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  1. Well said, mdadm. I, for one, am happy to have you as a neighbor!
  2. Again we see that age-old aesthetic question: who defines "good" taste? Clearly, we who live in GBV MUST recognize that good taste is determined by accomplished rocket scientists, not by people who are living respectfully in a thriving community. I echo rps324.
  3. Glad to hear you are considering Glenbrook Valley. Choosing where you live is a matter of sensibility, and naturally, a decision one considers carefully. You've gotten lots of opinions, valid and good ones. Let me tell you my experience. We moved to Houston from out of state, and I had a terrible time coming to understand the city, its neighborhoods, etc. Early on, we saw Glenbrook Valley as a possibility, and over the next year, we kept cycling back to it. Ultimately, we choose Glenbrook Valley for two reasons: cool houses and an engaged community. While the house we bou
  4. Is Glenbrook Valley in a 100 year flood plain? What does insurance run?
  5. Thank you all for your feedback. For the time being, I'm going to keep looking. It doesn't seem as if this house is going anywhere fast.
  6. Okay, so let's look at the four criteria: 1. Location: the concensus here seems to be that the location is up and coming. Is it still early in that process? 2. Condition: the house was in great shape. 3. Price: I'm a Houston newby and can't judge that very well, but I suspect it's overpriced. has it been reduced over the 300+ days? 4. Floorplan: I thought it was great. Thanks for all the comments. I am still thinking things over.
  7. I may have fallen in love today. http://www.har.com/5882597 I am a bit concerned about the surrounding area. There were lots of people sort of wandering aimlessly in the streets. Anyone want to weigh in?
  8. I keep reading about desireable and less desireable parts of Glenbrook Valley, but I'm not sure which is which. Also the HAR listings show Glenbrook Valey 1 and Glenbrook Valley 2. What do those designations mean?
  9. OOOOOH! What possibilities! And what a nice price. Where is Garden Villas, and what is it like?
  10. Thanks, I'll start looking. Price range would be up to $300,000--but I'm more interested in finding the right place.
  11. I've seen several threads regarding where to live in Houston for people who are not from Houston, but none really answers my questions. Here are my parameters. 1. I'll be working in the southeast--off 45 just below the Sam Houston tollway. 2. My husband will be working north--off 45 just ABOVE the Sam Houston tollway. 3. We do not want to live our lives in our cars. 4. We are empty nesters who have never lived--by design--in what we consider urban sprawl areas. 5. We like the arts, restaurants, eclectic stuff, etc. 6. We are pretty crazy about midcentury modern and arts and crafts. 7.
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