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  1. I'm in retail construction; I realize they are shooting for the 2010 Christmas shopping season. I get to see that site daily and would guess they are looking to add 100k + square feet. If they do not have any of the foundation work done yet and are not going to start construction until mid-March; its going to be tough time line.
  2. 30 -35 stores by Thanksgiving, they are being very optimistic.
  3. The old grain elevator at Blackhorse was torn down a couple of weeks ago. Sad to see it go.
  4. I've used 2 Guys and a Goat in the past. http://www.2guysandagoat.com/
  5. I received word the first building of the apartments will be opening November 3rd.
  6. Sounds like a great place to sit, have a beer and do some "trainspotting."
  7. I love to sweat. I hate this dry weather. If I want dry weather I'll move to the desert. I doubt if I ever visit the mall, and I could walk there in about 10 minutes. I only need a few stores, Academy, Kroger and Spec's.
  8. The weather was really nice yesterday, check back in August!!
  9. Thanks. Do you know where I could find some larger files of those site plans?
  10. I drive by that site daily. They took down the silt fence and seeded the site. They are now installing a sprinkler system around the perimeter. Seems like a bunch of work and $$$ just to be torn up durning construction. I have a feeling the Fairfield Town Center has been put on hold.
  11. What do you mean by "hibachi"? Do the cook the food right at your table?
  12. It's hard to sign possible tenants to a lease with grafitti all over the building. Only one thing matters to developers - the bottom line. If this grafitti affects the bottom line then you can bet they will do whatever it takes to stop it.
  13. I heard reports of my neighbors running more than a few cars off our street that were trying to park.
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