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  1. My husband and I were talking about the bar near River Oaks Theater, Marfreles (sp?) last nite, and I was wondering.. how long has Marfreles been around? anyone?
  2. Anyone remember, kinda bleary memory, when the Transco Tower was "almost" completed, or maybe when they started building it, they had this big party at the Tower. I remember going to 2 parties that nite.. first a party of work peeps.. then this. I remember Herschel Berry playing.. the offices were not ready yet, but lots of people, some fancily dressed, but not me in my jeans. It was a pretty good party.. anyone?
  3. Inbetween seeing all the horror stuff at the lovely Omni Hotel in Dallas near the airport, we drove around the area near the hotel some. A main drag is Webb Chapel Drive and found this (imho) cute branch library and city park that has a lake, ducks, and playground. It's near a golf course, I believe.
  4. OK. I don't know the name of this place, but in mid 70's used to party with my cousin and her then boyfriend and eventual husband at this little bar.. on Shepherd.. north on Shepherd, past 11th street, past the veterinarian's I believe.. on the left.. this little ice house/bar, had to drive a little off shepherd.. had horseshoes.. saw live musician there once, this Australian (?) guy who sang this tune I'd heard before "My Boomerang Won't Come Back" or something like this. Darts were played there too.. a dart league nite. Anyone? My cousin thought this place was called High Noon?
  5. hiy'all.. greetings from Dallas.. where the husband and I are here for horror convention, Texas Frightmare Weekend. anyhoo.. I'm pretty active in myspace, and this gal I met there, now in Florida, was a long time bartender at this place I went to a few times for the Country Sunday shows this guy by the name of Cisco Smith produced (I think that's the guy).. and she's a childhood friend of former Houston blues musician Alan Haynes. And.. she's coming to Houston next month! anyway.. it was a fun place... but can't remember exact location.. Ella and something? Is it still around? Anyone went there??
  6. One thing I was always curious about the Meyer Park 16.. it had a second floor with an elevator. Was there a screening room up there. All the years I went there, never went up there.
  7. On the way back from Hidalgo Park.. drove all over the place and ended up on Harrisburg. Not a particularly historic old church, but I liked it. Being a Methodist, I've never been to a Catholic Church and admire them. Church on Harrisburg near Forest Hill. ps.. I'm not the greatest photographer, on one of these..
  8. Last weekend.. visited Hidalgo Park some (it was very packed) and got to see the fabulous view of Buffalo Bayou. Loved it!!!
  9. OK, I am stubborn and tried to find Hidalgo Park by myself about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Turned the wrong way on Avenue Q.. got frustrated and started to believe there was no such thing as Hidalgo Park! FINALLY found some water, but if THIS was Hidalgo Park, not very impressed. But.. came back to this hood and found real Hidalgo Park!!
  10. Went to the lovely park next door to the 610/Meyer Park Walmart and across from the AMC movie house I've been to lots: Tried to feet the cute ducks with some old bagels we had and they didn't go for it. Looked across the street and noticed that the AMC 16 was closed. Had no idea. I think it was kind of going downhill from last movie seen there. During the prevues the sound went off and didn't come back on until the feature film. Didn't like that as I love the prevues.
  11. anyone remember this ice house in the Heights (on Shepherd, past 11th, near that vet clinic, maybe?) that I saw live music at, like once.. had a dart league.. saw this Australian guy perform this song called "My Boomerang Won't Come Back" anyhoo... I believe this place was called High Noon..
  12. When I was living on West Main at McDuffie.. used to go to Ruthie's on Richmond with a friend for an occasional beer and knew the bartenders. Back in late 80's/early 90's or so, I heard on the news that Ruthie's got busted for illegal gambling machines. I believe she had those machines for years.
