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  1. Does anybody have an updated info on this? When and where will this Park & Ride open? Thanks.
  2. Two tidbits from Chron.com may signal some much needed improvements in the Pearland traffic situation . . . 1. Bus service between Pearland and Texas Medical Center. "A local commuter shuttle service between Pearland and the Texas Medical Center could start this fall" More here. 2. More lanes on 518 near 288. "The plan is to convert right-turn lanes into additional traffic lanes on a 1 1/2-mile section of FM 518 from the Texas 288 overpass to east of CR 90. That would make for three lanes of traffic in each direction." More here. Please please PLEASE let this happen!
  3. Thanks for spearheading this effort. If there were others involved, thanks to them as well. Nice to see that our voices can actually get things done around here.
  4. My wife and I both grew up eating lots of Chinese food (me here in Houston and she in NJ). Up until 2 years ago we would eat at Bellaire Chinatown every week. Now it's too hard to go that often with a baby. We tried Pei Wei yesterday for lunch. We both had rice dishes with beef. It was pretty good, actually. Better than we expected. We'll be back. We tried Pearl Dynasty a few weeks ago and were not impressed. We'll have to try the place by Kroger's next.
  5. The lack of a traffic signal at the entrance to Kroger is a deal-killer for me. Making left turns from or onto ShadowCreek Parkway is a risky venture.
  6. You have no idea how much you just made my day!
  7. Yes, I hope you're right about those poles. My question is whether or not we'll have to wait for the whole north side of the road to be completed before any section is opened for traffic.
  8. We tried out Red Robin last night. The mushroom burger was great. The fries are so-so, but the basket is "bottomless" - as in, free refills. Needless to say, it would easy to gain ten pounds pretty quickly just by eating there once in awhile! All in all, a good experience. So far, in my opinion: Red Robins > BJ's > Fish City Grill, in terms of food.
  9. Were they selling many homes at the previous prices? With the housing market suffering, I'm surprised Ashton Woods would do this. I heard just a while ago that they were offering deep discounts on upgrades on their inventory homes.
  10. Thanks. I've started looking into this, but it seems those rides are full now. I might start my own if I can get enough people interested.
  11. I have asked neighbors. I'm just trying to find a service who will do the lawn every other week rather than mandate a weekly minimum.
  12. Yep, I noticed that too. I think a sign would work better. It could be gently yet directly worded . . . such as "Please park in the parking lot."
  13. We just moved into Southern Trails and I'm quickly discovering that I underestimated the time and energy required to keep up a good lawn. I spent a few hours yesterday watering it and some more time today mowing, and I probably didn't even do a good job. Anyway, I'm thinking about hiring a lawn service to do it every other week, with me filling in on the other weeks. Can anybody recommend a good lawn service who can provide an every-other-week service, rather than a minimum weekly frequency? Thanks!
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