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  1. This is a late reply but I want to put in my "two cents worth..." You hit the nail on the head Deb - but "shoddy construction" isn't limited to these 90K+ homes. I'm sure that high-end builders, like Kickerillo for example, also cut corners. I'm not terribly impressed with his homes as I've seen first-hand one constructed in Lakes of Parkway. 500K+ Villa and they didn't put an electrical outlet in the kitchen for the fridge, among numerous other problems. No telling what trash is in between the walls of this home, too, as the construction site was outrageously dirty and trashy the whole time. Believe me, Mr. Kickerillo uses "day labor" (off Gessner) just as much as KB does... The excess profit funded his new home in Malibu. I'd much rather update an older home that is more likely to have been better built. nkob44
  2. Congratulations! We're still looking... I'm more up for buying a mod than is my spouse but, then again, I'm the architecture buff in the family. Best of luck on the restoration. knob44
  3. Yes - what's "no traffic" today is tomorrow's "mess..."
  4. I love the Westpark Tollway! I currently live in West Houston (not at the Grand Parkway though) and take it often to get into the Loop. It's worth the toll AND I don't have to slow down through a toll booth. I-10 is jammed it seems no matter what time of day it is - used to be when I first got here back in the mid-90s that you could pick times to travel it. Not any more... If there was a reliable heavy rail system here in Houston that connected the far-out areas to the Inner Loop/Downtown, I'd take it BUT we all know there isn't such a thing here. Probably never will be if things keep evolving as they are. So if you don't have rail - you drive from out here. And as long as I can afford it, I'll drive the Westpark Tollway over I-10 any day.
  5. I grew up in a Midwestern suburb and there, "inner city" was not a desirable address... Let's just say that I wouldn't tell folks outside of Houston that I live in "inner city Houston." The Midwest and Northeast major cities typically have a clear distinction between their urban areas vs. suburbs. For example, when you drive east toward downtown St. Louis, you clearly see the point when you enter what's known there as "the inner city..." A very visual distinction IMO. And it gets worse when you cross over the Mississippi into East St. Louis. Of course, St. Louis (city and county) have something called zoning . Only thing I can liken it to here in Houston is driving on I-10 East around the ship channel or parts of I-45 on the east side in the loop. There is no commute into St. Louis City (from any direction) that is like the beautiful Memorial Drive commute into downtown Houston. Clayton Road maybe but not with the beautiful trees... I just continue to view Houston as a series of wheels - sprawling, sprawling, sprawling. Inner Loop will always be Inner Loop to me, with lots of variety depending upon the "quadrant" you're in. Uptown is urban, very urban to me, but is Uptown. Not a bad thing. That said, I don't have a hangup though about living "exactly in the Loop..." I would take living "near" the Loop given the right location for our circumstances. Just my two cents worth --
  6. I many be jumping into this late but... I like your attitude! I came here from Chicago some ten years ago to work for a major consulting firm downtown, and I loved the tunnel. I also loved Chicago (still do) and actually thought I would end up living there after graduating with a couple of masters degrees but didn't. Houston will never be "a Chicago" because this is Texas. Dallas ain't Chicago either IMO. Texas is a whole different culture than the upper Midwest and especially the Northeast, and I thank my lucky stars that I'm here not there (especially NY). We had a saying around our office - which was a kind of "revolving door" being a consulting firm - people coming and going often - that if you don't like Houston, I-10 runs both east and west... (so shut up ). Yes - I would love to see more high-quality public transportation here, be it rail above or below ground. I would use it - I rode both the El and Metra (best long commute in the US IMO) in Chicago and hate dealing with traffic no matter the city. But what I don't want to see is some half-cocked, wimpy "light" transportation solutions in Houston that prove to be unreliable. When you take either the Metra or the El (in Chicago), you know you are going to get to your destination. How many times have I seen a Metro bus broke down in the HOV lane along the Katy Fwy? Too many times to get me to take the bus here... That said, I don't ever expect or even desire Houston to be like Chicago (or God forbid, Manhattan). If what's right for Houston is light rail (instead of Chicago's Metra) then that's ok - just make sure it's RELIABLE.
  7. Where is DeBakey located? Thanks --
  8. You mean Shady Acres? Could also consider Garden Oaks just outside the loop... I worked with somebody who bought a home there years ago and now it's worth alot (the lot is huge!).
  9. "Westside wasn't built for the "wealthy kids", it was built for all the residents in that area. Coincidentally, they are the children of successful parents. No matter, if this were ghetto, a school still would have been built." I have to agree with you on this - the area is just well-to-do and needed some schools. Building here is on the upswing. Some of the homes nearby we could afford but it isn't as close in as we'd like to be. And I wouldn't call Lakes of Parkway a "ghetto..." Million dollar plus homes - even the "Villas" will cost you a minimum of 500K to build. Neighborhood off Briar Forest next door to Westside.
  10. Yes, Memorial is in Spring Branch, and one big reason why we are considering this area. Stratford is now under a total remodeling and closed I believe - the kids are moved into the other schools and it's disruptive but ours wouldn't go to Memorial for a while yet. T&C is still not as close in as we would love to be BUT with children you go with the schools, don't you?
  11. Interesting... probably why my doctor is building one of those McMansions in Bellaire now! Thanks for the info --
  12. Sounds good and thanks for the links!
  13. Thanks Astro! We'll keep it all in mind. Meyerland is a little further south than we were thinking about - and you're right about the flooding issues. I know that Braeswood is well-known for it's flooding too. In the end, you just gotta "pick" somewhere... So much of Houston is "one big flood plain..." isn't it? All in all, I think it's an attractive place to live, and so affordable compared to other parts of the country. One of the reasons I decided to move here back in the mid-90's. Many good things have come into place since I got here - many improvements to downtown and other areas as far as I can tell. We'll be here for the long haul as my spouse is a native. Can't see him moving to either Dallas or Austin, that's for sure!
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