  13. did a google search on Porno Picnic and found this article. Rather old art., but good article, IMHO. If y'all've already read it, apologies! The Party's Over A classic Houston hell-raiser dies after two decades of debauchery By Steve McVicker Published: May 10, 2001 The life of the party is dead. Nevertheless, when word of his death spread last week, Bruce Henry Davis insisted as usual on having the last laugh. But this time, none of his friends thinks it is funny. <H5 class=caption>From left, Hudgins, Davis and Campbell (and a child drummer) teamed up for their Ooze Brothers album.</H5> The demise of Davis, 52, was duly noted last week in a paid obituary in the Houston Chronicle. Accented by an appropriately impish-looking picture of Davis sporting a straw fedora, the notice began by notifying readers that the city's favorite wild child passed away on April 27 "due to too many years of partying too hard." Indeed, the irrepressible Davis could not have said it better himself. Apparently he did say it himself -- or at least he wrote it about two years ago, with a blank left for the actual date of death. A native Houstonian, Davis graduated from Spring Branch High School and the University of Texas. His advanced degree came in decadence, though. Davis will be best known for his annual Going Out of Business bashes, coupled with events with less elusive titles: Porno de Mayo, Porno Picnic, Pornteenth and Porno July. Loosely referred to as parties, they were in reality nothing short of semi-organized debauchery. He owned his own advertising agency, but friends say that for Davis, the party never ended. A close associate scoffed at the claim two years ago that Davis had stopped drinking. "He was cheating at solitaire," explains Richard Hudgins, Davis's longtime co-conspirator in outrageous bad taste and good times. "Bruce was just bound and determined to live hard, die young. But unfortunately he didn't leave a good-looking corpse. He did leave a beautiful memory." The friends are best remembered, at least by those who still can, as two-thirds of the infamous trio known as the Ooze Brothers. From the late 1970s through the mid-1980s, Hudgins, Davis and the late Greg Campbell often took on their alter egos of Mongo, Lloyd and Syndrome, a.k.a. the Ooze Brothers. In what could charitably be called a comedy routine, the three donned outlandish clothes, played toy instruments and satirized popular songs: "I Shot John Lennon (But I Did Not Shoot the Deputy)," "Johnny B. Hung" and "(I Can't Get No) Rely Tampons." They produced a record of one performance at their home base of Fitzgerald's, the Heights music club. More than anything else, the three were known as King Hell partiers. An early Porno Picnic -- replete with scantily clad women, skin flicks and mind-altering substances -- was where Hudgins and Davis first became friends. Hudgins recalls that he went to get a beer for his large-breasted first wife only to return and find a stranger, Davis, standing behind her with his arms under her armpits and his hands "squeezing her tits." "And I said, 'Hey, asshole, that's my wife!' And he goes, 'Well, I know that!' So immediately, I liked him." Surprisingly enough, they divorced a short time later. He started hanging out with Davis, and the Ooze Brothers were born. Campbell was the first to depart -- killed in a drug deal gone bad. Davis and his friend continued oozing for two decades, until maturity finally caught up with Hudgins. He remarried, had a child and, like most 52-year-olds, slowed down. Davis didn't. Hudgins says his friend became isolated and depressed as he continued his hard-living ways. "Nothing made any difference," says Hudgins. "I tried sweet love, tough love, everything I could to get him out of the doldrums, but he just wouldn't hear of it. He was going to do it his way. He was a tough guy." Davis never married. Five years ago he told Hudgins he was taking himself out of the dating game. It was then that Hudgins knew Davis was in serious trouble. "I'd never heard Bruce say that," says Hudgins. "I was real surprised that he wouldn't be out there going after the snatch. To me that was the first of the seven deadly warning signs." About nine months ago Hudgins confronted him about his failing health. Davis said he had lost the will to live. At that point Hudgins began distancing himself emotionally from his old friend, preparing mentally for the inevitable bad ending. Donna Alexander met Davis years earlier, when she was just starting out in the medical marketing business. She still credits his early ad campaign for much of the success of her company, Marketing Rx. "Part of his genius and brilliance were the words he used," says Alexander. "He used words in a funny sense when he was an Ooze Brother, but he really was the ultimate copywriter. He had a tremendous command of words." Alexander, who relocated to Houston recently after several years in Dallas and Florida, ran into her old friend early last month as she shopped at Randalls near West University Place. As usual, Davis was dressed strangely, wearing a weird hat, an extremely loud aloha shirt, striped pants and fluffy slippers. But it was not Davis's attire that caught the attention of Alexander and her husband. Instead, they were horrified by his yellow eyes, jaundiced and bruised skin, distended stomach and swollen ankles. The couple tried to convince Davis to see a doctor, but he insisted he was fine and brushed off their suggestions -- or so they thought. Davis apparently took the recommendations to heart. A few days later he checked himself into Ben Taub Hospital for treatment of his failing liver and kidneys. On Easter Sunday, he emerged like some sort of detoxed Jesus. But by April 25 Davis was back in intensive care. Doctors told his sisters that he would not be coming out alive this time. Mongo Hudgins went to see his Ooze Brother one last time. "I saw him on Wednesday, and he was so weak and tired," says Hudgins. "So I cried pretty thoroughly that day. I came back and saw him later in the day and told him that the doctors said he was going to die there." Hudgins asked if there was anything he could do. "Nothing I can think of" was Davis's terse reply. Bruce Henry Davis died two days later. Davis was a "born-again agnostic," so there will be no memorial service, Hudgins says. There will be a memorial bash. On May 20, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., the usual suspects will gather at the Shady Tavern on West 20th Street for the Final Annual Going Out of Business Party to remember the fallen ringmaster. As usual, the music will be provided by old friend Tommy Dardar and his Sheetrockers band, along with Rock Romano -- a.k.a. Dr. Rockit -- and Little Screaming Kenny. "He just didn't want to live," says Hudgins dejectedly. "And in that case, it was time to move on. He just let things go to hell is what he did. And a lot of people sure will miss him." Already feeling the loss is Dardar, who drove him home from the hospital on Easter. "He said he wasn't prepared to live to 55," says Dardar. "He was on a mission, and I guess he accomplished it. But I'm going to miss Bruce the way he was before, before he started on that mission."
