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  1. Okay, I've had to come out of lurkerdom for this. I stumbled on all of these Sharpstown threads after my brother sent me links to them since we both wax a bit nostalgic for the old days in Sharpstown. Now I'm reading this thread and had to post since I graduated in '83 from SHS, went to Long and even attended MYF at Gethsemane during the Jr. high years. I remember Paul and the Astroworld incident, the funky sanctuary and even Shed, although the memories are pretty foggy in this 41 year old brain. Just wanted to say "hi" and tell you guys how much I've enjoyed reading all of your posts. You've brought back a lot of great memories! Oh and I wouldn't worry too much about the Astroworld incident. Like Apollopride said, way stupider things were done in MYF/church youth groups. My cousin and I would take turns attending each others youth groups when we spent the night at each other's houses and her youth group at her Baptist church out in Alief was way wilder than I remember MYF. Kids will be kids, I guess.
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