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  1. The property that the current Fairfield Golf Center (driving range) in Cypress sits on has been sold. Does anyone know to whom and what is being built there? I have heard Sam's Club and Methodist Hospital but the land doesn't seem to be big enough for either.
  2. Original plans pegged the construction next to Buccees to be a Cracker Barrell but I am hearing that is no longer the case. Anyone know what is going in there?
  3. Does anyone know anything about the apartment complex rumored to have begun construction in Fairfield?
  4. They were good until Landry's bought them.
  5. That theater has been closed for more than a decade...it's about time they knocked it down
  6. Interesting...looks like a big parking lot and 1 leased space. Now to figure out what is going in front of Walmart
  7. It actually has a different name and is open now. It is where EJ's Pizza used to be right next to Randall's
  8. Anyone know what is being built in the parking lot off Spring Cypress/290 near Lowe's and next to Goodyear. Or what the pad in front of the Wal-Mart on Cypress Rosehill/290 is going to be?
  9. Anyone know what is going on behind Lowe's on 290 and Spring Cypress? They cleared out the section that vendors used to set up in to sell stuff. Is that something going up or part of the 290 project?
  10. I heard that a Gringo's is coming to this area as well...certainly they would not put it right in front of Alicia's though.
  11. Any chance anyone out there knows what the current plans are for the unfinished strip center on Mason Rd and Cypresswood in the Fairfield Subdivision? Last heard Citibank got the property on foreclosure and had no plans to continue until the found a new buyer...not sure if that is accurate or not. Would appreciate any knowledge about the situation.
  12. Very possibly but at Traders Village they were limited to 75 spots and with over 4000 homes many couldn't participate. Plus Fairfield is the only community on the Northwest side that didn't have a community garage sale
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