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  1. 2 or 3 floors of office over 2 floors of retail. CBRE will be leasing the project. Excellent addition to the neighborhood. As @CREguy13 said it will be very well received. Very distinctive.
  2. there's no real classification system for office properties - it's all marketing more or less. AA/A+ is commonly used for the newest asset classes, though.
  3. part of the benefit of memorial park now falling under the uptown TIRZ (i believe that's the correct authority) will include much better bike and pedestrian connectivity from uptown to memorial park. i'd assume bike sharing would be a part of that plan.
  4. Not sure about recladding but I’ve been told the building will undergo major renovations.
  5. man houston has really come up the last few years if this is what passes as a "shit sandwich" nowadays. i would've killed @CREguy13 for consistent mf projects like this 5-6 years ago. carry on.
  6. i have a pic of a rendering of this project somewhere... standard 8-10 story mf. nice but nothing special.
  7. they were in talks on a very large scale redevelopment in the immediate area, very very early stages though. no clue of its current status.
  8. i count 33 as well but the top floor of the podium and the penthouse floors look to be double height so this should have the scale of a 35-story tower, give or take. although i still preferred the original jenga-style design, this turned out better than what i was expecting. fences are up so hopefully they break ground soon.
  9. it's not bad... certainly better than nothing. one has to assume they're saving the park facing portion for at least a couple of high rises.
  10. there is an apt component to the mkt project behind the existing 5 story structure... not sure if that's what this is or not.
  11. my guess is that Hines and Rice will consider timber for their Ion innovation district development in Midtown. the functionality and aesthetics of timber would interact well with the scope and location of that development.
  12. Received confirmation that the distinctive “twist” in the hotel/condo design has been done away with. Another classic bait bait and switch... Yay houston developers!
  13. the developer is indeed in talks with target at this location. just FYI.
  14. i think the phrase "beginning phase of developing" implies they're still in the conceptual phase.
  15. https://product.costar.com/home/news/82261314?market=14
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