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  1. I love Transtar. Never leave the house without checking it. I do wish they would include more roads like Hwy 90 which is pretty much a freeway from 610 to Missouri City.
  2. Not sure how they can expand to much without eliminating some parking.
  3. So now they're going to build the new police station on the same site as the old one. I wonder where they will locate during all this?
  4. That would be cool but it's kind of close to the other Central Market. Unless this takes the place of the other one. They need more space and easier access.
  5. This lot is for the school administrators. They're not about to park on the other side of the stadium and walk a mile to their offices.
  6. It was one of the greatest events ever.
  7. Now that segment is finished maybe they will go back to work on the segment between I-10 and Westpark toll road. That area has become much to congested. Stop and go traffic is pretty constant these days.
  8. Interesting. Must be an artist rendering? Or perhaps a picture of a European setting they used as a design for Rice? Of course there was never a dome like that at Rice and the sally port is much to tall. A lot of similarities though. Cool picture.
  9. Awfully small for that price. Houston rent prices seem to be catching up with Austin's.
  10. Reportedly still negotiating with tenants in center.
  11. It's been so long I can't remember the name but I have had luck in the past finding great deals for suits over off Harwin near Hillcroft. Luckily a suit lasts me about 10 years, which was probably the last time I purchased one.
  12. I highly recommend the book Isaac's Storm. After reading it you'll wonder how anybody survived the 1900 hurricane.
  13. Me to. Wonder if they will have the little chocolate mouse parfaits? I ate far to many of those delicious deserts back in the day.
  14. There was a Johnny Rockets in the Katy Mill Mall years ago. Ok but not any better then others.
  15. Funny. I went to Johnston Jr High many years ago and never realized I was apparently serving the Confederacy. Guess I was just oblivious back then.
  16. If there's an event going on during the weekend at City Center (and there often is) then parking at the Center can be tough but there's plenty of parking at the shopping center across the street if you don't mind walking. Less walking then you would do in downtown Houston and free. The fact that the City Center IS so crowded shows how we suburbanites are hungry for the establishments available inside the loop without having to drive in on over crowded freeways and then forced to valet park. Finally we are getting some decent restaurants and bars and more to come. Just hoping for less chains
  17. I agree. To many Outlet malls already. More have failed then prospered. Although this sounds like an exciting concept they will have to compete with nearby Sugar Land's similar endeavors.
  18. They better plan some kind of buffer from the WalMart across the street on W. Airport. Even I'm scared to venture into there. Especially after dark.
  19. Actually carrying a knife over 5 1/2 inches long is against the law. I once knew a gun shop owner that was always armed yet still got shot and killed during a robbery at his store. That's why I think showing the robbers your packing is a big mistake.
  20. Exactly my fear. To me open carry is just looking for trouble.
  21. I would be scared someone would rob me for my pistol if I choose to open carry it. I have several and none of them are that cheap.
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