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  1. The Restaurant was called "Don The Beachcomer" I went there for my High School Prom Date in 1977. The chain went out of business and the building was torn down, it was replaced by a new Restaurant called......Marco's Mexican Food. I believe that building is still there and now it houses a "Hooters" restaurant. Clyde
  2. Just for your information the restaurant you mention as the Boston Sea Party was originally called the Godfather restaurant and had waiters that stood around and made you nervous like in the movie, it was italian food of course. Also for fun, Caligulas which I think is now the Penthouse Club on Winrock at Westheimer was originally built as the Spagetti Store Restaurant in the 1970's. The place on the corner now called Baby Dolls was originally an Alfie's Fish N Chip restaurant in the 1960's-70's and next door to it was Shakey's Pizza Parlor , all before these became strip clubs. Oh the Bos
  3. Hi I use to live in the Carrousel Apartments just behind the hotel in the late 1950'5 early 1960's at Gulfgate. Would you be able to post the photo that you have of the Hotel i would love to see it. Also if you have any other photos of 1960's Gulfgate and Houston I would love to see them posted as I am a native and have many memories of these places but just no photos of them. I still live in Houston, alas the only thing of Gulfgate left is the Bridge, Peppermint Park has been gone for eons. Thanks, Clyde
  4. Marini's Empanadas is now located on Hillcroft at the Shopping Center at Richmond on the Robert E. Lee High School side. (1970's originally located on Westheimer near the curve) Barbeque Inn is located at Cross Timbers, Great Food and Waitresses BBQ, Steaks, Seafood, Homestyle cooking (Original location 1950's) Antone's (the Original Antone's) Originally a Middle Eastern grocery store, now just the famous sandwiches and some imported items to buy. Eat only at the ones that say Original. Otto's BBQ (The original) on Memorial Drive near the Biba's Pizza Place Biba's Pizza mon Memorial
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