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  1. I love Burger Girl.. The Dallas location on McKinn\ey is great..The Hangover burger, the Kobe beef burger and those unbelievable gorganzola cheese fries,, All very very delicious.. I will drive to Tomball for their good food.. I never noticed it being a breasturant; just nice friendly girls serving a nice meal.
  2. LOL.. Not at all..The camera adds pounds.. Sonny weighs 23lbs and Cher is 24lbs.. Pretty average. I keep them below 25 so I don't have to change the Heartguard.. I have a friend with a Pug named Dexter that weighs 40lbs!..
  3. My Pugs are "Sonny & Cher". They are brother and sister and I adopted them from the Albuquerque Animal shelter in 2002. They were already named... I also have a cat named Sunny that I adopted in 1997. It gets confusing at dinner time with a Sonny and a Sunny in the house..
  4. Not Houston but close by... in Galveston. Seahorse Motel (Thomas M. Price, 1956) Moody Convention Center SS Galveston Motel The Seahorse and Moody convention center were bought by Fertitta and demolished. Once the lots were cleared, they were put back on the market. Some say it was because they were original Moody properties (some kind of power statement). The SS Galveston was demolished to make way for condos that never happened.. all that remains on the property are a couple of palm trees. I know all of these buildings were obsolete and deteriorating but I did hate to see them go.
  5. I work out there several times a week and have found it to be a civilized crowd; most shower before leaving...
  6. I thought Tillman Fertitta bought the Flagship's lease a couple years ago? There was an article in the Houston Biz Journal last week about him and the Flagship but I didn't get a chance to read it....
  7. Looks like I'll be dealing with all 3 of my Galveston house insurance companies (wind storm, Flood, Homeowners) for a while. The other day I was worried about the chicken nuggets I left in the freezer down there... now I wonder if the freezer will even be there... I hope everyone is taking this as serious as it is.. and "hunkering down in place".. Be safe....
  8. I wish there was a farmers market roasting green chile's this weekend.. Hatch chile roasting ended last week at Central Market and I missed it...
  9. The Jack Tar was at the corner of 6th and Broadway (where Broadway merges with Seawall) and was not a victim of the storm., just old age. I'm not sure when it was demolished but after it was torn down the land sat vacant for years and has been replaced by the Emerald by the Sea and Chile's.
  10. I was 9 years old and staying with my aunt on Bremond St. We were around the corner from the A & P on Crawford and McGowen. My most memorable moment of the storm was being the only time in my life that I was picked up and carried by the wind. I was walking to the store and a huge gust of wind swept me up off the ground.. I was thrilled and couldn't stop talking about it.. Later that night, the wind blew the windows out of the attic and I had to go up in the wet attic and help my aunt board up the openings. I can still hear her yelling at me to watch the electic wires ( knob & tube)..
  11. The downtown skyline in my rear view mirror.. Gulf freeway, heading to Galveston on Friday nignt... it fills the mirror perfectly. I always notice it around Scott St.
  12. I agree.... I don't care if she's black, white, gay, or from Mars; she was asked to perform a specific song at a city/state function and she turned it into something for her own agenda.. Crap like that divides races even more.
  13. I was a member of the Meyerland 24hr but my trainer moved to this club so I have followed him. The building is great but I am concerened about the garage.. It looks as though it could fill up real fast (especially when the retail opens). There do not seem to be many parking options. There is a limited amount of street parking and it is metered. Hopefully when I go at 4:30pm it won't be too busy.
  14. The awnings were metal and removed years ago when they became unsafe. The bolts and brackets had rusted beyond repair and they were barely holding on. They were also removed from the Foley's at Norwest Mall. I remember the door handles but I do not know why they were removed. The bronze door handles at the Macy's at El Con Mall in Tucson have a beautiful Aztec design with the Levy's logo; what I find funny is that hardly anyone even knows that Levy's ever existed. Since the 80's, the same store has remained open but went from Levy's to Sanger-Harris to Foley's to Macy's.. Gone are the days of
  15. There are a couple of Ruby Tuesdays in the Houston area... Katy, Sugarland, and Willowbrook..
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