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  1. I agree. I think it should be a central market. There's already an HEB on Louetta about 4 miles down. In all of Houston, there is only one Central Market besides the one in the woodlands (which is half HEB).
  2. The project will be named Remington Square. I believe Caldwell Watson is the developer. The whole thing looks pretty neat!
  3. I haven't noticed any changes either. I hope they do something soon.
  4. Looks like they are starting on another project next to the whole Movie Tavern & IT'Z project. Does anyone know what they are building next to the aerodome (behind the chinese buffet)?
  5. i drove by yesterday and saw that they put the sign up already. If you look close enough, I think that there is an indoor roller coaster located inside.
  6. Looks like Vintage Park will be getting a Bohemian Pastries & Bakery & Bath Junkie. I'm guessing that the Bath Junkie over by Champions Village decided to relocate to the Vintage.
  7. drove by today. Looks like they are starting on the retail center. It's going to be connected to IT'Z. The whole project is finally coming together. I'm glad it doesn't resemble home depot at all...
  8. The project was supposed to start in early 2007, but obviously it hasn't. I recently asked a rep. from the mall and was told to wait a few weeks for the final decisions whether to proceed with the project or not. I hope they do. It's best for Houston.
  9. I still see the space for the bookstore also. I'm sure Vintage Park will have a good tenant list. It just comes with time. Be patient....
  10. If anything they should connect 249 and beltway 8 going west(towards 290), so we all don't have to exit and then re-enter the beltway.
  11. I definitely agree with "house-flipping." Either that or you can just bulldoze the whole thing and rebuild from the ground up like I've seen in Champions Forest.
  12. I agree. Woodwind lakes if definitely a nice community. The townhomes across the way on Gessner are also very nice.
  13. Just noticed today that they put a sign up for another 75,000sf 4-story building to be built at Gessner and beltway 8. It's scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.
  14. Looks like they're naming the whole center Willowbrook Pavilions. Can't wait till it's open!!!
  15. I know exactly what you're talking about. I've noticed that they put a picture up for this project. How soon before they start? Also, it looks like there will be a parking garage (I'm not sure).
  16. It should be completed at least by fall '07. If anything they'll probably open the finished section first. The thing I'm worried about is the tenant list. It's taking FOREVER!!!
  17. La centerra is pretty nice, but it's a lot smaller than it looks in the video. Hopefully phase 2 will be bigger and better. Will this interfere with the simon mall development though (THE GRAND)?
  18. What size building is that office which will be built between Gessner and Windfern? Are you talking about the land with the fencing surroundings?
  19. I recommend ROCK CREEK. It's nice. The surrounding neighborhoods are all similar looking. If you want something more distinct, go with Rock creek (actual custom homes). Either settle for an average home or splurge all the way! There's really no in between.
  20. Definitely CHAMPIONS/WILLOWBROOK!!! Really nice area, but know one knows it YET!!!
  21. I was passing along the beltway today and noticed that some construction has started next to the ICONbank on Gessner. Anyone know what this will be? Also, they cleared some land between Gessner and Windfern next to Innova electronics. Any clue? I also noticed a sign put up between Fallbrook and West Rd. with a picture of some plans of some really huge looking buildings (pretty cool). Does anyone know? thanks...
  22. Finally! The sign for redevelopment has been up for about 2 years now. What are they planning to do with the current tenants?
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