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  1. They're expanding the parking lot at the strip center. All of those businesses stay packed. https://www.facebook.com/RaysBBQShack/posts/1990386190983393
  2. Option 3 would be easier by exiting I-69/US 59 NB at Lyons and making a u-turn back onto I-69/US 59 SB, or exiting I-69/US 59 NB to I-10 WB, taking the San Jacinto/Main exit and making a u-turn back onto I-10 EB and onto I-69/US 59 SB. The ramp closure is going to be a PIA for people heading to 288 SB from I-45 NB as well. Fortunately, if you're coming in from outside 610 or near 610, you can take 610 WB to 288.
  3. My guess is to fit in better with the older structures from the 70s and 80s that the new bridges are tying into.
  4. They are. They appear in the latest schematics. Interestingly enough, the brand new I-45 NB bridge over White Oak bayou won't be used in the new project.
  5. Fountains for Houston

    1. Scanlan Fountain (Sam Houston Park, downtown) 2. Smith Fountain (Smith at Clay, downtown) 3. Hermann Square (City Hall, downtown) 4. Main Street Square (downtown) 5.Tranquility Park (downtown) 6. Jones Plaza (downtown) 7. Downtown Aquarium water table (downtown) 8. Allen Center Courtyard (downtown) 9. Downtown Aquarium water wall (downtown) 10. Cotswold #1, Preston @ Smith (downtown) 11. Cotswold #2, Preston @ Louisiana (downtown) 12. Cotswold #3, Preston @ Market Square (downtown) 13. Cotswold #4, Preston @ Main (downtown) 14. Cotswold #5, Preston @Main (downtown) 15. Cotswold #6, Preston @ San Jacinto (downtown) 16. Cotswold #7, Preston @ Caroline (downtown) 17. Cotswold #8, Preston @ Crawford (downtown) 18. Cotswold #9, Prairie @ Travis (downtown) 19. Misttree (Discovery Green, downtown) 20. Water jet table (Discovery Green, downtown) 21. 1100 Louisiana fountain (downtown) 22. Wells Fargo Plaza water wall (downtown) 23. Sesquicentennial Park (downtown) 24. Wortham Fountain (Buffalo Bayou Park) 25. Mecom Fountain (Museum District) 26. Wortham Park fountain (Medical Center) 27. Medical Center Commons water wall (Medical Center) 28. HMNS sundial fountain (Museum Disrict) 29. HMNI floating sphere fountain (Museum District) 30. Hermann Park Reflecting pool fountain (Museum District) 31. Hermann Park McGovern Lake fountain (Museum District) 32. George Hermann statue fountain (Museum District) 33. Midtown Square (midtown) 34. South Main Baptist (midtown) 35. Bloch Cancer Survivors Plaza fountain (Museum District) 36. MFAH entry plaza fountain (Museum District) 37. MFAH outdoor dining fountain (Museum District) 38. Caruth Plaza fountain (Reliant Park) 39. Brockman Hall for Physics (Rice U) 40. Jones College Fountain (Rice U) 41. Brochstein Pavilion fountain (Rice U) 42. Jamail Plaza (Rice U) 43. Charlotte Allen Fountain (Baldwin Park, midtown) 44. The Transco Waterwall (Uptown) 45. Hidalgo Park fountain (Uptown) 46. Post Oak Central fountain (Uptown) 47. Uptown Park fountain (Uptown) 48. Royal Sonesta (Uptown) 49. Lakes on Post Oak (Uptown) 50. America Tower (Allen Parkway) 51. Amli (?) apartments (Allen Parkway) 52. Humble Tower hotel building fountain (downtown) 53. Market Square 9/11 fountain (downtown) 54. Cotswold #12, Congress @ Market Square (downtown) 55. Root Memorial Square (downtown) 56. Sisters of Charity Park (downtown) 57. Contemporary Arts Museum (Museum District) 58. Christ Church Cathedral (downtown) 59. Cullen Plaza Fountain (UH) 60. MD Anderson Library fountain (UH) 61. The Williams Fountain (HBU) 62.Farish Hall fountain (UH) 63. Regency Square 64. Fountainview 1 65. Fountainview 2 66. Fountainview 3 67. Waterway Square fountain 1 (The Woodlands) 68. Market Street Square fountain (The Woodlands) 69. Woodlands Waterway fountain (The Woodlands) 70. Waterway Square fountain 2 (The Woodlands) 71. City Centre Plaza fountain (City Centre) 72. Peggy's Point Plaza (Midtown) 73. Hobby Airport (Hobby) 74. Kingwood entrance fountains (Kingwood) 75. The