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  1. I have to agree. Very NICE neighborhood.
  2. I don't think it will be upscale, but at least better than what it currently is...
  3. Yes, I agree. Also, the area shouldn't be refer to as "Gunspoint". If anything it's for the better of HOUSTON! I really can't wait...
  4. Just thought I post some pictures of REMINGTON SQUARE... cool...
  5. Any news, pictures, or links for this project recently?
  6. Have they started yet? This redevelopment project was supposed to start in Mid August, which is right NOW... I can't wait...
  7. It looks like they are working on the parking lot instead of the actual shopping center... I wonder why...
  8. ABOUT TIME!!! Thank you!!! Someone finally noticed that the area truly deserves one.
  9. Here is another office building that is going up at the Heron Lakes Office Park. http://ress.whiteboardlabs.com/info/9_2088...954928_info.pdf
  10. Here's another office building coming soon to the beltway. This one is located across from the Remington Square project. http://www.dukerealty.com/Properties/Dynam...amp;DevPark=SHC
  11. Here's another office building planned to built at Fallbrook Dr. and Beltway 8.
  12. It is the model. The actual building is currently under construction.
  13. Yeah it's probably small, but the details are amazing...
  14. What's going in next to the HEB? (2920 & 249) Looks like they already torn down the Academy.
  15. New stores: *Swarovski *Build a Bear :closedeyes: *Vans *Hollister :closedeyes:
  16. Check this out... www.sikhnationalcenter.com Looks like this will be across from the Sam Houston Race Park. It's pretty cool!
  17. Looks like there will be more offices built pretty soon. Check it out... www.beltwaylakes.com
  18. I drove by today and noticed that they have started working on the project. cool...
  19. That's good news. The Target store sure could use some remodeling.
  20. When is the Vintage Park shopping center opening up?
  21. Looks like they will be renovating Greenspoint Mall starting in August....
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