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  1. Where can you get those yellow decals with the black circles and triangules, the radioactive signs to put on the entrance to your fallout shelter?
  2. The house next door to the 950 Tiel way house is a Kamrath also I seem to remember that from the tour also I think the Doliver house is just as true to Kamrath's style inside as well as outside I think I have been inside it when it was under construction
  3. The house on Doliver is not a Kamerath (I don't think) If the address is correct It was built in 1999 I thought it was even newer http://www.hcad.org/records/details.asp?ta...t=0752020270005 There are some houses by an architect named Tom Wilson that are done in that style I am not sure about the one on South? Blvd either It was remodeled a lot recently also This ( 950 Kirby) house was definitly a Kamerath
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