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  1. whaaaaaa??? some of the best news i've heard all year! home slice is my favorite pizza joint in austin and we go regularly. what a glorious announcement!
  2. no matter, DFW is absolutely smoking Houston in terms of corporate relocations and national appeal. austin as well. there have been next to zero major corporate relocations to the houston area the last several years and it's even scarcer if you exclude o&g. Houston has a lot going for it, but it competes non-stop w DFW and Austin and we lose out nearly 100% of the time. most times, Houston doesn't even get a seat at the table, it's just DFW and Austin. The corporate landscape is changing and Houston is getting left in the dust. This is a huge problem moving forward - o&g is shrinking and will continue to do so as more attrition occurs in the industry and related companies do more w less people. our only saving grace, potentially, is TMC. the city needs to be investing significant time and money into attracting healthcare, medical and related companies, bc we will never compete w the tech/creative scene in austin and the consumer, professional services, tech etc. etc. of DFW.
  3. this is my understanding - at or around 50 stories requires another elevator bank which not only adds mechanical costs but also requires additional square footage.
  4. Mine of the best features of a city like London is that it is awash w parks, many quite large, that make enjoying and traversing the city quite spectacular. Houston, especially central Houston, lacks natural reprieves from the concrete... I fully support surrounding downtown w a green oasis.
  5. chase is only 1.65m sf currently designed, this project will span both blocks with a common amenity deck. Office about 15 stories and mf about 30-35. i'm sure that's subject to change, though.
  6. this will be a fine looking development... i'm sure renders will make their way out soon enough.
  7. 2 or 3 floors of office over 2 floors of retail. CBRE will be leasing the project. Excellent addition to the neighborhood. As @CREguy13 said it will be very well received. Very distinctive.
  8. there's no real classification system for office properties - it's all marketing more or less. AA/A+ is commonly used for the newest asset classes, though.
  9. part of the benefit of memorial park now falling under the uptown TIRZ (i believe that's the correct authority) will include much better bike and pedestrian connectivity from uptown to memorial park. i'd assume bike sharing would be a part of that plan.
  10. Not sure about recladding but I’ve been told the building will undergo major renovations.
  11. man houston has really come up the last few years if this is what passes as a "shit sandwich" nowadays. i would've killed @CREguy13 for consistent mf projects like this 5-6 years ago. carry on.
  12. i have a pic of a rendering of this project somewhere... standard 8-10 story mf. nice but nothing special.
  13. they were in talks on a very large scale redevelopment in the immediate area, very very early stages though. no clue of its current status.
  14. i count 33 as well but the top floor of the podium and the penthouse floors look to be double height so this should have the scale of a 35-story tower, give or take. although i still preferred the original jenga-style design, this turned out better than what i was expecting. fences are up so hopefully they break ground soon.
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