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  1. i count 33 as well but the top floor of the podium and the penthouse floors look to be double height so this should have the scale of a 35-story tower, give or take. although i still preferred the original jenga-style design, this turned out better than what i was expecting. fences are up so hopefully they break ground soon.
  2. it's not bad... certainly better than nothing. one has to assume they're saving the park facing portion for at least a couple of high rises.
  3. there is an apt component to the mkt project behind the existing 5 story structure... not sure if that's what this is or not.
  4. my guess is that Hines and Rice will consider timber for their Ion innovation district development in Midtown. the functionality and aesthetics of timber would interact well with the scope and location of that development.
  5. Received confirmation that the distinctive “twist” in the hotel/condo design has been done away with. Another classic bait bait and switch... Yay houston developers!
  6. the developer is indeed in talks with target at this location. just FYI.
  7. i think the phrase "beginning phase of developing" implies they're still in the conceptual phase.
  8. https://product.costar.com/home/news/82261314?market=14
  9. yes, it's Davis Contreras Partners so yes, Randall is involved.
  10. I heard that Hines let the contract expire for this site so this may be conceptual renderings from a new developer. I doubt they're from Hines as this isn't an architect they'd likely use nor would they do all condo. just my educated guess on the last two points.
  11. before everyone gets all excited the mayors office already came out and said there are no current plans for the city to help bring an amusement park to town, only that the mayor would welcome a private developer to do so.
  12. this matches what i was told well over a year ago that midway had acquired the site where andes cafe was located with the intent on building a midrise MF project with GFR. the appreciation of land prices and rental rates in EaDo has been nothing short of spectacular.
  13. midway backed off of the sakowitz site, at least they had as of a few months ago.
  14. but that's not what they're referring to when they say phase I and II. The initial phase of the development was the hotel and apt tower. Phase I as they are referring to it here is for a 500,000 SF medical office on top of 1700 parking spaces. Depending on floor plates that's about 19-20 stories of office on top of another 6-8 stories of garage plus a floor of retail. Due to the balconies you can see quite clearly that the residential high-rise units are situated above the office component. My guess is they'll wait to see how their office leasing velocity is during pre-development while at the same time gauging the multifamily or condo market and make a determination from there. if they think they can lease 1M SF of office or actually get the preleasing they'll build more office and less residential.
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