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  1. On 6/9/2018 at 3:59 PM, 57Tbird said:


    The large store you mention between Times and Amherst could have been Rodney's.  I'm an old timer who frequented that area in the mid-50's.


    That was it. My Mom used to work there when I was a kid. Knew Leonard Wells from there. Later opened his own men's store in the Galleria area (Fowler and Wells).  

  2. 16 hours ago, CrockpotandGravel said:

    I couldn't find a rendering of the planned H-E-B Meyerland Plaza, but I can't wait to see how the design looks. Meyerland Plaza is prone to flooding, so I'm wondering why there will be first floor parking? Wouldn't it be more feasible and better in the long run (due to the area's known flooding problems) to leave the first floor has a loading area with a ramp leading to second floor parking? The grocery store could be on the second floor too or on a third floor (or both!).


    From a layman's point of view, I avoid areas like Meyerland Plaza were the surface parking lot is known to flood during big and fast-moving rain storms. On the off chance I'm caught out in a torrential rain while I'm inside shopping or if I worked there, I'd feel safer knowing my car would be less likely to receive flood damage in an elevated parking structure. I think developers of retail, regular apartments, and mid-to-hi-rise residences should eliminate underground (like the Calais at Cortlandt Square in Midtown), surface, and first floor parking and focus on elevated parking with Houston's flooding in mind for future projects.

    Ha. Although that would be nice I'm sure the last thing developers are worried about is keeping your car dry. 

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  3. 17 hours ago, Twinsanity02 said:

    Why would Amazon go for Austin? Austin has UT,  a good music scene, and some nice hills ( pluses), but no major airport, no major league sports, I understand the traffic is quite bad, and where is their mass transit? Austin's "weirdness" image is all mass produced "weirdness" you can see anywhere. Overrated. As much as it pains me to say, DFW and Atlanta are better picks, especially Dallas.   Houston of course is the best of all picks.

    I  agree with you about Austin although none of that has stopped other tech companies from locating there. 


    If they build out in the suburbs of a city then I don't see how mass transit or traffic is relevant.  

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  4. On 6/5/2017 at 3:45 PM, Gary said:

    The Austin music scene has become almost putrid to many Texas musicians. There has been a big exodus of musicians over the last couple of years that have moved to, or back to Houston and Dallas. It's scene has become a click of arrogance, and is not what it once was. Unless your in with the club owners, a regional act, or prepared to pay to play, it's a crap hole.



    Very few musicians can afford to live in Austin these days. Heck, very few people can afford to live in Austin these days. 

  5. Bumping an old thread since HCAD raised the appraisal of my Houston house by around 30%. Tried the online appeal but they only knocked off a couple of thousand dollars. Anyone have any new suggestions on a property tax appeal company?  Anyone try Jubally with sucess? 

  6. I don't think Bellaire residents would go for a mini-mall. They rejected that in the 80's where the Episcopal school sits. Residential would be nice although not sure anyone could afford to develop it. No matter what they do the city is going to loose big on taxes.  Especially if HISD grabs it. The last thing they need is another non-taxable entity in a city that is already full of churches and schools. 

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