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  1. Correction = Cypress Creek Parkway
  2. Seriously, though, 1960 has become a kind of boundary between affluent households to the north in "Cypress" and the encroachment of brown people from the unnamed abyss that is Houston's not-particularly-affluent ETJ. To drive along it is an increasingly unpleasant experience, and I don't think that it's a good idea to brand 1960 in any way shape or form that diminishes or dilutes the "Cypress" brand. It's funny... I think every part in houston is a boundary yet 1960 seems to be the one people point out most. Pearland = Just nasty when driving out on 288. What is Friendswood??? Woodlands = rayford sawdust not too nice... look north to the great Huntsville! Wow!!! Baybrook & Clear Lake = borders pasadena and almeda area, gulfgate, texas city, etc...just too many Katy = go Katy Mills! look to I-10 South Sugarland = have you seen 59 South just before stafford! and the nice drive going towards victoria River Oaks = have you seen west gray near midtown West U = have you seen south main/ back of TMC Bellaire = look at meyerland Montrose = Not too many nice structures here... look to westheimer Heights = don't even start... OMG was there again the other weekend and my i just don't get the hype on 19th street. Tanglewood = doesn't this somehow comes close to Westchase. Nice!!! Royal oaks = Wilcrest and kirkwood baby! Memorial = I-10 south... look out Spring Branch not to mention the edwards theatre and antoine Midtown = go past fannin to east midtown and i just don't know Eado = when and who??? Kingwood = HUMBLE!!! TMC = South Macgregor isn't that nice... All of these areas are NICE and UGLY... Best believe it. I like that you all take interest in the area though. Thanks for your replies (keep racking them up!). Hopefully it will get more attention to get more projects in the area!!! By the way, Willowbrook mall needs better TENANTS... If you are reading this we welcome you! Great POPULATION out this way!
  3. Yay! I can't wait for the name change!!! Westheimer used to be FM some kind of number too. About time!!! Anyway, I'm glad they are trying to change things around here. It has to start somewhere... Usually great things are rejected in the beginning... Yay NORTHWEST HOUSTON!!!
  4. Tiffany’s to rock The Woodlands with new location Read more: Tiffany’s to rock The Woodlands with new location - Houston Business Journal
  5. In anticipation that the City of Jersey Village could become a stop on a future commuter rail line to Houston, officials are considering the creation of a $40 million, transit-oriented development on the south side of Hwy. 290 that would become the new city center. A study is under way to determine the feasibility of the $348 million commuter rail line connecting Hempstead to Houston along the Hwy. 290 corridor. Even if Jersey Village is not selected as a rail stop, however, officials say it is vital to annex and rezone the area around Wright Road and Hwy. 290 before the Jones Road extension is complete, to prevent the 297-acre tract from becoming just another swath of suburban sprawl. Read more here... http://impactnews.com/northwest-houston/328-news/8428-city-plans-commuter-rail-tod
  6. Methodist Willowbrook Completes $240 million expansion... more here: http://impactnews.com/northwest-houston/328-news/8427-methodist-willowbrook-completes-240-million-expansion
  7. So does anyone know how much money was actually raised to make the medians green? Last I heard it was somewhere in the mid 400s ($400,000). Not quite enough, but enough to make some parts nice i hope.
  8. I agree with Mr Football on this one. If I were to buy I would in North Cypress though... tall timber!
  9. I know of a place in a not so nice area (Veterans memorial and Bammel N. Houston) which has great food at super low prices!!! Tex Mex - it's open 24 hours too. fyi...
  10. I don't know what is going on with GGP's bankruptcy status but someone needs to redevelop that land which was formerly Lord & Taylor... jeez what an eyesore. Such great potential yet no one who can execute.
  11. Has anyone visited Bridgeland lately to see the new Lakeland Heights part of this development? Supposedly it's supposed to be modeled after a (TND) Traditional Neighborhood Development with influence from communities such as West U. West U? That's quite a standard... I can't wait to see what it will actually look like. Perhaps West U before all the razing of homes.
  12. It's located on Fairbanks N. Houston and HWY 290... close to Jersey Village. It's definitely eye catching from 290. I hope they keep the trees in front.
  13. I think the project is much needed for this area... and it looks great. BUT I feel that they should build it on the west side vs. the east side of the mall because no one can see the new development from the freeway (besides the proposed little landscape project). The reason to build it on the east side is probably for the workers to easily access the mall. What about on weekends? Weekends tend to draw in the most cusumers (consumers = sales) for malls. In my opinion if from the freeway consumers can't see a difference, then it will still look like the same old Greenspoint mall (which equals not worth stopping by). Unless they intend on remodeling the entire mall (look to memorial city mall for successful example - build on side facing freeway)... Which would be GREAT!
  14. LOL... No thanks! Those presidential heads should stay in Pearland (no need to rain on their parade). Why couldn't someone build a building like the Esperson in downtown anymore? "give it a little class" I didn't mention that northwest houston had class or not... I just prefer not to have this particular project in the area... that's all. If I was able to create a project of that scale I would create something similar to Central Park of NYC to incorporate the trees... (although central park was all planted in). This way everyone can really enjoy it all... It takes forever for trees to grow... why put them to waste?
  15. I don't know where this project will be located. There's not much land by the HP campus on 249... The nearest that I can think of is north of Spring Cypress. That area is not affluent like the article mentioned... hmmm... ...to be honest, the project is a little tacky. sorry...
  16. I believe this will be the future home of Ashley Furniture... I don't know why they keep building these furniture stores especially in this economy. Initially I thought Ashley was going in at the former Finger's location. I guess they changed their minds. The circuit city off of San Felipe will also become an Ashley Furniture. I was hoping that it would become a Nordstrom Off the Rack like the new one across from the galleria... oh well.
  17. They are finally starting on this project. I can't wait until its completion!
  18. Beck's Prime is coming to the same shopping center as Ruby Tequila's. It's expected to open soon.
  19. New Leadership for Willowbrook Mall... A Houston native is calling Willowbrook home and bringing new ideas to the table. Willowbrook’s owner, General Growth Properties has recently replaced former mall manager, Walt Plonski, with new manager Brenda Crawford. Noticed that Bailey, Banks, and Biddle is leaving the mall...
  20. Yes, I'm so glad that they've decided to move forward with this project... About time. Now we need to raise enough to make these medians green.
  21. They need to update their website... Anthropologie is about to open... Had I not gone to the "centre" I would not know of this. Yes, that makes three for the Houston area!
  22. Even though this side of town is experiencing a decline, I think it's only for the moment. Every area goes through a cycle. Memorial or the memorial city area was nice in the beginning stages and then it suffered for a while. Now the area is booming again. I think right now the Willowbrook area is going through its bad phase. It's only a matter of time before these homes will gain value again more than ever... Again the mansions are in place. Lets face it: Of all the suburbs only this area (champion forest, Greenwood Forest, Northgate, etc...) and the woodlands (Carlton Woods, East Shore, etc...) has mansions that compare to the inner city (River Oaks, Memorial, South Hampton, West U, etc...) They aren't going anywhere... I think the hype right now is in the Woodlands, Cypress, Pearland, Katy, Sugarland, Kingwood, Baybrook areas.... They will get there soon. This area has been around... It'll come with time. What makes things worse is people making up derogatory comments about an area just to make theirs look better when its not... Just my opinion...
  23. Hey does anyone know what they are building?
  24. Looks like one of the building in the Heron Lakes Office Park will be home to the Art Institute - North Campus. I believe they are building something else right behind this building. They have started moving dirt already. I'm glad they decided to plant pine trees to cover up that mini-parking garage.
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