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  1. KPRC News: 45 Times a Day

    I found an interesting documentary on YouTube: "45 Times a Day", which details how a newscast is assembled at KPRC-TV (and radio) from around 1965. The late Ray Miller hosts and narrates the short film. Some notes and questions: -A young Steve Smith, then anchor of the 10 pm news and the station's assistant news director, is seen briefly. -A billboard for KPRC AM reads "95-0". Why the dash? -The 6 pm news is apparently sponsored by "JAX". What was JAX? -Perhaps FilioScotia or someone else well-versed in news (or radio) can answer this: we hear Steve Smith say what sounds like "This is KLB666 in Houston. Go ahead, Unit 2" when a reporter calls in on his mobile unit. Ray Miller says it as well when signing off with a reporter in the field. What is KLB666?
  2. Defunct Houston Restaurants

    There was a Gallagher's on 290 near Pinemont. It's been defunct for about 20 years and is now the Gold Cup "gentlemen's club".
  3. Here's a couple Youtube links to some old-school Houston TV news. First up is from January 13, 1982. A rare snowfall hit Houston, and all 3 5 pm newscasts led off with it. The footage was taped off a TV and changes between 2, 11 and 13 several times. So don't expect consistency, but it's interesting. Here are some highlights: -The intro to Channel 2's newscast ("The 5 O'clock Report"). I couldn't decide which was goofier: the turquoise 2 from the ID card, footage of a boat about to crash, Ron Stone looking like a preacher or a picture of Ron that was probably done on an Apple II. We don't see the 2News set, though; the show starts in the weather center with Doug Johnson standing behind a rip-and-read teletype. To me, nothing says old-school TV news like a ticking teletype. -Newscenter 11 has Steve Smith (Amanda Arnold was off) and a few reporters. Does anyone recognize the female reporter at the traffic center? She looks and sounds familiar, but is not named in the extant footage. Oh, and we see Steve's name written in a script lettering that is the most ridiculous font I've ever seen in a newscast. -On Live at Five (speaking of ridiculous lettering-see the logo), Van Hackett and Shara Fryer anchor (it looks like the 3-tiered desk was gone by then) with Doug Brown standing on the Southwest Freeway (I think). Man, I miss the tilted 13. Watch it here: Here's a bonus for you Amanda Arnold fans: a snippet of a 1981 interview with Steve, Amanda and an unidentified reporter talking to Lily Tomlin. Anchors need to wave more often. Or maybe not. Speaking of Amanda, I'm amused by the fact that 3 of Channel 11's 4 previous anchorwomen left the station and TV news entirely. Amanda became a country music singer, Marlene McClinton was mad as hell and didn't want to take it anymore and Lisa Foronda was sick of TV news. Anybody know why Felicia Jeter left?
  4. Byron Miranda is gone?

    The two people probably responsible for the "Dominique is pregnant" and Radar fiascos (not to mention running KPRC into the ground), VP/GM Steve Wasserman and news director Nancy Shafran, are gone now. Wasserman is now the VP/GM of WDIV in Detroit, Post-Newsweek's flagship station. When you screw up in TV news, you get promoted! Nice, huh? Who knows where Shafran went. There was hope when KPRC got new management, but for every step forward (dumping Radar and the newsroom set), they take two steps back (the "Wheel of Justice", prop reporting). KPRC will not improve until Post-Newsweek sells the station. I'm not holding my breath.
  5. KPRC field reporters' antics

