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  1. I saw Rocky at Threadgills a little over a year ago when they were having a tribute/benefit for him. He didn't look bad considering his history.
  2. Cool. I was at that show also. Do you have anymore jpeg's of old music posters/handbills?
  3. http://www.faculty.missouristate.edu/d/Den...rock_concer.htm Great link. Man, I saw all those concerts they have the posters for. Still have the same Hendrix poster. I really miss the Music Hall. It was the last great venue for concerts. Acoustics were wonderful. Remember seeing Pink Floyd there. They wouldn't have been the same in a bigger hall. That's my complaint about Houston now. There is no decent place to hear concerts anymore. All we have is Cynthia Woods and the Toyota Center. They both suck. The Summit, before it became the Godautorium, was pretty decent. Wish the city hadn't le
  4. What I remember most about Gourmet Hamburgers was their little chocolate mouse desert in a cup. God those were good. Great burgers to. Absinthe 1900 is right about the correct location of the one on Kirby. And I remember the one on Alabama also. Lived right down the street from it.
  5. I'm new to this site and man does this thread about Westbury Square bring back lots of memories. Especially since I graduated from Westbury HS in 69. I used to hang out a lot at Mr. Fantasy and the Electric Paisley in the 60's and early 70's. Anybody remember the Cheese Man shop? My wife worked there in the 70's -early 80's, as well as Rumpleheimer's in the 60's. (The guy that owned the place was a major assh*le). It was such a great place but the people that owned the square would later sell out to some NYC firm and it went downhill fast. The square started deteriorating rapidly in the 80's
  6. I remember Meyer's Woods very well. Actually "camped out" there a few times in the 60's. Of course that was when the outskirts of Houston ended at Chimney Rock.
  7. Man I loved Fever Tree. Still have their first 3 lp's. Hey Mister was my favorite. I believe it was only issued on a 45.
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