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  1. btw did you see that you and NativeTexan and others on this blog are now "famous"? This blog is the topic of the front page news story entitled "Rumor Katy ISD Going Peanut-Free Unconfirmed as of Now" on the July 19 Katy Sun....go figure!
  2. I have several friends whose children attend or use to attend Kilpatrick. According to these folks, pb&j is not allowed, and if your child does bring it to school he/she must sit at a solitary table for peanut butter eaters. I hear it's the same for Griffin Elementary on Fry as well. We go to Rylander and currently do not have any limitations on bringing pb&j in your own lunch. There is no special table your child is sent to if you bring it either. My friends have had a hard time with this as their kids mostly eat pb&j. It seems to be a campus by campus discretionary policy rather than a district one.
  3. Only the high schools....all other schools (practically) are named after someone.
  4. I actually heard that a friend of my parents' said they saw a sign in the Sealy/Columbus area that said something like Site of Future Disney Park. Has anyone heard anything else about this? I've heard these rumors for years, but until now, I've never heard of anyone seeing a sign!
  5. I would definitely stick to Katy ISD (south of I-10). Griffin is a new school. I know several people with children there. I've heard no complaints about the school itself. The only problem with moving anywhere west of 99 is that the area is growing SO rapidly you will surely be rezoned at some point unless you live in the immediate area of the school. My good friend lives in Seven Meadows and her children and been zoned to Kilpatrick, then to Griffin when it opened, and in a couple of years when the elementary in Seven Meadows opens, they will move again! Just be aware of that possibility. Of the elementary schools west, I would definitely try to be zoned to Rylander, Griffin, or or Woodcreek (opening this coming year).
  6. We prefer non-denominational.... We like attending church in Katy for the benefit of our children and it's much easier to socialize with your "church friends" during the week. Plus, you are more likely to run into them around town or end up on the same sports teams. Anyway, if you prefer Methodist...Grace on Mason Rd. is very popular and growing. It has recently expanded it's facilities to take in the former Equestrian Center arena. They also have a very popular weekday preschool. If you would also like to try non-denominational, many start-up churches meet in area schools, there is also Katy Community (meeting in the Katy Mills theater), and Faith West. Faith West also has an established private school from PK-12th.
  7. Perry's is off the list. I originally heard they were coming in at Villagio on Westheimer Pkwy. Maybe they went back there?
  8. I don't think it's so much whether or not you specifically live in Cinco Ranch, but whether you live in a certain area in a master-planned community. The area I'm referring to is South Katy generally from Falcon Point Estates east down Bayhill Dr./Highland Knolls thru Cinco Ranch (but not past Mason Rd.), then south to 1093/Westpark Tollway including neighborhoods of Cinco Ranch, Grand Lakes, and Seven Meadows, and the areas far west including Firethorne and Grayson Lakes. There are so many nice areas out here, that mentality cannot prevail. Although, there is a distinct difference in perception between North of I-10 neighborhoods and South of I-10 generally speaking.
  9. I believe Perry's Steakhouse is out.....not sure why though. It has been removed from the tenant list.
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