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  1. Is that a typo or will they really rename Rothwell/Nance between N. Main and McKee to Lyons Ave.? Why not call it Nance all the way to N. Main for consistency? I don't think Lyons ever historically ran to N. Main in that location if at all in the pre-freeway days.
  2. Tony Gullo has one in his personal collection in Magnolia. I was afraid to look at it the wrong way lest it fall apart!
  3. I could see from S. MacGregor that there was still power north of the bayou. We lost power Monday morning and got it back briefly Tuesday night before going back out Wednesday morning and coming back in that night.
  4. That was back when their fleet was comprised of a lot of older MD-80s. They've all been replaced with newer Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft.
  5. There are plans for an eventual W. Airport overpass. It was seen here in the schematics for the US90A freeway in the early 2000s: http://www.texasfreeway.com/Houston/schematics/90a/images/90a_7_west_airport.jpg You can see the stubouts for the eventual connection on the EB feeder https://goo.gl/maps/f4NH56ebsgQg58Fy8
  6. It sounds like they're completing the gaps in the feeders between S. Main and W. Orem going by the description, but those gaps are less than 1/2 mi, and should be WAY less than $350m.
  7. That's correct about the toll road extension, but the viaduct replacement is a TxDOT project.
  8. It already runs below the freeway. But, if you mean trenching it below the feeder roads, that would be neat. That whole intersection can become a mess even outside of rush hour.
  9. HCFCD is hosting a virtual Almeda Bridge Community Engagement Meeting on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. https://www.projectbrays.org/all-segments/segment-2/about-almeda-rd-bridge/
  10. Is there a diagram showing how this will be incorporated into the big I-45 relocation project? It dips into part of it.
  11. There's a post earlier in the thread by MaxConcrete that had links to the schematics, but the website that hosts the images is down. Those would help even though Houston drivers like to seem to take them out, but what they really need to do is add Chenevert to the I-69/US 59 exit sign from the toll lane as well. Signage clarity is lacking in some aspects of this project.
  12. Here's a few problems I've noticed from this project. 1. They placed a brand new I-610/Hurricane Evacuation Route sign on 288 NB at Bellfort, but the arrow on the sign points to the right toward the old exit location even though the exits to 610 have been moved to the left. Link showing the sign not present during construction: https://goo.gl/maps/vALTD5Ex7FLwY5PQA 2. The highway sign pavement markers at 288NB and I-69/US 59 say TX-59 instead of US 59. 3. At the same interchange, the pavement markings and the overhead signs don't match. The pavement and a sign
  13. Just hope they didn't pick the same contractors that did the Ardmore St. bridge for Harris County Flood Control District. Opening was pushed back almost 2 months because they had to redo the deck.
  14. I'm not challenging you, but why is HTX considered controversial? Is it the same reason why EaDo makes people cringe?
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