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  1. Another recomendation for Hollywood Door. I got a new one installed last January and I'm very happy with work.
  2. The mini-mall was at Memorial City on the east side, where theater used to be, circa: 1969-72. There was a hobby shop, record store and poster shop. No one seems to remember this though. Got lotsa records and posters at the mini-mall.
  3. I used to see a man on the freeway underpasses and intersections wearing a piece of plywood with a mannequin attached to the plywood. The man would preach and move the dolls mouth as he spoke. Has anyone seen this guy lately and where is his new location?
  4. Can you see the statues from I-10? I tried looking for them on Monday and couldn't find them. Please steer me in the right direction. THANKS
  5. Are the statues up? There was a picture in the paper a few weeks ago but it may have been generated. I've looked around the I-10/Taylor area and can't find them.
  6. I saw the very first show at the Summit: The Who/Opening act was Toots and the Maytalls A week later ZZ Top played an afternoon and evening Thanksgiving show. Rory Gallagher opened the show and he blew ZZ Top off the stage (YES you heard me correctly). Other great shows: Cat Stevens Queen (3 times) Led Zeppelin Springsteen (4 times) Police Tom Petty (at least 4 times) Prince played at the Summit 6 times in 1986. Saw many Aero's games there too during the 70's. Great arena, sure miss it.
  7. Agreed! Felix has the best Queso by far in Houston. A bit greasy but oh so tasty.
  8. RIGHT!!! The great thing though is the apartments are coming down and no new ones are going up.
  9. Does anyone else have memories of the Mini-Mall at Memorial City Mall? Thanks again!
  10. It wasn't a Spencer's (yet). They sold alot of blacklight posters distributed from Houston Blacklight Wholesale Dist. The record store wasn't a Sam Goody's, long before they came to Houston. Thanks for all replys!!
  11. Needing information about the mall from the late 60's/early 70's. Anyone here remember the "Mini-Mall" located on the east side by the old movie theater? I remember it had a record store and a store that sold blacklight posters. I was young at the time but no one I talk to remembers the Mini-Mall. Anybody with more information on the Mini-Mall?? THANKS!
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