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  1. I-10 expansion to 6 lanes all the way to San Antonio is coming. They're already working on it from I-410 with an eventual new stack interchange to replace the 60s era cloverleaf, to Loop 1604 in San Antonio, and of course they're working on it from Brookshire to just past Sealy on our end. It's coming together slowly. One big thing is they're going to reroute I-10 at Columbus and construct a new crossing over the Colorado River south of the current crossing. See my posts in this thread:
  2. Why not both? Don't let that guardrail hold you back!
  3. That is odd. I thought any bridge crossing a TxDOT maintained road was maintained by TxDOT?
  4. Per MaxConcrete's thread on aaroads.com, TxDOT is beginning the process to expand a 90 mile 2 x 2 lane section of I-45 between Houston and Dallas to 3 x 3 lanes, ultimately bringing I-45 to a minimum of 3 lanes each way along its entirely from Galveston to Dallas. Work will take place in the Bryan District through Walker, Madison, Leon, and Freestone Counties where it'll link up to already completed 3 x 3 sections in Walker and Navarro Counties. https://www.aaroads.com/forum/index.php?topic=26968.0 So it looks like many portions of I-45 will be in a state of extensive reconstruction through the 2020s and part of the 2030s including the current expansion in Galveston County and the North Houston Highway Improvement Project. Hopefully that high speed train will be operation by then so people can have an alternative to the construction zones on the way to Dallas and back. I guess we couldn't let I-35 between DFW and San Antonio have all the fun huh?
  5. I got my own answer today. I saw them demolishing the WB overpass.
  6. Probably 311 since the lanes are on city streets
  7. Didn't get any pics, but they switched the 288 NB traffic to the new NB lanes today. It'll be a while before people get used to the 610 exit being in the left lane. People were backed up at Yellowstone trying to make a u-turn back to 288 SB to 610.
  8. Could it be a mid 60s AMC?
  9. I wish I could find old pictures of what this area was like before the freeway.
  10. I can't tell from the schematic, but are they extending the current Almeda overpass structure, or constructing an all new overpass structure over Almeda and Cambridge?
  11. Is this part of the 288 project or a separate project?
  12. The new ramp from 69/59 NB to 610 SB is now open. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/transportation/article/Key-ramp-to-Loop-610-opens-offering-some-relief-15213306.php?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=socialflow#photo-15153330
  13. Here's what it looked like before the widening. https://goo.gl/maps/fJRu83jNcuWJe3yJA TxDOT typically does that for intersections that are converted from the rural crossroad overpass type to the mainlane overpass type. The old one way feeder bypasses or ramps to the crossroad are usually turned into two-way access roads to keep access to the businesses.
  14. Yes. It was popular during the old times, before the beer plague hit us. Wonderful times they were!
  15. Don't forget, today was Easter Sunday, so some businesses were closed for the holiday.
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