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  1. It was and the new ramp is, too. I drove on it on Tuesday and can confirm it's 2 lanes.
  2. I take it you don't live in the area. That area isn't wholly Midtown or Third Ward. It's a transition area that encompasses both communities.
  3. I wonder if removing the spires had anything to do with nearby helicopter pads?
  4. The all-white is pretty bland. They were originally painting the bridge in the TxDOT Wave Design Scheme like the rest of the new bridges, but they stopped and painted it all white instead. The renderings showed the bridges in the wave scheme and also showed the pedestrian bridges using a more throwback style rail similar to what they did on the new Homestead overpass. https://goo.gl/maps/cBajZyxT9jaK7FTj7
  5. That bend in Buffalo Bayou around the Police Officers' Memorial has been there since before the memorial was built. It's present in a 1915 topographic map. They recently did some channel work there, but the bayou wasn't redirected.
  6. I think there's one little sign that tells you the cost to access the Tollway direct connector as well as as FM518 and Hwy 6 from that point instead of a big green sign like the northbound side. Not sure why they did that instead of a big green sign.
  7. Or they'll be riding one of those rental scooters when they collide into it. I see more of them downtown now since vehicle and pedestrian traffic is lighter.
  8. I could see them doing that. Maybe somewhere along the NE Grand Parkway. Lots of undeveloped land out there. Not sure if it's cheap though.
  9. You can also take a u-turn on MacGregor just a block or two west of the bridge to cross to the other side.
  10. Country a** Union Pacific trains help move and make this city. I guess we ought to keep freight trucks off of pretty Westheimer too?
  11. The purpose was to untangle the backup and eliminate weaving caused by traffic entering at Scott and getting off at 59/288 and to eliminate the left lane exit to 59/288. It succeeded in eliminating the left lane exit and weaving, but like you said, there's still a backup caused by 45 NB going from 3 to 2 lanes, and I think Scott St. traffic entering so close to the Downtown exit may be a culprit, too. Perhaps eliminating the Scott St. onramp and directing I-45 NB traffic from Scott to the Cullen onramp or through downtown along St. Joseph Pkwy or Pease would help along with making both lanes o
  12. IIRC from dealing with HCFCD during the Ardmore St bridge project, the ROW extends 16 1/2 ft from the back edge of the curb.
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