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  1. I'm cool with that although Tilman will probably want his own Causeway.
  2. Wow. I did not realize this project required tearing down half the stadium.
  3. Yes. The old Pearl beer distributorship in Bellaire. The Memorial Herman Orthopedic hospital sit's there now.
  4. Better than 8 but not any better than 7 unless you need touch screen capability. I have 10 on my portable laptop but 7 still on my home PC. I'm getting more use to 10 and perhaps will prefer it some day. Probably when Windows 12 comes out.
  5. They should at least be able to complete the field portion, then put up a temporary wall while they complete the rest. At least you would think.
  6. Great pics. My wife picked up a copy of this book at the Bellaire (McHugh?) Tea Room a few months ago. Has some really great pictures of old Bellaire and Southwest Houston if anyone's interested. http://www.bellairebook.com
  7. Innes might make for a good political talk show host like Hannity because he's controversial but he know's nothing about sports, especially compared to Pallilo.
  8. I don't think it had that much to do with the oil industry slump. The key was they were built cheap to begin with and were not kept up as is the case with many large apartment projects in Houston. When they opened the Fiesta on Bellaire and Hillcroft, Hispanics were drawn to the area. They didn't mind the ruin down apartments as long as they were cheap. The yuppies moved to newer apartments on Westheimer and places further out.
  9. Only one thing to do. Move back to the National League.
  10. Can see this from our own ranch. Hopefully it's going to be as nice of a development as they claim it will be. Walsh Ranch
  11. It is very disappointing they cannot beat the Rangers. I mean the beck with winning a world series, the silver boot is all that matters. I'm afraid Stro's just don't have the pitching this year to compete against the top clubs.
  12. I agree. They want a team that can sell tickets. Rice is lucky if 10,000 people attend one of their games. I will say with the new football complex Rice might be able to attract better players. Only problem Rice will insist they're players be able to read and write which puts them at a huge disadvantage with major schools in big conferences.
  13. Everybody has more integrity and class then me but there comes a time when you have to hang it up and Dave Wards time came years ago. They are not known as the geriatric station for nothing.
  14. I agree but by 2035 we'll all have hover cars anyway.
  15. Thought that was the Houston skyline. Love that show.
  16. Cool. Would love to go before the first Starbucks is built. It will be all downhill after that.
  17. Many hydrants were painted as part of the Bicentennial in 76. Fire departments went along with it but most were painted back to original soon after. Most people don't know it but hydrants in many cities are painted different colors to indicate water pressure/volume at that point.
  18. I can see them making this move. Mike and Seth are really popular and I guess the 6-10 slot is the most listened. But since I retired and don't have to sit in traffic for an hour every morning I probably listened to Mike and Seth more from 10-2 so I'm not enjoying the move. I don't understand the hate for Lopez. I have always liked him.
  19. Almost went to the grand opening yesterday. Looking at that pic, I'm glad I didn't. Will be nice to have a second location away from the always congested Galleria area. Of course the Village isn't a whole lot better.
  20. Also called Meyer Speedway. Mostly stock car and funny car races. Also great demolition derby's back in the day.
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