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  1. The plan on the Metro website makes it look like that P&R/commercial/apartment development will extend onto the adjacent land with the old HP campus. Am I seeing that correctly? Are they planning to demolish all of that? There is a drainage pond on the sketch that looks just like the one they just redid on the east side of that campus next to the bayou.
  2. Latest thing I heard from another Fairfield resident who attended recent community association meeting: They will be constructing a temporary cement plant on the commercial land in front of Fairfield between Cypresswood and the 290 feeder (To facilitate the building of the outlets and Fairfield Towne Center). There is much concern about the environmental impact of air pollutants to Fairfield residents while it is in operation. Also the sign that was posted was placed so that it could not be seen and so that no one would oppose the plant. Someone "accidently" found the sign, but I don't know if the 180 days had already passed for filing opposition. Regarding an exit off of 290 after Mason Rd., the word at that meeting apparently was that there will be an exit constructed (first a temporary exit for the cement plant, and later a permanent exit). I did not attended that meeting myself, so this is all second hand info. Anyone able to confirm or clarify these issues? Regarding the need for thoroughfares in Fairfield: I for one don't want them. Yes, we need more appropriate enty and exit points from the neighborhood, but I don't want Mason going all the way to 2920. Used to be that the only people driving through Fairfield were residents or visitors. With major roads connecting 290 to 2920 via Fairfield comes a lot more transient traffic. I don't want to see Fairfield become a route to elsewhere instead of a community -- In my opinion, that would truly be our doom.
  3. It would be great if they could connect business 290 to the light at skinner and 290 to allow all of the folks heading south on Fry to bypass the Spring Cypress and Cypress Rosehill lights on the outbound side. I pass there everyday and can't believe the back up. Also can't believe that more folks don't exit at Mueschke and u-turn back to fry. Oops, just gave away my secret to getting around all that mess.
  4. Yes, that area is really peaceful NOW, but the Grand Parkway segment F will cut a swath through the area eventually. Even if all those loud voices of opposition in Spring manage to stop or alter the project, I think the sections between 1-10, up through 290 and on to 249 will definitely happen. http://www.grandpky.com/segments/f-1/
  5. We're recent Fairfield homewoners and sad to see the hay farm go so quickly, but alas, such is the way of things. Now our biggest concern is the major traffic headache that will be Mason road in the not so distant future. Is there any plan to add an exit off of 290 for Fairfield Place? Wasn't there an exit off of 290 just past Mason prior to the recent construction? It's going to be a nightmare for Fairfield residents (just like all those poor souls living off of Cypress-Rosehill now) just to get in and out of the neighborhood on the weekends!!! I guess the Mueschke-Schiel route into the back of Fairfield will become well travelled until the Grand Parkway interchange is built and Cypresswood and Cumberland whatever it is connect to GP on the west end of Fairfield. Any time line on that project, by the way?
  6. Anyone know what Cy-Fair ISD plans with the proposed middle school site in Fairfield (at intersection of Fairfield Place and Medley Green). Any timeline? I've also heard rumors that it might be another elementary school instead.
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