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  1. I walked to 1MC today from OST--wanted to try the cafeteria again because I can't eat at Luby's every day. Pickings are slim in the area. The sign for this place certainly caught my interest. There will be food! Still no construction, but it will improve the area.
  2. So, I was glad to see this thread had been so active. I use light rail most days as part of my commute & I've been wishing for better shopping downtown. Wasn't Macy's closed because someone else wanted the land? It only used half the Foley's building, but that part did have customers. Between commuters & the new people living downtown, I'm sure more shopping could be supported. Phoenicia is great--just a few blocks from the rail; many of us like to walk or ride bikes. (I knew Georgia's was doomed the day they had no caffeinated, unflavored coffee beans. That was months before it closed.) Alas, I found no news about the shopping area on Dallas. Isn't there a better place for "Light Rail Sucks" posts? Things have improved downtown since it was finished even though there's plenty of room for improvement. And no, buses are not better--the (fairly) recent bus route upgrades were great but the rail part of the commute is always more pleasant. But what do I know? I ride public transit in Houston--I don't live in Chicago. So, what's up on Dallas?
  3. Great new! I wait at the light rail stop across from the old Gulf Building four days a week & I've been wondering what will be going in. The MFAH had a walking tour to support Sculpted In Steel & we got to check the building out. The bank lobby is spectacular & will probably remain as it is. The corner being reno'd was originally Foley's. Also liked the frescos mentioned in the article--here's Modern Houston!
  4. The Isabella Court was the jewel in the crown of last weekend's 2017 Good Brick Tour. The interior features one large courtyard & two smaller ones, and numerous levels of stairs linking the courtyards & apartments. Tile work, wrought iron, paint, plants, chandeliers and an ornamental well are part of the decor--there's a picturesque vista everywhere you turn. Three apartments were open for inspection--two of them the larger corner apartments. Each apartment also has multiple levels--and interior windows that are part of the ventilation system. Yesterday's cool weather illustrated how well that system worked. Each place also has a kiva-style fireplace--once with open gas flames, now strictly ornamental. (There's now central air & heat--those window units I remember from long ago are gone.) Kitchens & bathrooms were neat but minimal--those who must have glossy, modern surfaces may look elsewhere. The area's doing well--with galleries on the ground floor & rail access. New construction is going in but nothing will ever match the Isabella Court. I believe rents have gone up considerably from the figures quoted earlier in the thread. And the waiting list remains quite long. I left kicking myself that I hadn't made an effort the first time I heard of that waiting list. That was many, many years ago.
  5. At least there was one bright spot in last night's electoral fiasco. I live in the non-dry Greater Heights Area (which isn't as much of a hellhole as I've heard it described), so I couldn't vote on this item. But the Heights residents spoke. I'll be glad for a nearby H.E.B.--which I much prefer to Kroger. Warning: I ride Metro, so I'm one of those "bus riders." I'll try really hard not to pass out in a pool of vomit as I tote my baked goods, produce & 6-pack of 5 O'Clock Pils home through your neighborhood..
  6. Love Street was a dump. Some fine music went on there. And the surrounding area was site of some interesting hijinks. But the old building itself was hardly memorable. It started to crumble as renovations began, so something useful was constructed on its bones.
  7. This source seems pretty good. Hedgecroft was located at 5010 Montrose. I seem to remember that Roky Erickson was a patient at one time...
  8. Thanks for the reality check. I was wondering--which Gelazzi are they talking about? I thought they just served frozen treats. (Delicious frozen treats.) So, I was not hallucinating....
  9. I agree. When I caught the train at Central Station (while watching Foley's/Macy's being destroyed), I used the convenience store a few times. It's in business because people find it useful. I don't blame them for the sketchy street scene. Sure, make the area a thriving retail center so that other retailers make better offers for the space. In the meantime, let the store be run by people willing to be retailers downtown instead of begging for tax breaks or waiting for massive street reconstruction.
  10. Ah, yes. I remember when that little grocery was the only place open 24 hours. For those who got a craving for a tasty snack at an odd time, for some reason... Not sad that it's gone but not happy that the stuff going in seems rather dull. A pity about light rail....
  11. Homeless or not, they do attract a lot of attention here. I don't live downtown but commute there by bus to catch light rail. Originally I waited at Main Street Square; there were often folks congregating on the sidewalk but rarely at the platform. Then the bus switched to the Bell Street stop; the number of people lying on the sidewalk was sad & distressing but they didn't bother anybody in the morning. After The Big Bus Switch, I walk through some lovely skyscrapers to the Houston Central station; one or two fellows are often sitting on the benches by Jones Hall. Just sitting; is the location limited to The Very Best Street People? After work I'll often check out a bar or restaurant; I'd spend more time downtown if there were more retail than The CVS in Nieman's. Still, I have few problems. Perhaps eyes front & a brisk walk make me seem an unlikely target. (I'm not in the Forever 21 demographic.) I've seen plenty of street people in other cities--mostly unnoticed because they were outnumbered. That's my experience. Perhaps this thread would be a good place for others to post their experiences, complaints, suggestions, etc. So the next time I notice the thread on the Bar Scene bumped--it will have new information on bars & restaurants downtown. And action in the Main Street Improvement thread will indicate work on the aforesaid Retail Problem....
  12. Who will give METRO the money? We're not talking about digging a subway tunnel in virgin soil--a real tunnel, not linked basements. We're talking about digging deeply--around or under the foundations of some very tall buildings. I ride light rail. I'd prefer to block all other traffic from lanes used by the rail & synchronize all traffic lights to give the train priority. Really--this could be accomplished cheaply. However, lots of motorists would delicate flower. (This last phrase substituted by the program rather than allow a word for "complain" that refers to a female canine.) Yes, the drivers would not be happy!
  13. So, I was hoping to see some information on Main Street Improvements. Instead, it's yet another screed on Those Dreadful Panhandlers.
  14. Houston's "tunnel system" is various basements, connected by slender tunnels built under the streets. It's also only open during Business Hours, 5 days a week. Real subways run through purpose-built tunnels. To go from the tunnel to the train, walk upstairs. (Or take an escalator.) Then go outside.
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