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  1. I agree that the mall is surviving because of nearby office workers. Although Memorial City Mall was saved by the great remodel. I also think the reason why Greenspoint didn't make it was because of the surrounding neighborhoods. There aren't any. It's mostly apartments. The neighborhoods that are there are not so great. On the other hand Memorial is surrounded by Memorial and their villages and spring branch. Whatever happen to Greenspoint's remodeling plan? I guess it's not happening after all.
  2. I thought they were going to do something with the "run down" portion... does anyone know?
  3. I've noticed some trees being cleared recently... Does anyone knows what's going on? What's coming in? The site is located on Cutten near Theall.
  4. I agree. By far, Willowbrook Mall is one of the better malls Houston has to offer. I've been to them all literally... Of course we could use some better retailers...
  5. Does anyone know if Dillard's is closing down. They're have a really big sale....
  6. I drove by yesterday. Mia bella has already started building, but it doesn't look like it will be open anytime soon. Pizza fusion is open though.
  7. Shogun and Fish city grill is open... The westin element hotel is almost complete...
  8. Jugo Juice and Glamour Shots have both closed down.
  9. Looks like they are building a new structure. It's located next to Babin's seafood.
  10. I noticed today while driving on Gessner that they were starting on a new project in the AMC shopping center (in front of the Halloween Express). Does anyone know what's going on? By the way, the LINENS and THINGS is closing down.
  11. Looks like an LA Fitness is coming near the new Bank of America...
  12. Looks like Lundstrom and Whitehall jewelry will be closing... Can't wait to see what's coming next!
  13. Does anyone know what's going on at this site? Half of it is gone already....
  14. Has anyone gone to the musuem? It's a very nice concept, but really needs to EXPAND!!!
  15. Whatever happened to Coco's? It's not on the site plan anymore. It's a pretty neat place to have. I've tried the one in midtown.
  16. I completely agree. Just another way to kill a mall.
  17. Any updates on this? I've noticed that it's always lit inside.
  18. When will this store be complete? It's been about a year.....
  19. Eminence Fine Furniture is now open. Pretty cool store...
  20. There's one in the Woodlands, Baybrook, and First Colony mall also.
  21. I think the amphitheater will be constructed last. The builders are starting from the back and working their way towards Barker Cypress. This project is taking forever!!!
  22. Looks like another distribution center is being constructed along beltway 8 near West Rd. next to the new Bank of America. The NewQuest office buildings aren't so bad.
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