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  1. It's decisively their least "BIG" project, that's for sure.
  2. this is a very handsome building. excellent addition to the skyline.
  3. B-I-G's first Texas project.... very impressive. Love this design and you can see their methodical approach in its design.
  4. They've already bury themselves into Spring - that ship sailed a couple of years ago. Hopefully they give some thought into establishing a significant presence ITL, though. HPE Labs at the ion or something.
  5. you're discounting the amount of debt, maintenance and upkeep owning a home requires. pay rent, live where you want, and take that down payment and invest it. doesn't work for everyone but it definitely works for a lot of people.
  6. Agreed. It's stately, for lack of a better word. Something that I think works quite well in the Museum District.
  7. they've signed a lease for the eastern corner w a punch bowl social-type entertainment concept. can't remember the name.
  8. I'd support a redevelopment here if it meant street and infrastructure upgrades to westheimer and streets like mcduffie, harold, kipling, hazard, etc. It's incredible to think the city has allowed this area, now officially a very high rent, high profile, cultural and mini-economic engine, to deteriorate to the condition that it has. "Gross negligence" is a term I would consider applicable at this point.
  9. agree wholeheartedly. love that design exactly for that reason. which isn't to say i'm not happy w the design chosen.
  10. what these comments ignore is one itsy bitsy minor point - economics. you want to know why this is located where it is and not "near downtown"? money. go look at what dirt is trading for "near downtown" and compare it to this. it's easy to bemoan something when it isn't your money but the cost difference is massive. and you know who would bare the brunt of those increased costs? the cash-strapped startup community this city is desperately trying to foster. instead of complaining that this doesn't meet some subjective aesthetic or location criteria, how about we support our still t
  11. from the website it seemed as if the "streets" moniker referred solely to this particular retail component, no?
  12. tech is a broad term but it's the perfect type of tenant for this kind of development. don't think this is a nab from another city as i'm pretty sure they have an existing presence here but i could be wrong. either way it's a great anchor office tenant.
  13. no need to argue about the merits of this design, this won't be it. this was simply a proposal. carry on.
  14. well said and i agree. nothing about this site plan seems overly ambitious other than the overall # of mixed use components, but the design and scale seems plenty achievable. it certainly has a BIG vibe to it, especially the schematics, but also seems very approachable. I also think it would play off hsu's design at montrose collective very well. fingers crossed the project ends up as shown or a very similar facsimile thereof.
  15. do we have any idea if this the actual design or simply a conceptual or proposed design?
  16. metlife has had numerous conversations w Hines on a multi-family or mixed use development at BLVD Place in the past. my understanding was that it was for the northern most parcel fronting san felipe but it certainly may have been this site. either way, metlife will almost certainly develop.
  17. it looks fine imo and they have plans for future high rises here so it will probably have some neighbors in the not too distant future.
  18. same. spent many a summer near willowbrook mall, specifically shannon's skate shop... never heard it referred to as the willow haha
  19. probably more design driven than location but the office tenant is a particularly good fit for this part of town a well. purely from a location standpoint, though, this isn't the easiest spot to get to if you have employees coming from all over town.
  20. ya let's not go overboard here. Post Oak can certainly become our mini version of Park Ave. or Rodeo Drive but Houston will never have anything that compares to the Champs Elysees.
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