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  1. They know the options...word gets around really fast, and they help each other. Way back when, I even heard one guy giving another guy the current code to get into the men's restroom at Macy's.
  2. From the HC Criminal Courthouse 10/14/15. Well, I tried to post a picture taken of Hardy Yards and Warehouse District the other day...
  3. But where is the fencing? Unlikely the space will be this open.
  4. The people mover was part of Texas Eastern's Houston Center vision -- a city within a city. People would drive directly from freeways to parking garages and use the people mover (above ground) to get to their office and other buildings. Part of the plan: turn your back to the street -- who wanted to be there? So 1, 2, 3, 4 Houston Center have little street presence. The people mover was planned, in part, to help people move around the 74-acre site without having to go to street level. Then Panhandle purchased Texas Eastern, and the future plans went away.
  5. 7-story garage to be built no matter what. When they choose to move forward with the office tower, they'll add floors to the garage.
  6. Total definitely is still there. And will have a new amenity.
  7. New location of the Petroleum Club announced: Club's website Chron/Sarnoff
  8. I keep wondering when they're going to give it a real name. "Block 334." Really?
  9. Anyone have any idea of the average lease rate/sf they're expecting now? Their website doesn't say. They've got a marketing office in Greenstreet, but I haven't stopped by there yet.
  10. They keep changing the map and the link.. the most current is on www.downtownhouston.org, under maps.
  11. Sky connections. Thanks! I was wondering about that, too.
  12. There is an effort underway to put radio and cell signal in the tunnel system, but I don't know when it'll be installed. Has been discussed for years, but HPD jump-started it. Cell service is good and bad, the bad part being that downtown needs more people walking at street level!
  13. The downtown Above & Below (tunnel) map is posted on the downtown information website, www.downtownhouston.org, under Maps. There's also a downtown Google map you can link to from there.
  14. See www.bizjournals.com/houston/stories/2007/03/12/story1.html?page=all or search HBJ for Jennifer Dawson, brookfield, crescent, 2007
  15. Isn't today the day for their announcement of the new campus?
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