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  1. PTC has updated their lease plan....looks like Cork Wine Bar is back in the plans. We'll see how accurate this is. http://www.cbldevelopment.com/pearland/pdf..._lease_plan.pdf
  2. You know how this development has progressed. Type in "coming2010" instead of 2009 and there it is. Note, next year add a year to the website if 2010 shuts down.
  3. Nope, there are only two options (1) The community pools, and (2) The Houston Swim Club (if they allow adults) across from Academy.
  4. Maybe I'm off, but that hole in the front with the drainage pipes feeding into it sure looks like retention pond to me. Drove by there today.
  5. Nope, this must be for the work that is going on on the East side of 288 approaching the Beltway and the east bound service road. They are clearing trees and you can see them installing underground drainage along the Beltway service road. Sorry to let you down but any future Waterlights development is a private matter. It's tough right now for commercial real estate so don't be too anxious. Look at all the vacant retail space around the Shadow Creek area.
  6. According to the Town Center's leasing plan it will be a Vitamin Shoppe. YUM!!
  7. For what it's worth I tried the new chinese food place, Imperial China Diner, next to Krogers. To me the food was pretty good and the also offer brown rice. I am no chinese food connoisseur so maybe someone else can give their opinion. It won't hurt to check them out.
  8. Hey Timnwendy, someone has requested your presence in the citydata/houston forum with a question about ST.
  9. Two different types of businesses. We all know that eating out is a tradition in TX and Pearland is low on the supply side for those type of venues. One can justify eating out more than they can justify getting another item of clothing. When hunger hits, you've had a long work week, and you don't feel like cooking, badda bing!! Anyway, I would expect Pearland's offering of mid-tier restaurants (i.e. chain) to thrive being that folks are cutting back on the higher end joints.
  10. I don't think that this is unique to the Town Center store. Foot traffic/sales is/are down nation wide, as is evident by today's retail sales number. Dillard's, Macy's, or any other retailer is having trouble at the moment. It's a tough environment out there. I heard the female co-host of Morning Call (CNBC show) mention that she was in the Saks in NY yesterday and she couldn't help but notice how empty it was despite the "great" deals. Now if the NY Saks is empty then.............
  11. Note, that the new signal at Business Center Drive/SC Parkway will suffice. You can turn north onto the portion of Business Center Drive that goes along side of Bucees. Follow that road (don't go all the way until it ends or you will end up behind the strip mall where the delivery trucks service the store) and take a right and go behind Bucees and it will take you right into the Kroger Shopping Center by the Kroger gas station. No problems. They have a lot of in/egress points. I haven't had any problems accessing Kroger or SC Parkway leaving Kroger. As an aside I am happy that we have opt
  12. I'm with you. I was wondering if anyone else felt this way. The Kroger experience is much more relaxed, IMO. The store is cleaner, more manageable, and not as crowded (which might be my primary reason). I am not too price conscience so I will go for the better experience. HEB's crowd/ran-sacked(sp?) store is starting to remind me of Super WalMart.
  13. For inquiring minds. Can you elaborate on what you thought was "really interesting"? I know that the development team is working hard (as I see the same cars parked at the trailer day after day), but do you think this thing really has a chance? Did they throw out dates? Phase descriptions? Tenants (signed or otherwise)? Moving dirt is a good first step (which shows that they have some financing for the soft/hard costs up to this point), but the real commitment of resources is evident by the installation of the infrastructure (IMO).
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