    Allow me to add a few courses to the KPRC College of Broadcast Journalism, updated for 2007. Prop Reporting 1004: Every journalist knows the 5 W's: who, what, when, where and why. But what props will you use? Professor Lisa Baldwin shows how economical it is to find some object instead of finding the right shot, how to skirt the line of good taste without crossing it(especially in sexual assault reports) and how to make your audience feel like fools who don't know what broken glass is. Graduates are invited to Advanced Prop Reporting 1005, where professor Joel Eisenbaum demonstrates studio props and how to look tough and determined while standing on a set reading copy. Also, learn how far you can roll up your sleeves and unbutton your shirt without looking "professional". No Experience? No Problem! 2109: Ever dreamed of becoming a real live reporter without that journalism class stuff? Professor Jennifer Reyna (a former Miss Hawaiian Tropic contestant and KLOL Radio's "Miss Rockwear") reveals the tricks of the trade. Note: Unattractive people need not apply. Sexy Anchoring 3651: It's a hard job sitting at a desk, reading copy and looking personable and cheerful during the worst news. But you can still look good doing it. In this women-only class, professor Wendy Corona shows the right blouses and sweaters that enhance what your mama (or the local plastic surgeon) gave you while still maintaining a modicum of class. You'll also learn how to smile insincerely, banter with your fellow on-air staff and pretend to look serious. Note: Small-breasted women need not apply. Introduction to Sports Reporting 101: Ever wanted to be a sports reporter/anchor, despite having the personality of a rock, looking gawky and balding and mangling the names of local athletes? Professor Winston Dutchin explains how anyone can do it.
  6. KPRC field reporters' antics

    Lisa Baldwin's prop use backfired a few days ago when she was talking about that drunk driver who killed his twin sons. She held up 2 6-packs to show us how many beers the guy drank and over half the beer cans fell out of the plastic rings. I laughed. I must also mention a gaffe by Wendy Corona, possessor of the most insincere smile I have ever seen. Some moron in the graphics department wrote "290 at the Northwest Freeway" and sure enough, Corona said, "We have breaking news of a traffic accident at 290 at the Northwest Freeway..." This happened a few weeks ago. While I'm slamming KPRC, I must mention that I can't stand Rachel McNeill either. She is not ready for prime time and her voice distorts my TV's sound. I also fondly remember the time she was reporting at the rodeo or someplace. They cut to her before she was supposed to go on and we all saw her standing there with her hands on her hips and a really pissy look on her face. I know that lots of on-air personalities are prima donnas, but we rarely get to see it. It was a hoot.
  7. Fritos

    I miss that Holder's Pest Control sign. I hate roaches, but I loved seeing that sign on the Southwest Freeway at night.
  8. From YouTube, here's a couple of clips from 1984. The first one, is a collection of KPRC promos from April 14-15, 1984. It's great to see Ron Stone, Doug Johnson and Bob Nicholas again from the days when Channel 2 was a station to be respected. The second one, is a collection of KTRK promos from February 1984. There is a "Good Morning Houston" promo as well as "Million Dollar Movie" bumpers. Plus, there's a "Live at Five" opening complete with mustached Bob Boudreaux. Go through the guy's videos. He has old commercials for Joske's, Foley's, Levitz(you'll love it at Levitz) and Stereo Warehouse!
  9. Hottest Houston News Personalities

    All the anchor photos from KPRC's redesigned website blow. They have no backgrounds and look unprofessional. I'll throw in my 2 cents. Best looking: KPRC-Andrea Bishop-I don't like the fact that she's gone blonde, but she's still my favorite. Jennifer Reyna-Okay looks-wise, but she has a charming on-air personality that makes her shine. I look for that in women. Amy Davis-she's cute. Worst-looking(women who try to look good but fail): Dominique Sachse-she was hot back when she first started out, but her looks are fading. She wears too much makeup and needs to stick with a hair color. Wendy Corona-I can't decide which is worse-her Joker smile or her utterly insincere personality. From times past: Gasia Mikaelian(KPRC)-I could look at that face every day for the rest of my life. Janet Shamlian(KHOU/KPRC)-I first developed a crush on her back when she and Clare Casademont were having a battle of the cutes on 11's morning news. Janet now works as an NBC News correspondent. She still looks good.
  10. Live at 5 30 years old

