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  1. That area declined drastically in the 80's and 90's but on a recent drive through of the area it looked surprisingly good. Especially close to the golf course.
  2. We purchased the Biggio Season ticket package (9 games) so we got to see all three weekend games. They were all exciting. Even Friday's loss. This is just a fun team to watch right now.
  3. Congrats Montrose1100. Like Kinky says, you deserve to be just as miserable as the rest of us.
  4. For sure not Kidde Wonderland. With all the horse trailers and the big corral I wonder if it could have been someplace like the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds?
  5. This is going to be nice. It's about time art majors got their own unique place at Rice. Pretty much everything Rice has built in the last ten years looks out of place. Brochstein Pavilion, Brockman Hall, the Rec center, the new Continuing Studies school. But in the long run they function well.
  6. Wish they would quit talking about it and get busy with the project.
  7. Twin Peaks in Waco is probably is still closed anyway.
  8. I love NOLA but totally agree with you about Bourbon Street. It attracts the sleaziest people in the world.
  9. Dallas is boring. Skip Dallas and go to Fort Worth. Go to the Sid Richardson museum downtown (free). Check out their botanical gardens, the Kimble and Carter museums (not free). Eat at the Reata (a museum itself).
  10. Maybe you could talk Joel Olsteen into hosting a team at the Summit or whatever it's called now. He could just stipulate they don't have home games on Sundays. With his blessing the team would never loose.
  11. They didn't close for lack of business. Haven't been there in quite some time because they were always so busy. At least for lunch. Of course once Smashburger opened down the street Prince's wasn't as appetizing.
  12. I don't remember a McDonald's being anywhere near the Square.
  13. Hopefully there will be Uber spaceships.
  14. My first real job was at that one. Washing dishes and cleaning tables.
  15. If Antonini is involved it will be a slum. Anything he touches turns to crap.
  16. Back in the day you did pay more registration fees to drive that big SUV or pickup. I would love to see that return. It won't ever happen with our fat cat politicians though.
  17. I'm still saving my floppies in case they make a comeback.
  18. We need to after that embarrassment.
  19. Actually went there for the first time today. I was very impressed. The vegetation is still very young. It's only going to get better. Especially when the ivy grows on the walls around the walkway to the top of the hill. Then the hill will be all green.
  20. I tend to believe the SEAL that shot him rather then Hersh. https://www.yahoo.com/politics/navy-seal-who-says-he-killed-bin-laden-refutes-118783904096.html
  21. Practically everyone in Austin now is from California, so it fits.
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