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  1. I'm almost certain that it was a 4 screen in the early 70's. My older sister used to drag me and my friends along to the midnight movies as it was the only way she could hang out with her boyfriend at that hour! What was my mom thinking?!?!
  2. Roy is all over the news again now that his son Sundance is a finalist on American Idol. I believe he lives up 59 in Porter.
  3. I saw Robert Klein around 1973. My buddy & I got up the courage to go backstage to talk with him as we were EAGER to get into the entertainment biz. He did everything in his power to change our minds. He failed...I've spent all but 8 years of my working life in music! My buddy is one of the top artist managers in the world.
  4. Don't forget about Sonny Looks, Gaido's and Angelo's on 610 & S. Main, Howard Johnson's on Bellaire at the railroad tracks (killer ice cream!,) the Mariner on Westheimer and for bars...Dome Shadows and Napoleon's Retreat. How bout Bill Williams in the Med Center?
  5. Wee Wild West was on Westheimer, I think between Chimney Rock and Sage or Rice. It was the happening place for the 12 & under crowd in the 60's!
  6. Wonderful photo. Actually there were houses being built west of Chimney Rock by then. I lived one street south of Beechnut (Carew) and there were several streets building up towards Braes Bayou. I wasn't quite 5 years old at the time of the crash (I slept through it all!) My dad pointed out the impact point which would place it on N. Braeswood at about Atwell or Mullins. There were few roads there yet but me and my buddies combed that area for years on foot and bike looking for evidence. I went to Herod Elementary from 4th (when it opened) to 6th grade. If one of Spain's daughters was Andrea,
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