Fountains Shopping Center (Stafford) 76. Reliant Park South Main fountains (Reliant Park) 77. Memorial Hermann (Medical Center) 78.Baylor College of Medicine (Medical Center) 79. MD Anderson on Holcombe Blve (Medical Center) 80. MD Anderson at MD Anderson and Holcombe (Medical Center) 81. Asia Society Texas (Museum District) 82. Bell Park (Museum District) 83. Houston Methodist West (Katy Freeway) 84. Texas Childrens West (Katy Freeway) 85. Rosenberg Fountain, 31st & Seawall (Galveston) 86. Rosenberg Fountain, 12th & Ball (Galveston) 87. Rosenberg Fountain, 15th & Ball (Galveston) 88. Rosenberg Fountain, 20th & N1/2 (Galveston) 89. Rosenberg Fountain, 21st & Ball (Galveston) 90. Rosenberg Fountain, 21st & Post Office (Galveston) 91. Rosenberg Library Fountain, 24th & Ball (Galveston) 92. The Heron, Ashton Villa (Galveston) 93. San Luis (Galveston) 94. Moody Gardens (Galveston) 95. Chase Tower (downtown) 96. Jones Hall (downtown) 97. Guadalupe Plaza Park (East Downtown) 98. Kugel Ball Fountain (Hermann Park) 99. Hyde Park Fountain, Lamar Park (Montrose) 100. Lilian Schnitzer Fountain (Hermann Park) 101. Neuhaus Fountain, Sam Houston Park (Downtown) 102. Sleepy Hollow Fountain, Sleepy Hollow Park, Houston 103. Sugar Land Town Square (Sugar Land) 104. The Woodlands Mall 1 at the waterway (The Woodlands) 105. The Woodlands Mall 2 at the waterway (The Woodlands) 106. Anadarko Tower (The Woodlands) 107. 1455 West Loop South (Uptown) 108. Landry's HQ 1 (Uptown) 109. Landry's HQ 2 (Uptown) 110. Hess Tower (Downtown) 111. Second Baptist (Houston) 112. The Diana Fountain, Bayou Bend, MFAH (River Oaks) 113. Mrs. Parker's Fountain, Rienzi, MFAH (River Oaks) 114. Cascading fountain, Rienzi, MFAH (River Oaks) 115. East Garden fountain, Bayou Bend, MFAH (River Oaks) 116. Kemah Boardwalk 1 (Bay Area) 117. Kemah Boardwalk 2 (Bay Area) 118. One Sugar Creek Place fountain (Sugar Land) 119. Sugar Creek entry fountains (Sugar Land) 120. Brazos Town Center fountain (Rosenberg) 121. City of Rosenberg south welcome sign/waterfall (Rosenberg) 122. George Memorial Library Amphitheater Fountain (Richmond) 123. KBR Tower, Cullen Center (Downtown) 124. Hong Kong Mall 125. St. Paul's Methodist Church 126. One Post Oak Central, Apache (Uptown) 127. Courthouse Square, Family Law Center (Downtown) 128. Cotswold #10, Congress @ Main (Downtown) 129. Cotswold #11, Congress @ Main (Downtown) 130. 5050 Westheimer (Uptown) 131. Kings Harbor (Kingwood) 132. Green Street 1 (Downtown) 133. Green Street 2 (Downtown) 134. Green Street 3 (Downtown) 135. Memorial City Treehouse (Memorial City) 136. Nexen Building (Memorial City) 137. Cobalt 1 (Memorial City) 138. Cobalt 2 (Memorial City) 139. Air Liquide Building 1 (Memorial City) 140. Air Liquide Building 2 (Memorial City) 141. Murphy 1 (Memorial City) 142. Murphy 2 (Memorial City) 143. The Fountains at Memorial City (Memorial City) 144. 2929 Weslayan 145. 1455 West Loop South (Uptown) 146. The Mound- Centennial Gardens (Hermann Park) 147. Pavilion fountain- Centennial Gardens (Hermann Park) 148. Hanover Southampton 149. Hotel ZaZa - Memorial City (Memorial City) 150. Wings Over Water @ Avenida Houston (Downtown) 151. Glassell School of Art - Brown Foundation Plaza (Museum District) 152. Catalyst - 1475 Texas Ave. (Downtown) 153. Harmonica Man Park (?) Brazos and Pease (Downtown) 154. Camden Pavilion Fountain - Midtown Park (Midtown) 155. Waterfalls - Midtown Park (Midtown) 156. Energy Center Five (Energy Corridor) 157. Citgo headquarters (Energy Corridor) 158. First Baptist (Houston) 159. HEB Montrose Market (Montrose) 160. MLK Humanities Building (TSU)
  6. Almost 8 years after I created this thread, it looks like the first new Wienerschnitzel in the Houston area will finally open. It'll be in New Caney. https://www.yourconroenews.com/neighborhood/east-montgomery/news/article/Wienerschnitzel-opening-first-Houston-area-12979391.php
  7. HEB- 288 and N. MacGregor Drive

