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  1. OK, so I know it is a little late for this info (almost 1 year), but here it goes...... My very first job out of High School was working in the corporate offices of Tinsley's Chicken N Rolls. Yes, it was in Huntsville, TX and the corporate office was right off of I 45. Elenore Tinsley was the founder and her grandson, George (I think) Tinsley held the business until 1986. The business was sold to Church's Fried Chicken during that year. There were 35 chains throughout Texas. Due to the contractual agreement with Church's, Tinsley's could not open any Chicken joint for 20 years. The fast food cafeteria that was being referred to was a new concept for Tinsleys to break into...sort of a Golden Corral, but for Chicken.....since it was not really "fast food" it was allowed. I believe after the 20 year contract, Tinsley's opened up Chicken Express....the same concept of opening small chicken stores in small towns with only a few locations in big urban settings. I left Hunstville after the merger and became a bartender in Houston, TX, wherein 10 years later I ran into a wonderful lady who was the actual BOSS BIRD. She brought in the chicken feet shoes from the costume and I got to wear them all night long....sort of like a dream come true....sad dream, admitedly, but true.... Hope this helps....
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