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  1. I figured it would have to happen sooner or later.... Can't wait!
  2. This should be it. Wow, quick response... www.tkvw.com/chateaux
  3. Any news on this project. I've noticed that there is a website now. It's pretty neat!
  4. Can't wait!!! This month is almost over, I hope they start soon.....
  5. I've noticed that the strip center will be getting a Coldwater creek also.
  6. Looks like they stopped the plans on the old Lord and Taylor site. The metal fencings was taken down. The mall is still going through some major remodeling. It's starting to look really nice...
  7. Does anyone know what is going to happen to the old Mervyn's located in the Fiesta shopping center. There is a trailer parked in the parking lot and all the leasing signs were taken down? Just curious....
  8. I've noticed that the Willowbrook Court shopping center will be getting new retail stores and restaurants. There are several signs along 249. This is the center that is located next to ChuckeCheese. Does anyone know anything about this?
  9. Caldwell Companies is still planning on building Remington Square. The land for sale is probably the land between the Apartments and Remington Square....
  10. Looks like they are trying to rebuild the place. Is Sam's Roadhouse trying to reopen? Business was pretty slow there...
  11. Yeah, it was changed a while back... I wonder why? The place was always packed.
  12. I definitely prefer an office park over a distribution center for the area. At least there will be some more restaurants and stores to check out with this office park!!
  13. Are they planning on reopening Sam's Roadhouse, or is it gone for good?
  14. Drove by today and noticed that the sign for Remington Square is still up.
  15. Looks like Caldwell Watson changed their name to Caldwell Companies. I noticed the new sign yesterday.... Could be why the land for Remington Square is up for sale...
  16. The Remington Square development looks great! I can't wait!!! We need more projects like these instead of distribution centers.
  17. Where exactly will the offices be located (on 290 also)? Where will this residential development be also?
  18. Looks like Willowbrook is going through some major changes. A lot of the stores are remodeling. I noticed that they even took out some of the seating areas with the palm trees. I wonder what they are up to. Pretty cool... Still nothing on the old Lord & Taylor site. They just bulldozed the whole thing and left it there.
  19. Looks like they're building another shopping center across the way from the whole Vintage Park project. They already started clearing the land... The area just keeps on growing...
  20. I believe the restaurant on the east of 249 is Los Cucos. That location is always busy.
  21. What happened to the Smokey Bones by Willowbrook? Does anyone know? It just closed one day....
  22. I just noticed today that the shopping strip across from Willowbrook Mall will be getting a Fingers Furniture. This is same the shopping center with the AMC 24 Movie theatre. Any opinions on this? Is it good to have a Fingers Furniture?
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