    What a fascinating time capsule! I do hope that Channel 13 shows more vintage video on their web site. I wish that 2 and 11 cared half as much about their past as 13 does. Maybe next year they'll show the first Eyewitness News broadcast from 1973. Ruminations: -This and the Ed Brandon Hurricane Alicia clip reminded me of 13's tendency to tilt their logo at times. (Look at the backgrounds.) I also remember the tilted 13 in a promo and on their helicopter. Anybody have any idea why? -Why is it that blue-screen technology is in use, but Ed is still drawing on the weather map? -Disco music on a news broadcast! I love it. -I remember Lorne Greene doing Alpo ads and the giant in the Brawny ads, but it's been a very long time. -United Jewelers, Woolco and Sage Drugs-retailers lost to history. I remember United's "U" on their storefronts and my parents buying me Duplos at Sage when I was 2. However, I have no memory of Woolco. My parents went discount-store shopping at K-Mart.
  11. Old school anchor team question

    57Third, thanks for the info and picture. Please share more. Ruminations: -Channel 13 ran Dragnet reruns instead of the ABC evening news in 1963? I know that ABC News was a distant third to CBS News and NBC News back then, but that was a surprise. I wonder if any stations still do that. Probably not. -Speaking of ABC News, the Jarriel at Channel 2 is Tom Jarriel, future ABC News correspondent. -Was Larry Rasco Channel 2's first anchor of note? -And now for something completely different. Wasn't Doug Brown Channel 11's head weatherman in the early 70s?
  12. Old school anchor team question

    The KUHT picture was from a show called "Potpourri". The desk was very weird. I'd be happy to scan the pictures, but I don't own one. Sorry.
  13. Old-school local TV ads

    If I'm violating copyright law, my apologies. I do not seek profit, only nostalgia. How do you post pictures from your computer to be seen, or is it possible?
  14. Old-school local TV ads

    It appears I struck a good nerve when I mentioned vintage local TV. Here are some ads I found on the internet. If you have one, please contribute! Here's a 1973 trade magazine featuring a Channel 2 ad. Note the boasting.
  15. Old school anchor team question

    I love how this thread has turned into nostalgia over Houston TV news history. Allow me to toss some comments and questions. I have an interest in logos, and I once looked through old TV Guides at the downtown public library to find out when the local stations adopted their previous logos. I found some amusing ads. -Channel 13's ads from the late 60s-early 70s reeked of desperation. They were basically saying "Please watch us!" I believe that 13 was a distant third to 2 and 11 until Marvin Zindler showed up and they became number one in 1977. I'm sure the "Eyewitness News" concept of happy talk probably helped. -Speaking of 13, one ad had Dave Ward and Dan Ammerman(I think) wearing blazers with the then-13 logo (a hideous, bloated 13 that the circle 13 replaced in 1971) on the pockets. I always wondered why Ted Baxter wore a blazer with the WJM-TV logo on it. -Channel 2 used at least 5 logos in the 1960s. There's a picture on the internet of the station in 1960. I saw a different logo during archived footage of Hurricane Carla (I think it was Larry Rasco reporting). A mid-60s logo had a thin, vertically elongated 2 with the word Channel in spaced letters in front of it. From 1968 to 1969, they used a logo in a TV screen that said "Channel 2". It was as boring as dry toast. The classic(IMO) "Big 2" logo debuted in 1969 with a splash-numerous vertical half-page ads that loudly announced "Big 2 News with Steve Smith" (or Larry Rasco). The 2 took up most of the ad, and there was a photo of the anchor inside the 2. Later ads had the letters tv (in lowercase) inside the 2. The station's tower had the NBC Snake inside the 2. I've always wondered if Channel 2 ever changed their logo on the tower before 1985, when the shiny silver 2 was introduced as "new 2" (I remember the ads). One ad had sports anchor Bill Enis (Bart's dad, I presume) wearing a football jersey with the 2 on it. You don't see that anymore. Oh, and the 2 was modified in 1976, but they still used the old one for a while in on-air graphics. -I'm curious about Alexis South. All I know about her is a picture of the Newscenter 11 team on the air that appeared in the 1980 book "Houston". She appeared to be at least in her 50s. Was she that old? I think I'll start a thread of old local TV ads that I've culled from the Internet. Please contribute!