    I saw a truck on the property taking core samples today.
  8. Alvin Expressway

    TxDOT has posted schematics for the Alvin Expressway from its current terminus at OST to south of 610. The interesting thing is the proposed stack interchange at 610 which will tower over the Mykawa/Griggs/Long intersection that has multiple railroad crossings going through it. https://www.txdot.gov/inside-txdot/projects/studies/houston/sh-35-harris-county.html
  9. FYI: The Gulf/Ace Hardware is getting ready to close in preparation of the new ramp. Employees don't know when the closure is happening, just that it'll be "any day". Everything in the Ace Hardware portion of the store is 25% off.
  10. Not necessarily. The schematics I've seen for the project don't show the mainlanes being rebuilt. The mainlanes may be a mess in some places where they have to shift the traffic to make room for construction of the toll lanes. Once they're done with the project, most of those mainlanes will be restriped to their original condition or possibly given an asphalt overlay.
  11. 288's mainlanes have a 60 mph speed limit in that area, but they were probably designed with a 55 MPH design speed since the schematics for that section date from the mid 70s when the national 55 mph speed limit was in effect. I wouldn't be surprised if the toll lanes are designed for a 65 or even 70 mph speed limit.
  12. An interesting thing I've noticed is that it appears the toll lanes are going to have a slight bank in the curve just north of Brays Bayou. The mainlanes stay pretty flat on the same curve. I guess design standards have changed since the 70s when the 288 mainlanes were originally engineered?
  13. We exchanged a few messages 10 years ago about Bastrop on a post I made about the overpass opening on Hwy71 @ 304. a few weeks ago the overpass at 71 and 95 was completed. This means that there are no stops on 71 from I-10 all the way to 1209, the intersection just past Hwy21.

    Also, Hwy183 from Bergstrom to 290 in under construction. They are building a multi lane tollway complete with bike lanes and free lanes. What a mess now, but it sure will be nice when it is completed.

    1. JLWM8609


      I'm just seeing this. Conincidentally, I drove through Bastrop two days after you made this status and got to drive over the overpasses. 


    Yet they managed to become the North American HQ for Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.