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  1. LOL, who's down with OPP? Sorry, been out-of-pocket for a while.
  2. I love this forum. I think the design is interesting enough to be noteworthy, and the name is unusual enough to be memorable. As long as people drive by and say, "hay, did you see that little bridge? that's pretty cool" I am satisfied. I'll have to concede that the name is a little awkward, but let's be honest, its only a pedestrian bridge---no one will refer to it by name.
  3. The Lucky Strike in Hollywood and Las Vegas are re'donk. I can't imagine the Houston branch not following the design of other locations.
  4. The weekend lunch crowd is irrelevant? I beg to differ---the weekday lunch crowd will be a vast majority of the patrons.
  5. I prefer the "orid, banal, vapid pastiche bastardization..." I think the stone and terracotta fit more with the "San Jose" name. The design is warm and welcoming. The "modern" design looks less institutional and, consequently, less fitting for a hospital.
  6. I seem to remember this thread discussing that Chuy's lease was set to expire and the owner was not renewing---presumably in favor of the West Ave developers.
  7. LOL! That's a great idea! Maybe a Cavender's or Shepler's.
  8. My two cents: I took it upon myself to edit your post for brevity. Also, is your quote a joke: "Vote for John McCain. You don't have to like him, respect him, or really have any expectation that he's going to be a good president (I certainly don't). The important thing is that he isn't a classist scumbag. He is not Barack Obama. And that is sufficient." Maybe TheNiche isn't omniscient after all. Cue the flame war.
  9. I couldn't find a related topic, but here is the article. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metrop...an/5991712.html
  10. A deal cannot be "done" if it is only "ready for a signature."
  11. The Houston Astrodome Hotel & Casino: The Eighth Wonder of the World!
  12. I didn't know there was a Nutcracker at Reliant. I've only seen the one at the Wortham Center, and its been years a while.
  13. Lol'd Maybe I'll go see the Nutcracker again before Xmas.
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