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  1. Their setup is pretty impressive (The showgrounds).
  2. They need to do something quick. The weeds are growing ... Such a beautiful area.
  3. Looks like they cleared more trees... The townhomes are nice though. Also, they've started on the Westin Element Hotel.
  4. New retailers for Willowbrook Mall: *Bare Escentuals *Crazy 8 I heard that the Apple store is opening JUNE 7th.
  5. Dallas Galleria Stores that aren't at Memorial City Mall: *A/X *Baccarat *BCBG *Betsey Johnson *Club Monaco *Gucci *Harold's *J.Crew *Johnston & Murphy *Juicy Coutoure *Kate Spade *Louis Vuitton *Lululemon *Nordstrom *Saks *Tiffany & co. *Tourneau *Versace *ZARA....just to name a few. Memorial city doesn't even come close...... Okay, Dallas' Northpark is just like Houston's Galleria. Dallas' Galleria is no where near the level of Houston's Galleria. Just because it has the same name, doesn't mean anything. You should check the stores. Dallas' Galleria is more comparable to Memorial City Mall. Also Dallas has Highland Park Village....
  6. I agree that WILLOWBROOK MALL needs a rennovation. I hope it doesn't look like The Woodlands or First Colony Mall though (an outdoors section). Hopefully someone can come up with some innovative ideas to revive this place ASAP!!! Also definitely some HIGH END retailers needed... I'm tired of having to go to the galleria. Dallas has Northpark Center and the Galleria whereas Houston has just one (the galleria). It's about time we upgrade.
  7. So what's actually going on with the mall?
  8. Looks like the former Circuit city building will be a Brandon Home Furniture. About time we had a decent furniture store.... check it out www.brandon-furniture.com
  9. any pictures of this place? I already went, but forgot to bring a camera....
  10. according to this link www.newmarkkf.com/espace/willowbrook the willowbrook area is getting a cheesecake factory and Dick's sporting good.
  11. The ones at Theall & Cutten are not completed (They haven't started yet). Where the Metro National sign is supposed to be another office building, but that was planned back for some now. I don't think it's going to happen. Also, behind the Veranda (or next to it) is the Willowbrook Methodist Expansion (Can't Wait!!! ). We're slowly running out of land.
  12. I heard from several people that Willowbrook Mall is trying to create a outdoors section. I believe it's where Lord & Taylor used to be. That site has been cleared for some time now, but still no signs of any development.
  13. I think someone is building some more office condominiums over by Cutten & Theall. They look nice as well.
  14. I guess I'm the only oddball who likes air conditioning. I do like the outdoors concept, but not here in houston especially during summer, and on humid, rainy, & too-cold days (about 300 out of 365 days). If anything the outdoors concept is just like any other strip center except bigger with some water fountains here and there. Yes, a lot of malls tend to die out, but to me its all about word-by-mouth. If we all talk down about a particular mall of course eventually no one will go.
  15. speaking of sushi, WaZa on 1960 & Cutten just opened. I have to go check it out. There is also a patio area. This place took about four months to build. I hope four months is going to pay off.
  16. Looks like Brookstone is shutting down. I wonder what's going in. F.Y.E. has already closed its door and AERIE is supposedly taking its place.
  17. Looks like they're starting on one building for the Reminton Square project. It looks like they are working on the second floor already.
  18. I hear a lot of people talk about how the great northwest houston or the willowbrook area will become the next greenspoint. It's funny to me because considering how many mansions (Champion Forest etc...) this area has compare to greenspoint. I literally drive around houston and its surrounding suburbs every other day. In my opinion, this is one of the best places to live in (in houston that is) in every aspect. Of course bad things are going to happen. The city is growing. The woodlands is very nice now (VERY NICE & clean) but we'll see in 10 years or so. People just have to stay and wait it out.
  19. Starbucks, Alan Murphy, and Trustmark bank should be opened according to the website. Just give it time for everything to happen.
  20. I suggest someone build some townhomes or even brownstones. The communities right behind the elementary school are nice and well kept. Just my opinion.
  21. Looks like Paciugo just opened at Willowbrook...
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