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  1. Man, you got way too much idle time on your hands....
  2. I asked this question awhile back, but do not think anyone knew the answer.....Back in the 60's-70's there was a large bowling alley in what is now the Galleria area. It probably was on Post Oak about where Transco Tower is and where old KPRC studio was. That general area. It had an indoor archery range, slot car tracks and of course bowling! It was not a small place. I believe it was called ???????? USA Bowling. Anyone remember it?
  3. Just browsing your profile, I am class of 71 Westbury as well


  4. Yes, The Purple Cow was on the NW corner of Hillcroft and Bissonnet between the used car lot and the Billiard and Muffler shops. It later became a Blimpies. The building is still there, I believe. The Wienerschnitzel was on the SE corner of Hillcroft and Bissonnet, actually at Pine street.
  5. A Bit Closer. Sorry for jpg's Hero Tree A Living Memorial To Capt. Gary L. Herod AO1907832 149th Fighter Group (AD) Texas Air National Guard, Kelly AFB Texas Who Died A Hero On March 15, 1961 Staying With And Guiding His Falling Jet Plane Away From The Populous Meyerland-Westbury Area Dedicated Memorial Day May 30, 1961
  6. Ok, going to try to add some pics...looking at the "Hero Tree" from across the street of the Compass Bank...Beechnut and Endicott! A little closer to the tree.
  7. LarryD...Concerning your question about that being the Utotem...No, that end of that buidling on Cedarhurst was the Drug Store. The Utotem was on the strip just opposite of that picture facing West Bellfort. It was right behind that Drugstore. If you look at your pic#1052, it was to the left at the very end. Once again, the drug store was on the opposite side of that building. The Jack-In-The-Box was right next to the Utotoem, with a little alley way between...All were very good pics!
  8. The last time I looked, it was there. I will be getting a haircut next week, so I will see. When I asked about the barber shop last year, someone told me that the original owners do not own the shoe shop anymore. I will inquire.
  9. I had forgotten about the Baskin Robbins. There was also a Baseball Card shop there later. I drove by there yesterday, and it looks like nothing is in that strip facing W. Bellfort. When you mentioned "Tobys," I remembered it. Another thing I recall about the Jack-In-The-Box, is that the house located across the street from it, had reflective mirrored tint on their windows to cut down on the headlites shining in from the drive thru. The barber shop was owned by a man named Gene Rentz (sp). I still get my hair cut at the barber shop next door to the shoe/boot shop, which used to be next door to
  10. I lived on Cedarhurst, which is the street that ran beside the Centerette. I went to that Utotem,Jack-In-The-Box and drug store all of the time. Many a Cherry or Vanilla Coke were consumed there and lots of Baseball cards were bought at the Utotem. I miss the Bonus Jacks. For some reason I am am always getting the names of THAT drug store and the one near the Beldens Food Giant (near A.J.Foyt Cheverolet) at W. Bellfort and Post Oak confused. One was Cunningham and the other???
  11. It simply amazes me the pics that folks post on here! Every now and then I will tell some friend of the Sharpstown Drive-In and how I recall them having a very small amusement park on the west end of the lot. I even remember the train going under the screen. There was a clown and also a parrot and other birds in a cage. No matter who I tell, they DON'T believe me! HA! And there it is! Another thing I recall about this Drive-In, is that it had a very HUGE lot! It was very deep and and the farther back you went, there was grass and no cars would park back there because it was to far away from th
  12. The marble stone and plaque is still there near the S.E. corner of Beechnut and Endicott, just East of the Compass Bank. It is at the base of the "Hero Tree." The Bronze Plaque is missing some type of Military Insignia at the top. I can only assume it was vandalized. The Plaque reads as follows: Hero Tree A Living Memorial To Capt. Gary L. Herod AO1907832
  13. After all of these years, I thought the building was gone. I know I have driven past there "lots" of times and did not realize it was still standing. Thanx for the pic of Benno's. Next time I go down there I will check it out.
  14. Your description sounds like the "Big Boy" or "Bobs Big Boy" resturants to me. Which at one time, there was one in Bellaire, but later was a Champs.
  15. Yes, I remember the vans vividly. They seemed to always be there near Foleys and seemed to never move. The were very large and very long panel vans. They always had some type of generator going. While I know that they were there to serve a very important purpose...I was very young back then, and honestly......the vans looked scarey to me.
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