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  1. They were in talks w a high-end boutique department store concept (for lack of a better term) for that spot as of a few months ago.
  2. The tenant lounge and outdoor patio are particularly well done in this building. Great addition to downtown along w Brava.
  3. For the love of god somebody buy that building from Younan and do this.
  4. Thought I was taking crazy pills for a second but realized this is for Levy Park in Upper Kirby and @hindesky you posted this under Levit Green near TMC.
  5. Houston needs some of these timber projects, especially midtown and the eastside.
  6. This is exactly what I would have expected for this lot, especially w what Skanska is planning next door. Decent infill, nothing more, nothing less, and what this area needs.
  7. Super 609 Main vibes. Very handsome.
  8. Was going to share exactly this. If every developer treated their projects like Radom our city would be in infinitely better shape.
  9. Hands down one of the best MF projects we've seen recently. The materials, design, structure.... Marquette crushed this project. Need more.
  10. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/northwind-group_2120-post-oak-blvd-bridge-loan-activity-6917485494926766080-TXrU?utm_source=linkedin_share&utm_medium=member_desktop_web Saw this post on LinkedIn... looks like it has serious height. Whether or not this is real is tbd - I've never heard of this developer, they have no history that I can find, and their website doesn't actually exist. EDIT: apparently this one has legs so let's hope it moves forward.
  11. It's almost as if you have no development experience whatsoever haha. I mean no offense, I could see why a layperson would think this but largescale developments take time and that's true in even the most stable of markets which this is most certainly not.
  12. Your best friend is in a band??? Not sure you've ever mentioned that before! 😜
  13. No insider info but a part of me thinks the scaled back plans mean they have bigger long term plans for the 4HC site. Granted, I'm talking 10+ yrs down the road but still. The problem w the building is that as currently configured they'll never be able to maximize rents, especially on office space, without a MASSIVE capital commitment, the kind of capital commitment that would make demolishing and redeveloping a more lucrative long term investment. Just my opinion.
  14. Yes. The entire site was purchased by an Asian group a couple of years ago IIRC. A major developer/architect were master planning at one point. I don’t think they’re involved anymore but something significant is going to happen on that site over several phases.
  15. They've definitely botched it so far. I almost loathe The Sterling compared to what they initially envisioned. It encapsulates Houston development in every sense of the phrase. No need to cut them any slack, they're a massive development firm.
  16. From CoStar in an article regarding McNair's recently announced Westchase multifamily/active lifestyle development on the old Dow Chemical site:
  17. They don't know yet so everyone needs to have a little patience on this one. They're very actively engaging various stakeholders in the community, meaning they're taking a very long-term approach to the site.
  18. Brookfield acquired this property when it acquired Park Towers a few years ago. They almost immediately sold Park Towers, though.
  19. It's decisively their least "BIG" project, that's for sure.
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