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  1. Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 ½ Square Footage: 728 Appraisal District (original owner made additions that are not included on HCAD) Year Built: 1940 School District: HISD Garage Size: 3 car garage addition/ 1 car garage/ carport Lot Size: 3850/Appraisal District Washer/Dryer Connections: yes Exterior Construction: Unknown Roof: Composition Foundation: Block & Beam Seller’s Notes: House is sold as is. The house is in the middle of a remodel project will not be finished; no repairs will be made. This is a great project for someone to finish or an investor to plan new construction. Appliances will not be included with the sale. 1110 W 21 st, Houston, TX 77008 We would like to sell within the next 30-45 days For more information, questions concerning the property or to request a viewing please email: heights_house@yahoo.com or call 832-297-5368 http://houston.craigslist.org/reo/1255941945.html
  2. A house thats for sale? The link would be to craigslist, which is where we have it listed. My ex and I bought a house in the heights/ shady acres on w 21st about 2 years ago, when we were together and now that we arent, we want to sell it. We are tyring to sell it ourselves. Thanks!
  3. Hi Montrose1100, did you ever consider attending the University of St. Thomas? Although it is a Catholic university, it is full of diversity- an assortment of eclectic people, the classes are very small, the education and the classes that they offer are pretty decent, and it is of course located in Montrose. It might be something for you to consider since the fall semester is coming up soon. Good luck to you!
  4. Hello Everyone, This weekend we read the Near Northwest Banner's cover story for the month of July regarding Chapter 19, Revision #43. It affects many of those (floodway owners) who own property or land near a bayou which includes Timbergrove, Shady Acres, Cottage Grove and surrounding Heights. It is an ordinance which was apparently passed very quietly. The ordinance will use floodway property owner's land for conveyance without compensation. This ordinance not only affects property owners but builders as well. The ordinance prohibits all new construction, repairs and improvements of existing homes and businesses. Appraisers estimate that all floodway lots may lose up to 95% of their value. An owner of a vacant lot cannot build on it or sell it for development. For more information please visit the Floodway Coalition of Houston at www.houstonfloodway.org. The FCOH encourages everyone that this ordinance affects to contact Mayor Bill White to voice your concerns. Mayor Bill White City of Houston P.O. Box 1562 Houston, TX 77251 Phone: 713.247.2200 Email: mayor@cityofhouston.net
  5. We are definitely going to do this. It is going to be the very next thing on our
  6. LOL, Musicman you are awesome- you know everything! By the way what do you mean by
  7. Hi again Musicman, thanks so much for your detailed replies. Who did you call to fix the drainage? Or were you able to do it yourself? My boyfriend and I have been trying to preform most- if not all- the work ourselves. But we have learned to call professionals when needed LOL.
  8. Hi Heightsfan, I hope this answer helps a little. Here are my experiences: The house we just bought has a drain ditch. We have not yet officially moved in yet, as we are working on the house before we do, so I can't tell you what its typically like or what it is like on days it rains heavily. But the days we that we have worked on the house and it was raining we have noticed that the water seems to collect in the ditch and for the most part the street didn't seem to flood too bad. I hope that is the norm! It many just be a case of the draining on each street being a little different. Currently we live in Montrose and the street we live on (which is fully curbed) is fine even when we get really heavy rains but if we venture down certain streets like Mount Vernon or Graustark water seems to accumulate. Once I parked my car on Mount Vernon at UST (also curbed) and it was raining moderately, when I was getting ready to leave the water level where I was parked had reached the top of my tires
  9. Thank you for your reply. hmmm we have noticed a lot of water around the house- well on the sides and near the house it always seems kinda muddy...there is an add on 3 car garage in the back that is somewhat attached to the house and we noticed some water seeping in from where some of the panels have rotted away... I guess that means we should call a plumber first? Pumapayam and Musicman, thank you both for your input. That really gives me a good idea of how much it could be if it is a foundation problem. I was getting worried that it might somewhere in the five figure range. A friend of mine told me her neighbor paid somewhere around $35,000 for her foundation repair but I think her's was a slab foundation.
  10. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if someone give me a ballpark figure of how much it would cost to repair a pier and beam foundation for a house that is approximately 850 square feet. Like what is average price and what is the worst case scenario price? I am trying to brace and prepare myself for the worst case scenario price
  11. AJXterra, thank you for your reply. Why on a rainy day? Does the weather affect the asbestos in some way?
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