that the original plans from the 60s called for the inside express lanes to have no exits from 610 to Downtown, so despite the Holcombe exit, maybe that's keeping in the spirit of the original intent?
  3. I tried out the new lanes today. I went outbound from the start at Southmore to Magnolia Parkway in Pearland. Inbound from FM518 to Holcombe. I know one of the main objectives of this project was access to the Medical Center, but it would've been helpful to have an exit from the northbound toll lanes to the northbound mainlanes somewhere between 610 and Holcombe so toll lane users can easily access the N./S. MacGregor, Calumet/Binz and Southmore exits. Otherwise you have to exit at Holcombe and use Almeda to get to those streets, or take the exit to the mainlanes near I-69/US 59 and hop off at
  4. Postmodern downtown building lighting reached its peak in the 1990s. I remember when Heritage Plaza had more neon. I think the pyramid portion was outlined in neon at one point, but I can't find pictures. Wedge International was decked out with green neon edges. In the late 90s, things became dimmer. Lots of red anti-collision lights at night but not much in terms of more decorative lighting.
  5. That ship sailed long ago when traffic shifted from Old Galveston Road to the current alignment back in the 50s.
  6. The Southmore bridge finally opened up today. Photo taken by me.
  7. Here's my proposal. Fill in the slip lanes, get rid of the island in the middle for a traffic light and mount them at the corners with long mast arms, and realign/extend sidewalks as needed.
  8. Rodney Ellis is an avid cyclist and supporter of the local bike trails. Contact his office too even though it's not in his precinct. Maybe he can influence Judge Hidalgo to send some funds toward bridge replacement. Also, if HCFCD is doing any work on that channel, it may have been due for replacement in the future.
  9. Exactly. With the City of Houston First Time Homebuyer Assistance Program, you're required to live in the house for at least five years because the City of Houston is making an investment for someone to live in the home for the long term.
  10. Anyone know when the Southmore overpass is reopening? I thought its opening would be imminent back in August. It's been looking ready to go with street lights, traffic lights and all installed since late August.
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