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  1. As I'm listening to these guys right now, wondering if anyone saw Steely Dan at Liberty Hall?
  2. Wow. Thanks! There's lost of pretty dang old stuff around there. Another area we drove thru was Main Street (feeder) and some of those streets to the right past Hillcroft
  3. We drove around Sunday.. getting to be a habit. Where we were (around Minetta and around Fairmont and Canemont).. mostly industrial and some funky pretty old homes, closed down childcare, etc. but found this old house on Minetta almost at Fairmont. Being the Houston history curious person and not particularly an architect, wondering.. how old is this house.. and anyone know the subdivision around here. Not much new construction.. We also drove around West Orem from Beltway going east. There are some nice older homes around there.
  4. The house was off of Navigation. We left Ninfa's and it was on the left we drove on the street (maybe 1 street east) and took the picture.. then drove down this street a block or so before we got back no Navigation.
  5. being the Orange show enthusiast, had to photo this one: Timothy A. Hootman, Atty - on 2402 Pease St
  6. We ate at the original Ninfa's while driving around discovering neighborhoods about 3 Sundays ago and found this house off Navigation down the road a few blocks from Ninfa's while going south.
  7. Not in Midtown, but used to be.. Vietnam Restaurant, now in the Heights.. not bad. We were regulars when it was in Midtown
  8. OMG!!! I've been to the Magnolia Ballroom.. went to a private party (with skaters), had to be '76 or '77. Pretty wild party.. and I remember it was very very nice!
  9. hiy'all.. I've been partying at Fitzgerald's since '76 or '77 or so. And it's changed with the times.. somewhat. Anyhoo.. am interested in hearing about Fitz before it was bought by Sara Fitzgerald's and was a Polish dance hall or whatever it was?
  10. Hey, Thanx, tmariar! The year coincide with when I called the phone # this drive-in and everything. I know some artists around town.. one former Radio Music Theatre (where I work weekends) bartender/"tramp art" guy, Noah, talks about Nestor lots.
  11. Nope, not Aurora Picture show (I went to a very nice wedding there) and found it on the website.. not really Heights, north of I-10.. from the site it says: "Houston (Harris County), Texas Zocalo Drive-In Theater (Dark).. but was open when I called in the mid 90s Had been opened sporadically, and usually on Saturdays. Operated by a non-profit org that tried to feature unusual fare, independent and "art circuit" films." maybe run by some artists?
  12. I see y'all discussion that website drivein.com or whatever it is. Back around '95 or '96 or so, some cyber friends of mine in this movie discussion board I participate in, these peeps are from different states.. kept telling me that WAS a drive-in in Houston.. I got on this site, and there was indeed a drive-in mentioned. It had an 713-86* phone number.. I may have called the number, but it was awhile bacK (when I got my first computer). The guy said yes, they do show films, but on specific days (weekend?, can't remember). I wish I had the exact address.
  13. trying to remember that e-mail. Actually Roy Heinrich states that he was in the first punk band in Texas.. maybe not opening at the FIRST punk show in Houston.. but they did open for Tuff Darts and it was at Liberty Hall.. around the mid 70's.. maybe 1977?
  14. This guy orig. from Houston, now in Austin.. a country guy named Roy Heinrich.. says he opened for the first punk show in Houston.. He wrote me once, but I ended up having my e-mail crash and lost his note, but I believe he said his band opened for Tuff Darts.. in the mid 70's maybe? .. at Liberty Hall.
  15. I was just at Dinner Bell last Saturday.. decided to be nostalgic and eat there.. warning: They are closed on Saturdays..
  16. Wondering if anyone has been to Pat and Pete's Blues Burgers.. not there.. was in the Market Square area.. a door or two down from Warren's.. not bad burgers.. a girlfriend of mine used to work there.. I liked it that they had this little courtyard area. Somehow I managed to get a buy 1 get 1 free coupon or something like that foir Pat and Pete's. We came on a Sunday and ate in the little courtyard area. It was nice. Owners Pat and Pete Selin (Pete died fairly recently..), owners of Chelsea's 804 (pretty sure), Club Hey Hey and Bonton Room.. wasn't this, like, their last venture in Houston?
  17. Well.. this forum is getting to me.. the hub and I drove over to Local Charm Saturday.. still there.. and it's now grill, the sign says. Drove down Lawndale to show Rog (the hub) this apt. I lived in around Nov. of '76 or so.. twas a pretty nice apt. back in '76 (S. Wayside off Jamail.. Villa de Matel is the street, I believe), but it's not looking good there now. The once kind of beige-ish white brick is now almost black (or gray).. not that attractive. I was impressed with the apts around there in '76.. maybe because I got to live there free, but nicer looking than my 1st apt. in Montrose (Persa and Westheimer, acr. from St. Anne's Catholic Church). Tried to eat at Dinner Bell Cafeteria but it was closed on Saturdays! oh well. We also drove to check out the "Witch House" I read about around Telephone and Bellfort off Santa Fe.... nice neighborhood, but couldn't see the witch house because of all the schrubbery and trees..
  18. I'm pretty sure I remember an El Chico in Sharpstown Mall? In the 90's at least, maybe? Also, I'm from Waco originally (been in Houston, actually started in Bacliff in 1975..), but in the 60's.. I remember our family taking my uncle, aunt and 3 cousins to El Chico. They were from Illinois. And they weren't that into Mexican food yet.. so.. the cousins had.. pizza!
  19. I lived many many many years in Montrose and Heights.. but am out in the "near Westbury" area now.. as my husband talked me into buying a condo before we got married, and couldn't afford one in my beloved Montrose. Anyhoo.. wondering if anyone familiar with TK Bitterman's on Alabama. Is it still there? Morbidly curious about this place.. as thru a friend in Montrose in mid 80's.. met this guy who ended up being a killer.. David West.. used to hang at Rudyard's in the 80's.. Even went a b-day party as a friend of mine's where he and the gal he killer her family Cynthia Campbell. And the story of how he was "brought down" by the female detective Kim Paris.. and she got him to confess all on a date at TK Bitterman's. It was kind of a cozy neighborhood bar if I remember correctly.
  20. Anyone... how long has the Alabama Ice House been around?? I hear astronauts used to hang there?
  21. I keep thinking... maybe near where that large building on Albany was/is? I went to a "No Noise Ordinance" festival there in the early 90's. Where they had those Porno Picnics was probably condos or townhomes now..
  22. I went to two of these in the early 80's. Mostly skates and friends of skaters.. on this pretty large tract of land. I keep wanting to say it's off Tuam.. and the person who's land was went by the name (or nickname?) of Reno Nevada. Lots of fun.. I remember hearing Austin musician (and actor, I hear?), this guy named Dino Lee. I remember him performing in his underwear? Pretty wild parties! I wish I could remember the exact location of these Porno Parties. Don't know how long they had em. I got turned on to this annual party by my boyfriend at the time's friend. ?????
  23. I went there once.. in the mid-70's or so.. before '78.. and I considered it kind of a biker bar. Wasn't it on Alabama?
  24. sounds very cool. what year was this place around? Off topic somewhat because it's the Heights.. but this beer garden I went to a few times in the part of the Heights I lived in, in early 80's.. was a place called Scholz (sp?) Beer Garden. Went there once and there was live music. Nice picnic tables all over the place.. the whole place was a smoking section (as opposed to "soon" here).
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