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  1. Hopefully this will finally get their HR back on campus.
  2. That's our problem whenever we eat Mexican food. Our bar bill always exceeds our food bill. The problem is it's hard to find a good house margarita these days so we usually go for the more expensive one's that actually contain alcohol.
  3. Win Fix and Alamo a mile apart? Guess i'm going to a lot of movies.
  4. El Real is okay but you should never have to pay more than $10 for a plate of enchiladas. Good Tex Mex can be found much cheaper. For more traditional south of the border food I have always liked PIco's and have come to like Gloria's a lot. I used to be a Ninfa's fan but have been disappointed the last couple of trips. It will never be as good as the old days I'm afraid.
  5. I remember some heated "off topic" threads like the discussion about the Pasadena man shooting thieves who were robbing his neighbors house.
  6. Wife and I drove through Baylor campus last week for the first time in years. I was quite impressed. The stadium and athletic center look really nice the way they positioned them on the river.
  7. Greasiest burger in town but man were they good. My cholesterol still hasn't come down since they closed. That particular area has been kind of an eyesore for as long as I can remember.
  8. Good call. I guess I lean toward FW because it's so laid back compared to hipster Austin and touristy San Antonio. Both of which I like visiting but would never consider living in. I enjoy the fact that Fort Worth's downtown is small and walkable. It just has a good vibe. Also much easier getting around in a vehicle then most Texas cities.
  9. Cool. FW already has the best downtown in Texas and what's happening in their museum district is also cool. No longer just a cowtown, that's for sure.
  10. I didn't realize the one in Sugar Land was the first in the area. (Presently a Food Town.) At the time it was right down the road from me and I liked it. They were clean and had great prices. It was doing well until the 20/20 piece. They were actually only doing what other stores were doing but got caught.
  11. Katrina was crazy bad but there's a big difference between Houston and New Orleans. When more people die as a result of the "evacuation" then the storm itself then there's a problem. Hopefully people learned their lesson. Maybe I'm just used to storms having lived on the Texas and Louisiana coasts for most of my life. Back when we lived closer to the coast we would evacuate to Houston for hurricanes. I've never worried about about storms this far inland except for the flooding aspect but that seems to have become a common occurrence with any area rainfall. With that in mind I hope Meyerland re
  12. I read that the playoffs interrupted their schedule. I'm hoping the Stros will be in the playoffs for the next several years so maybe they'll never get around to it.
  13. I just never understood why anyone in Houston would even think about evacuating. People along the coast for sure but not people 50 miles inland. I know people 75 miles away in the Woodlands that left town. I'm sure people were worried about flooding but it doesn't take a hurricane to flood Houston. Did the news media create a mass hysteria or are people just that paranoid?
  14. My original username on HAIF was Lunatic Fringe. I don't know. Just the first name that came to mind when I joined several years ago. Must of had that song in my head at the time. Song is older than a lot of HAIFers, which tells you how old I am. Later I shortened it to just Fringe. i figured that fit since I live out on the fringe of the Houston area.
  15. That's the problem with the whole freeway. People cuting in at the last moment. There needs to be away to make people commit to one direction or another much earlier instead of allowing them to wait for the last moment. Let's face it Houston driver's are a-holes and have no problem screwing others to get ahead. There would be no traffic problem if people respected others but they don't and there is not enough enforcement to force the issue.
  16. Fringe

    Car Talk

    I could buy 5 Kia's for one of those Tesla's.
  17. Never have seen a HAIF card. Can someone post a pic of one?
  18. Got to admit this is the first I've heard of TX tag but I may give it a try. I have 5 vehicles under my EZ tag. May switch them all over.
  19. Excuse me for bumping this thread but just have to rant. The Chronicle has only gotten worse. When I called and asked about a vacation hold for two weeks and credit for no delivery they told me they no longer give credit since I have access to the online edition. Even though the digital edition costs less then half of what I pay for home delivery ($31 month). I would totally cancel the home delivery and just keep the digital access if their web page wasn't the worse I have ever seen. I have three different browsers I try to access it with and none work half the time. I like their writers and I
  20. I was going to suggest the same because with the exception of a handful of small clubs and bars I'm not remembering any dance halls on Alabama in the Montrose area. Went to a lot of concerts at the Opry. Might have even seen PPL there. Would have been the perfect venue for them. Such a long time ago, I remember many late nights there ending up at the Harvest Moon Cafe a few blocks away.
  21. Lot's of opportunity's here in retail. Probably not something you want a career in but would provide enough to live on and perhaps even have benefits. Certainly more opportunities here then in College Station.
  22. Fringe

    Move the Jail

    Move it to Gunspoint mall. Half the criminals seem to be in that area anyway.
  23. Had signs up when I passed by today. A hotel and Audi dealership.
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