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  1. Hi Tbird! I jumped over to the racing forum and found Clyde's name mentioned by Midget85. In his post he refered to pickup truck races at Playland. Hum. I don't recall those at all. Can you expand on that or direct us to more details? Thx
  2. Here's one like it. (Mi-Tee-Slide) Not sure where this one was.
  3. Great find! I'd love to see a hundred more hours of this! Thanks for posting. Great to see Lucille Ball's name in lights the day after her hundredth birthday. Now let's see who can identify the performers at the Tidelands.
  4. So far, the only commentaries on this secondary tape was LK making an announcement of Jeanette Bishop's leaving the show to return home to Ireland. You weren't by chance her partner, where you? I am concerned that possibly 30+ years ago, I may have compiled these performances to get rid of (what seemed at the time) meanlessly jabber. !!!%&*#@##!!!!!!
  5. I remember the interview but have not located my absolute original tape which did include it. In it Wilson mentioned why his female volcalist was not there. I also had Charlie Romans' "very nervous" interview but have been unable to locate that tape. Thanks for your comments.
  6. Strange vibes from Rock 'N Roll Heaven! A second strange thing happened. I found an old reel to reel recorder that actual powered up and amazingly located the old Larry Kane Show audio I mentioned. After being stored away and forgotten about for almost 40 years, it is actually in fair condition for an old wrinkled strip of mylar.
  7. This thread reminds me I had recorded a lot of the Larry Kane shows' on a reel to reel (audio only). Now I am going to have to locate the old tapes for a couple special segments I remember. One was the guest appearance of one of my Madison HS classmates, Charlie Romans (lip-sinking without his band, ThePastels) and the other was J. Frank Wilson performing TheLast Kiss live with his band The Cavaliers (girl back up missing). Most artists were lip-sinking of course. Anyone else remember these two appearances?
  8. Hi Becky, Great to hear from you again. We look forward to some more of your park photos. I don't recall what years you lived at Playland, but have you seen the lastest Google Earth vintage shots. The 1944 view shows Playland before the race track was built. You may have been outside looking up for the plane taking the picture (Or wondering if Hilter was dropping a surprise on Houston!).
  9. I recall at least one calm evening over Bellaire around 1955-57 when a low flying DC3 (maybe C47) dumped advertising fliers out its side door. The line of fliers must have stretched for a couple miles and took at least 30 minutes to spread out and settle down to the ground. All the nieghborhood kids were scrambling competively to grab as many as they could. It seemed to have the same appeal as a "candy drop". Can any of you recall these "drops" and share details. Imagine that being done nowadays!
  10. The track across from Buff stadium was used for midget races. Not sure if stockers ever ran there. It is talked about in PBS's "Houston; Remember When" episode #3. Note that Playland Park didn't even have a race track yet. This era of photos certainly proves there once were race tracks on Stella Link. I used the Googly Earth flight simulator function to visit the old airfields around town, even the South Main Airport across the street from Playland. It is an amazing pleasure to see all this again.
  11. Alex Bennet , "The man you love to hate". He was definately the king of the spin doctors back then. Wow, all the good music on air and we sat and listened to this jerk? I gotta' hand it to him, he certainly held the secret to successful radio! I may be wrong but I though it was only one caller at a time so he could do all the one-on-one razzing himself.
  12. Thanks so much for posting this. I had it saved it but lost track of it. The aerial pics are priceless! It's in "my favorites" again.
  13. Hey I am glad I did my time in the 50's. It sure must have sucked to have to have been a kid in the 60's. 10. Steam locomotives daily down the double tracks. 9. Escape to monkey's hill. 8. Seeing the distant 4th of July fireworks at the Shamrock Hotel. 7. Open windows, attic fans, quiet city at night. 6. Saturday morning double horror features at the Bellaire. 5. Looney auction. 4. You actually see stars in the night sky over Bellaire. 3. Safely walking to and from Horn Elementary without a care in the world. 2. Leaflet drops from DC3's. 1. Rides and races at Playland Park.
  14. I presume you are referring to the Post or Chronicle. What was the other, Houston Press? I recall the Chronicle had a very rare reprint on Nov.22, 1963 when they stopped the presses around noon because of the unfolding events of the day. That must be the one you have, right? This is way off this topic, but is there anyway you can scan the 1963 movie/entertainment page and post in the old drive-in movies topic? That would be interesting to see what the dozens of Houston area drive-ins were showing back then!
  15. I flew into Andrau most recently in 1996 in a rented C-152 to resupply Walter aviation with some flightsim software, but the 1957 view is the way I best remember Andrau. Back then, it was surrounded by open fields and few if any trees. The entrance road crossed right at the end of runway 16. An accident occurred on at least one occasion I recall. A Beech 18 pounded the roof of a small van but continued safely on to "Hobby" for an uneventful emergency landing. Amazingly, no injuries! I remember a corporate owned DC-3 frequently parked out there that had a beautiful blue polished aluminum finish. I don't recall the tail sign, but does anyone know who this great paint job belonged to?
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