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  1. Not abandoned, but an existing business. Not sure exactly what it is but it’s not retail.
  2. Think something's happening around here. Property is being surveyed. Heard the whole lot has a conditional sale to a local couple who plan to redo the Barabash storefront. Fingers crossed our nightly walks through the neighborhood can end with an ice cream cone from here....
  3. As far as the STAAR tests go, my kids are both Travis entering 2nd and 4th grade and neither have had a STAAR test yet. I don't think they start until 4th grade, although there are some standardized tests they do that kind of tell you where your kids rank in the greater scheme of things. Take those with a huge grain of salt, the teachers themselves don't seem worried about the results.
  4. https://theleadernews.com/plans-announced-for-lower-heights-district-mixed-use-development/
  5. Probably about time to create some catchy hashtaggable nomenclature for this, since I don't see any indication of a mattress store or cheque cashing spot. #lohei
  6. Is this just the parking lot itself? The east end of the black and white SITE graphic has an angular property line which sure looks like the Bobcat Teddy's property line. I think it's the parking lot plus the small white oak tributary...
  7. Triton, have you been following any of the I-45 construction talks? I'm sure sound mitigation is a popular item, and perhaps some of what you expected from the city could be done simultaneously here during the rebuild....
  8. I've been watching this out of my office window and was bummed at the lack of sidewalk the current markings would create. I do think the city really needs to revisit the Crawford lanes though....honestly, there isn't that much traffic coming around the corner from the Marquis or from those bypassing Disco Green to justify four traffic lanes ( or 2+2 parking). They could easily lose one. Or heck, make it a pedestrian only corridor from Disco Green to the Stadium. I bet those surface parking lots would evolve into something unique should that happen...
  9. Please please let that rail spur be a part of a white oak to buffalo bayou bike trail connector.
  10. Flattered I guess they took my pic from here and used it for publicity. Viewed 2.7 million times. Figure they should at least give me a free float down the river. lol.
  11. Don't know of anything except for a real estate agent, but there's no shortage of neighborhood opinions here either! What are you looking for?
  12. I live in the Woodland Heights and get up in that corner occasionally, so I may not the best person to give advice, but I have some opinions nevertheless. Is it a good area? Yes. Is it a great area? Not yet. Its still transitional and that is nothing to fear, but if you're in it for the long haul I don't think there's any question it will be a good investment. Some things in life you may want need instant gratification on, other things you may be willing to wait. It depends on where you are in life, but recognize, life events can change quickly and as such so do your needs. I don't bel
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