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  1. I like the concept but 8 stories is too many, 4-5 would be more like it. Who knows there may even be rail on Richmond by the time this is built...
  2. No booze on opening day??? I hope no-one loses their job but at stern talking-to seems in order for someone! :-) Anyway, Dunlavy so far seems to be accommodating the traffic pretty well so tip of the cap to HEB for doing their homework on that. Dunlavy is so much less of a PITA to navigate now with the dedicated turn lanes. Just this morning as I left for a bike ride I noticed more pedestrian traffic on the street and then did a quick tour of the parking lot - there's an impressive amount of shade and space given over to pedestrian traffic. I know it's early days yet but I'm giving this shop a thumbs up based on evidence to date.
  3. Update: Dunlavy has been resurfaced and restriped between West Main and Marshall to include turn lanes into the HEB, as well as one in each direction for traffic turning onto Alabama. This is a very good thing, increased traffic notwithstanding.
  4. It's appropriately scaled & positioned relative to that corner. I like it. Maybe with all this infill we could vote for some light rail in the area. Oh....wait......
  5. I agree but absent deed restrictions there is little prospect of this happening in any desirable area in the city. Even with DRs, the trend is away from smaller homes to lot fillers. Taking West Montorse as an example there's a relative dearth of affordable options for a family in a bungalow looking for more space - any newbuild is typically going to be north of $750,000. Plan B = the suburbs. That's life in the big city, well this one anyway.
  6. I was in Awash when it was there. I like to think I have a reasonably catholic palate but that was some of the strangest food I've ever had. The ambience left a little to be desired - it was basically an office space with some tables scattered around. It wasn't a great surprise when it went under....
  7. Definitely a mixed bag this one. Fare is average TexMex with a markup. Starter was a special - crab/shrimp/guacamole mashup that tasted very odd and would have been helped by the presence of crab. I had the tampiquenos - steak was way overdone and everything had that strange sheen that looked like it had been under a heatlamp for 30 minutes. The refried beans were about the highlight, but that probably shouldn't be the case. Margs were standard issue. Layout is strange, but the Wayne movies add some diversion/levity. Overall, not really much better or worse than the average taqueria, but with inflated price points that they may want to revisit at some point. All that said, in the absence of a film theatre I think a restaurant is the best use of this particular location & a great improvement on what was there before and I congratulate the partners on going forward forward with the venture. 6/10
  8. Well, not according to this map http://bit.ly/eW4TMs (Takes a while to render - apparently 1500000000000 dpi resolution is required and the name of every street in Houston is relevant.)
  9. I'm glad something's been built somewhere and am happy for the people that will be the beneficiaries of it. That said, from my reading of the Metro map, the Harrisburg line doesn't intersect with the Main Street line. I can't begin to convey how little sense this makes to me.
  10. Update: drainage is going on on Dunlavy and it's down to one lane near the intersection with Alabama. Traffic is stacking up on Woodhead and one presumes other N/S neighbourhood thoroughfares as people look for other routes. This part's gonna hurt for a while I suppose....
  11. Every time I see a new post in this thread I arrive with hope and leave with disappointment. There were so many possibilities here.
  12. Oh well....there's always the one that's planned on the Westheimer bend, or did that turn its toes up as well?
  13. I didn't say it was. They just don't give a rats. I had one of their people come out and look at the trees and he basically shrugged and said their number one priority is to keep the lines clear. And I'm still not convinced that they could be held accountable by anything other than a civil lawsuit. which would be a logistical nightmare for the average homeowner, with no guarantee of a favorable outcome.
  14. Right. Mine were in no danger of falling on the lines, but the way CP left them, they were in danger of taking out the entire add-on of my house. I eventually got round to taking them down a couple of months before the storm in 2005 and don't want to think what might have happened if I hadn't. CP is accountable to nobody in this context and as long as that situation persists, they will continue to do as they please with other people's property.
  15. That's more overhead for them. Cheaper just to maim the tree and let the homeowner pick up the tab.
  16. Centerpoint butchered two trees in my own backyard by trimming them asymmetrically to the point where I had to have them cut down myself. They don't care.
  17. Odd ones out? Bissonnet, Banks, Richmond, Alabama, Hawthorne, Westheimer, Fairview, West Gray, West Dallas, Allen Parkway, Washington... ............. ................ .................. .......Banks, Hawthorne and Fairview. They're all two lane street intersecting Montrose that have their own sets of lights onto Montrose. Hawthorne serves the Disco Kroger, fair enough. Fairview is a busy enough thoroughfare into Midtown. But Banks...?
  18. As far as I can tell only 4 people live on River Oaks Blvd. Definitely a candidate for a roundabout,.....
  19. The one at Waugh at D'Amimco is now not pointless since the new Whole Foods opened. How prescient of COH!
  20. I sympathize. I'm not sure I follow your logic though since the Whole Foods you refer to is at least as big as the HEB under construction. And whatever issues you might have with HEB's inventory, it can't be any worse than Fiesta's. At any rate I'm sure HEB will make provision in the new store for those lacking freedom of movement. Without being conversant with the ADA act, they may even be required to.....anyway, personally (and until it actually closes this is all hypothetical) I won't miss much about Fiesta apart from their wine inventory which is incongruously comprehensive.
  21. Sure is. From what I could gather from Scott McLellan's presentation at the recent Winlow Place meeting, HEB is at least partly defraying the cost of repaving, restriping and, by filling in those lovely culverts, widening that section of Dunlavy. It's in their own interests sure, but I'm particularly glad they are adding dedicated turn lanes on Dunlavy for traffic turning on to Alabama. With all the traffic that the HEB will attract, they will be needed.
  22. Cool. Hope it's a bit easier to get to than St Arnold's. I know St A's is primarily a brewery rather than a brewpub, but it's a real assault course to get to. With this and the new one apparently opening on the Westheimer bend, we'll soon be spoiled for choice...relatively speaking.
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