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    Deep in the bowels of Southwest Houston.. but Montrose and Heights resident for many many many many years!
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    Major music freak! Have partied in this town since mid 70's.. Also major movie freak.. a correspondent of Joe Bob Briggs since the late 80's.. did a little project with his zine called "Board of Drive-in Movie Experts" for, maybe 5 or 6 years? Bowling and pub sports, mainly shuffleboard.. hey, it's kinda like bowling, isn't it? and of course the history of Houston.

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  1. I posted about this before but might have gotten some info wrong. When I was living in the Woodland Heights from '80 to '81 or '82, this friend of the guy I was living with and myself took us to this beer garden type place once, possibly twice. I've driven around Morrison St. several times trying to find this, and was able to speak to my friend last week regarding this. He says that it was kind of a "secret" neighborhood thing... and it was in the back yard of a Mason's (or some kind of organization) building, and it was around the corner from King Biscuit. After speaking w/him (but after a few ritas as I was off work), first I drove down Byrne (where my friend lived) where it intersected Morrison (I THINK) and it looks like a church or some kind of office, so that might not be where it is. THEN I drove to King Biscuit and drove about a block down Houston Avenue... and there IS kind of a building, and it looks like someone lives there... and a sign out front advertising "For information, call____________". I was so darn curious that I parked on Houston Ave. and walked in the parking lot, but got too chicken to look in the back yard. This place we used to go and drink beer.. There was a nice back yard, plenty of room for horseshoes... and I even remember a couple of guys playing live music one time we were there. Does this pique anyone's memory? terrbo
  2. It's called..."Striking Images" by Monte Beauchamp.. a collection of vintage matchbook cover art. Tons of great stuff.
  3. evidently there was an Orange Julius store/stand near Med Center? Here's yet another matchbook cover I found in my new book..
  4. Here's some more Abe and Pappy... unsure if it's Houston or elsewhere...
  5. 510 Milby? Houston, right? Anyone know about this joint?
  6. I have no idea when it was taken, but love this pic.
  7. I'm sure y'all've already heard.. This is one of the nicest and coolest guys I've ever known. This is sickening. I've know Tom for quite awhile.. his sister is a friend of mine.. married to the sound guy and a vocalist at Radio Music Theatre where I work weekends. He's been around the art car scene longer than I have. http://www.click2houston.com/news/16238435/detail.html <H1 class=Headline>Driver Charged In Art Car Museum Curator's Death</H1> HOUSTON -- A driver has been charged in the death of the curator of Houston's Art Car Museum, who was killed hours after the 21st-annual Art Car Parade, KPRC Local 2 reported. <LI>Slideshow: Remembering Art Car Museum Curator Tom Jones Art Car Parade Rolls Through Houston: Rachel McNeill Reports Houston police said Tom Jones was pinned under a car as he sat on a curb on Heights Boulevard near Center Street at about 2:20 a.m. Sunday. Investigators said Dustin Allen Poe, 23, drove his Pontiac GT over nearby railroad tracks and hit a car parked next to where Jones and an artist were sitting. "We had to lift the vehicle up off of him in order to get him out from underneath it," said District Chief Tom Wheeler of the Houston Fire Department. Jones, 51, was taken to Ben Taub Hospital, where he died. The artist who was sitting next to him was not seriously injured. Poe was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter. "He was flying down the road like everybody else was," sculptor W.T. Burge said. "It's a shame that he was drunk when he was driving. He shouldn't have been." Jones was at the museum helping wrap up a second, less publicized parade through the Heights that was held after the main parade near downtown Houston on Saturday. The director of the Art Car Museum said Jones' work and passion are visible throughout the museum. "He basically hung the show, painted the walls, greeted everyone who came through the front door with a smile and good humor and made everyone feel at home," Noah Edmunson said. "I don't know how we're going to replace him." Museum staff said Jones was a fixture in the art car community for 25 years. "Tom was the heart of the Art Car Museum," said Nicole Strine of the Houston Art Car Klub. "Tom made everyone feel special." Friends set up a makeshift memorial in the spot where Jones was run over. Funeral arrangements have not been finalized, but will likely include a procession of art cars.
  8. I found this guy who used to play at The Jester... who goes by the name of Texas Jon?? http://www.gualalaarts.org/Groups/LocalEye...02TexasJon.html
  9. I started a new job last week for a trucking company.. fairly far away from deep in the bowels of SW Houston where I live.. but thanks to the beltway I get to work in 30 minutes. Anyhoo.. am working out on Windfern Road.. in the 9200 block.. Have never been out here before.. there seem to be some fairly nice s/d's.. then down the road trailer parks.. and industrial.. and pass some cows every day coming home to get on Fallbrook to the Beltway. When I worked for this real estate company, Henry Taub (believe that's his name) had many listings.. and I pass by Taub Road on the way home every day too (exit W. Little York to get to Windfern in the mornings, to save a buck)... I several old looking roads off Windfern.. any old stuff I should look for out Windfern way?
  10. I love that flick! It was filmed on a street behind Gray Street around the corner from Cecil's. A friend of mine was living on that street when they were filming.
  11. Watching lots of excess movies lately... and pulled out this vhs copy of this movie I got to resell on ebay eons ago. Twas called "When The Bough Breaks" starring Martin Sheen, Ally Walker, and Ron Perlman (think that's spelled right), made in 1993. I hate it when they have a movie that set in some city and don't even try to make it seem authentic. This was a so-so thriller.. but only mention of Houston was the showing of a Houston map (show pretty much the loop only, not much beltway) in one scene, a Houston Chronicle in one scene.. and a Houston Post in another. And of course the good ol' boy cop (Sheen) wears a cowboy hat.. it IS Texas and all. Most of the action is in a nearby town (in the movie) called Two Rivers. Has anyone heard of Two Rivers? Is it near Houston? Also, most of the action is in a house that has a basement (in Two Rivers, wherever that is..). What parts of Houston (I hear there are) are there homes with basements? Just curious.
  12. before it was R&R it was the Pirannha Room. I used to go to happy hour there after work all the time.
  13. I remember.. back in the late 80's.. after working at Radio Music Theatre.. VD was on a Thursday that year.. and going to a Valentine's Day party at Loreno's Local Charm on Lawndale. It was kind of an art car crowd party.. this band called The Missles played.. and my buddy Bryan Taylor was handing out those cute little Valentines we all used to give out at school as kids. That was fun.
  14. Thanks for the link. I used to go there for happy hour when my girlfriend worked the "lunch shift". Cozy lil place. I've been seeing Rory around the music scene for quite awhile.. last time I saw him was at the Archie Bell/Roy Head show at Continental.
  15. it was down the street from Of Our Own. anyone???
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