  14. really.. I like Canemont and Fairmont closer to me.. lots of funky old houses closer to me. There are houses around this huge mud puddle or pond or whatever it is.
  15. hi! I've lived in 3 places in the Heights thru the years.. the husband and I were driving around Heights a few weeks ago, showing my hub where I lived on Courtland and 18th.. only apt. complex I've ever lived in that had a jacuzzi.. and found this interesting house on Harvard and 22nd. Not particularly in my price range but most impressive.
  16. same weekend as the other pics.. drove to York and Jensen.. had never seen that view of Buffalo Bayou and must say quite impressive. Had no idea the bayou was so wide. I'm learning so much from y'all.
  17. I live in the dreaded Fondren Southwest area.. and have been checking out these streets I pass all the time around there.. a couple of weeks ago.. west on South Willow off S Post Oak.. turned onto this street called Clematis.. it dead ended onto Gasmer and this rather large pond/lake(?) or extremely huge mud puddle goes along Gasmer at Clematis. Wondering if anyone knows what the heck this is? My husband took these.
  18. that wasn't the Pagan church on Welch you backed into was it? I it was on Welch? anyone remember Ted from Theodore's club on Mason? He had a restaurant near Lillian's, etc. in this kinda strip center.. late 70's I believe?
  19. nah, was in the Woodland Heights very near where I lived. Not as big as Bavarian Gardens (same thing). Drove in the area where I used to live a few weeks ago. I believe it was on Morrison.. street parallel to Beachamp. Not Scholz, or Schultz.. I'm determined to find the locatin. Sholz Beer Garden? Shultz Beer Garden? This was in the early 80's. Noop, but I used to party at Rising Star lots. I hear LOTS of neighbor complaints re: noice. Favorite band I saw there: The Dishes!
  20. La Bodege.. after hours breakfast.. Michael Marcoulier was who I saw there.. and don't remember it was at La Bodgega.. but when was The Parlour... very nice shuffleboard table.. and nice backyard.
  21. I am wracking my brain and doing search on internet. One of the places in Heights I lived was Bayland and Helen (1980 or so).. one of my best friends lived on Byrne and Florence.. my friend George took me and this guy I was living with to this outdoor (duh) beer garden, I believe on Morrison, around the corner.. It was nice.. went there, probably twice.. saw live music there once. Picnic tables, horseshoes.. beer of course. I THOUGHT it was called either Scholtz Beer Garden or Schultz's Beer Garden but can find nothing on the net referencing this. Going to Kerrville this weekend, but I guess I need to drive by and try to find it. anyone?
  22. they used to have a happy hour buffet.. what time of the nite did you go? When me and my friend Paul went, there was no one there but us. You must have shown up after we left.. this is, maybe 1985? Small world.
  23. Anyone go there? How old is this place? I knew the owner somewhat thru his son in the 80's when I hung at the former La Bodega.. on Fairview and Mandell.. The Parlour.. Gus (owner) got talked into having live music on weekends by this girlfriend of mine who was dating owner (or owner's son?) of The Parlour, Larry.. in the mid 80's perhaps? It definitely did not work, due to no advertising? I remember my girlfriend Nan gave me 2 passes to see The Killer Bees at Bavarian Gardens.. and NO ONE was there. They were great.. but after while me and my friend had to leave.... and they were sure "peoed". Couldn't believe a popular Austin band like that and no one came. Also used to go to happy hour there as I worked at a real estate firm on West Gray at the time. It was "OK".. also went to a wedding reception there for this local musician friend of mine and his new bride. GRREAT party! And Gus (thru Larry) gave me passes for Octoberfest a few years in a row. Lots of fun. They changed name to European Gardens, not sure when. Anything going on there anymore?
  24. While out and about Saturday.. and thinking of that party I went to a few times in the early to mid 80's.. that wacky Porno Picnic outdoor party.. that was identified as being on Helena.. I drove down Helena.. for the first time in awhile. In the 70's.. when I was a bit of a "barfly" at Theodore's around the corner.. one guy I went out with some lived in what I call a "group hippie house" on Helena.. so I was in that neighborhood some and liked that area. In the 70's or so, I used to drive down Helena and it was kinda spooky or eerie, to me. Lots of pretty old looking homes and lots of trees around there.. it kinda looked dark around there.. But not anymore of course.. it's Condo/Townhome city now.
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