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  1. don't worry if you wait long enough they will change it back to a 2, and then a 1, and then. . ., etc.
  2. What is a fair gross hourly rate (before taxes) to pay for in-house child care? Let's assume nanny will get 4 weeks of paid vacation. In response to Ricco, she will not be a live-in but merely come to the house from 9am to 5pm, 5 days a week to provide child care. Thank you.
  3. I have a friend who is looking to hire a full-time in-house nanny. What is a fair rate to pay before taxes? Let's assume this will include 4 weeks of paid vacation. Thank you in advance.
  4. Ralo

    Happy 4th!

    Stay home, stay safe and maybe climb on my roof to catch a glimpse of the fireworks downtown. Heck, I might even drink a cold one in honor of the founding fathers.
  5. All are valid points . . . but what if there was a lake nearby and what about hunting (such as hog hunting with dogs)? A cold beer from time to time could serve as entertainment. Further, assuming one had internet access one could even get on HAIF and could meet as many HAIFers as one does now. Just out of curiosity, how much is the price per acre in and around Brenham, TX?
  6. He is probably neither a hero, nor a murderer but just a scared survivor. I don't own a gun but if I did and was in his shoes I would like to think I would have held the idiots at gunpoint until help arrived. If they did not comply with my request I would have shot them in the leg or in the buttocks. But in the heat of the moment, you can't blame the guy for taking action.
  7. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/25/business...nyt&emc=rss I guess I am too lazy to find my own articles but I thought the above link posted by editor could take a different turn than the replies to his original post. Puma made good points, but she (or is it he?) does seem a bit on the self righteous war path. I live inside the loop and I love it because of its central location and can access anything of interest to me quickly. But what I also love about where I live is the big lot, privacy, and there is sufficient wild life around me - all things we would not typically associate with living in the city. In this internet world where it may not be necessary to "drive" to work, and if one is willing to home school his/her kid (s) is buying a giant house in the middle of nowhere, where one can live life closer to the bone, really that far out of the question? If folks are flocking back to the cities, is it possible there would be great deals in the middle of nowhere today? As long as you have a grocery store nearby, and can informally establish your own jogging trails and driving ranges in BFE, what are you really losing out on other than the hustle and bustle of strangers around you? Sure you won't be able to see the Rockets, Astros, and Texans but they suck anyway. Let's be objective in your responses, kids.
  8. thanks to TV and JM1 for the great comments and for humorous ones too.
  9. Dilemma: I mow my own lawn, I live on 1/3 of an acre, I have been through 3 lawnmowers in 6 years. They always seem to kick the bucket after the warranty expires. This does not even consider the number of times I have to replace my blade, or the time I got my transmission repaired (under warranty) on my Poulan, etc. I want a riding lawn mower such as a John Deere from Home Depot but the customer reviews state that those residential grade riding lawn mowers are rather fragile and accessories are too pricey. If I was willing to pay a good sum (up to $800 or $900) for a self propelled commercial grade lawn mower such as a Snapper - where would I go? Could I find this at Lowes? Home Depot? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes. Associate's degree in Materials Mgmt, undergrad in MIS, and an MBA. My current job allows me to work closely with all three. Timing is everything though . . . I know many folks who got business degrees and ended up teaching. Go figure.
  11. Has anyone had problems with sap falling from pine trees on to your parked car in the driveway? If so, how have you solved this problem? Did you find a new place for the car? Did you find a solvent to remove sap from car paint? Did you chop the pine tree down? Any help you can give is appreciated.
  12. It was my first poll but it appears one can only include up to three separate questions/criteria and I doubt the tool allows any merging of that criteria so one can only draw very broad conclusions such as: Most HAIFers who responded to this poll were white males and appear to make healthy salaries compared to the usual averages (at this time 25% claim they make more than $100k and 54% claim to make more than $60k). This brings me back to one of my reasons for posting. In reading MSN articles, Liz Pulliam Weston, Dave Ramsey talk show, or internet based sources of salary information the numbers for family income are low compared to what individuals (and families) usually claim they make (to me - in person and now via this poll). From that we can either conclude that folks who disseminate their salaries to me personally and via this poll either: 1) fudge the numbers or 2) that the information I obtain (via internet, radio, and acquaintances) is incorrect or 3) that the respondents really do make much more than the averages and perhaps this is tied to demographics, educational level, profession, age, etc. or 4) perhaps the comparison is not a valid one since HAIFers so far represent a specific segment of the population (primarily white males) that, in spite of living in Houston (low cost of living) - are high earners, and could be white-collar workers, highly educated, and perhaps are drawn to particular high paying industries and, therefore, should not be compared to a segment that might be considerably broader and one in which the masses of lower level income earners could bring down the overrall averages. This conclusion appears to be the most valid to me. I agree that it would be more helpful and informative if we could tie in educational level, industry, age, and all the other relevant factors into the poll but I don't believe it is possible here although there may be a roundabout way of getting more specifics. I could create a survey and ask that only people who met certain criteria such as degreed individuals, belonging to a specific age bracket, and members of a particular race and gender respond. This survey would then have to be repeated for other races and the other gender so it could take multiple surveys and, after a given time limit, I could then consolidate the findings into one post. Nah . . . it's too much trouble and can you imagine all the flak I would get if went down that path?
  13. For the same reason there is no option for English/white or German/white, etc.
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