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  1. Hi! Don't know if this subject has been brought up, and I wasn't in Houston at the beginning of this place.. I think it's pretty old. My girlfriend used to bartend at Local Charm in the late 80's when Rory Miggins was the owner.. while she was working with me at Radio Music Theatre.. and I used to go over there and hang with her after my day job. It pretty cool and funky, and had live music. Some of my art car friends.. used to have a Valentines Day party over there and I went to one, after working at RMT once. Twas fun. I hear Marty Racine enjoyed this place. I also went on a Shiner Brewery Tour based out of Local Charm. We had a blast! Would be interested in hearing history of this place.
  2. Hiy'all. I've been in the past a long time volunteer for the Art Car parade here in Houston.. have known and still know many Orange Car employees and volunteers, along with skaters.. The earliest I remember partying at the O-Show was, maybe 1983 seeing some avante gard band, I believe called something like Conceptual Objects of Sound or something like this. I've been to several parties there in the late 80's - early 90's, complete with live music, and have been to 2 weddings, and have taken my sister's kids there when they were little. Anyone remember when they started renovating Jeff McKissick's (sp?) former "beauty parlor"?
  3. Greetings y'all from a newbie to this group. I partied hearty in Montrose in the 70's.. used to hang at Theodore's all the time.. and would walk from Theodore's (Mason and Westheimer) a few blocks down Westheimer to Houlihan's.. Was pretty wild and crazy back then. Moved to Montrose shortly after Old Quarter closed (or was about to), November of '76.. and heard talk of Sand Mountain, but never went.. and am told it was probably near its end by the time I moved to the 'Trose. Am interested in hearing about Sand Mountain if anyone went. Also... this guy I lived with back then for several years.. went to this funky little club called Rosewater's once or twice.. but I can't for the life of me remember where in Montrose it was located. There was this funky little bar on Westheimer, I kept hearing about but never went to. There's a fabulous article in the archives of Texas Monthly that mentions this club, but I don't have access here at work. They mention Rice professors practically having classes there? Went to Damian's maybe once.. can't remember location of that either.. for some reason I want to say somewhere near River Oaks Theater? Biker bar called the Little Hut, I think on Alabama, went there a few times. And.. being was also a regular "bar fly" at this progressive country live music venue called Diamond Head, I believe on Rice.. in the Village. And they had these Country Sunday shows that lasted all day, starting at 12 Noon. And went to 1 or 2 at this bar called the Beer Barn. Anyone remember any of this? later!
  4. I remember Roger. He and others (including Houston Chronicle music editor Marty Racine) were regulars at Fitzgerald's happy hour in the early to mid 80's. He WAS really nice. I believe he managed Anderson Fair? And before his death, ran a Comedy Defensive Driving business. Also... hi y'all.. as you can see, I'm a "newbie" to this group.. I'm interested if anyone has any memories of this small folk club on Richmond that was called Sand Mountain? I believe Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt played there (among others).
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