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  1. Someone that lives on State Hwy 6, around Arcola I believe, bought all the blue baskets. They have been in his front yard for years.
  2. I remember riding the Barrel of Fun and thinking the kid directly across from me was going to hurl any minute. All I could think about through the entire ride was how it was going to be thrown all over everyone. Luckily, he was able to contain it until the ride came to a complete stop. Whew!!
  3. They probably didn't even bother to salvage the wonderful light fixtures or hardware. Idiots!
  4. It is incredible!! I wish I had my camera with me a few years ago when I hopped the fence and took a peek inside. No one was living there at the time, however, there were several pieces of furniture inside including a grand piano. There is another thread about this house under Sugarland and the Southwest, The Robinson House in Quail Valley.
  5. I'm fairly sure that Lake Colony was a Pulte neighborhood. It is located off Hwy 6 between Austin Parkway and Settlers Way. I remember looking at the model homes when the neighborhood was being built, however, don't know if they had the Cambridge model.
  6. William F. Cody was the architect. It will be a tragedy if the city tears it down! http://quailvalleyhistory.com/History.html
  7. Yes, he is a decendent of the Dewalt family that settled Dewalt.
  8. I have heard the same and that it was underground. I think it is just a rumor. The Ft Bend CAD only documents a main level with 6487 sq.ft. Thanks for posting. I've been following the story in the Ft Bend county papers.
  9. The street is Boca Ct. Take Glenn Lakes to Masters, left on Masters, left on Kiamesha. Boca Ct is off Kiamesha on the right. You can't miss it!! Merry Christmas!!
  10. This is the story I heard about the house. It was owned by Dr. Hampton Robinson. He owned all of the land that would one day become Quail Valley. This was the families' country home. A few years after the house was built, Mrs. Robinson was found dying of a gunshot wound, the gun by her side. Dr. Robinson closed the house and never returned and that it has sat empty all these years. After his passing, the estate was tied up in heirs. I believe the current owner, Adam Dewalt Adams is Dr. Robinson's grandson. A few years ago, my friend and I hopped the fence and had a peek in the windows. It was amazing! Beautiful terazzo flooring! The bathrooms had glass walls, with a brick outer wall for privacy. The living room had sliding glass walls that opened to the pool. It must have been quite a place in the sixties. It was really sad to see that it had been so neglected. I hope Mr. Adams gets his act together and gets the home up to code before the city destroys it.
  11. Here is a link to an estate sale in the Willowbend area. Looks like there are some nice MCM pieces. http://www.phillipsestatesales.com/
  12. I have heard so many stories about the Robinson House in Quail Valley. There are some really wild stories out there about this house. I don't know what is true and what is fiction. One thing I do know, it is a beautiful Mid-Century Mod. Does anyone out there have a Robinson House story?
  13. The Neuhaus House! I attended the exhibit today.
  14. Thanks! I wouldn't have put it past her father to have her moved, especially after the docter was murdered. He had the power and money to have her moved in the dead of night. I read somewhere he was mad as hell that her head stone read "Joan Hill".
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